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River city recovery River city recovery towing Damaged my car Portland Oregon

My car was towed 8/20/2021 . I forgot to display my visitors pass and they were not sympathetic at all. They then decided to charge me $400 which is completely crazy. I finally went to go pick up my car and there was a very noticeable damage to the front bumper. 

Imogene Hines dog breeder Took funds never delivered dog Bartlesvile Ok

Imogene is an extremely greedy individual her mindset is that her dogs are worth a fortune however they are standards. Not show quality, yet she’ll take your money and not give you a dog.  she’ll make up a phony baloney story and make it seem like it’s your fault and she’s not going to be able to give you the dog and she’ll ask for more and more money. She wants much more than they are worth.

Her pictures on the Internet show pictures of dogs that look sick with runny eyes and sad faces. It’s very heartbreaking, please do not buy from this individual or her family members. I must warn you that if her price starts out good she will take your money and she will come up with an excuse to need more money.

Beware she’s got my money and produce no dog.  and I refuse to give her any more money. I know people that have worked with her and will no longer work with her. She used to be a valuable breeder but now she is simply a puppy mill. 

I’m sure she’ll rebuttal this with some lie but you’ve been warned.

Monique La Reina Monique La Reina FAKE PRACTICTIONER, DRAMA QUEEN, AND LIAR New Orleans Louisiana

I’ve been following Monique la reyna for some time. But her facebook page must have been the WORST behavior I ever saw from a espiritualist. She is constantly in fights, she is constantly attacking other spiritualists, she is constantly belittling other women for their looks as well – even if it’s not personal she keeps on laughing at memes that belittle other women appereances .

Looks like self hate to me.

It was honestly terrifying to see how a woman I thought was a kind humble individual is a literal online fighter on her facebook page bringing nothing but hatred to the community that she so claims to care about . She’s posting every single day as well which brings me to a question do you really have clients?

Because you clearly keep on wasting your time and energy on attacking other people rather than working for the clientele you so proudly claim to have. You and your lies are honestly an embarrassment to the community. After the awakening to who Monique really is, she is no “Reina” she is a Johnson that lies on her initiations- 

Description of ” MONIQUE LA REINA ” on one of the pages she was guesting at that I found:

“She perfected her spiritual gifts as she developed in age and made her way to become initiated as a mambo in Dominican & Puerto Rican Vudu, a devotee of Obeah, initiated as a priestess of Oshun in Trinidad Orisha, conjure, brujeria, among other things. “

But then she goes on her facebook this may 20, 2021 to say:

“Sanse is not 21 divisions or any form of vodou. Please don’t lump everything into the same category.”

So how are you claiming to be a MAMBO ( HAITIAN TITLE ) in Puerto Rican Vudu (SANSE) but then claim Sanse is not any form of Vodou???… Not to mention that she has yet to name her godparents in any of the traditions she claims to be initiated in. Fact is MONIQUE JOHNSON you are scooping other spiritualists pages for information, use it and then you claim you’re initiated and a know it all…….. not to mention you’re pretending to be all friendly in other people’s comments on one platform only to attack them on the other. This completely blew me off as a potential customer. Because who the hell are you LOL

Then she goes on to say on her Facebook 2 weeks ago:

“Vodou is about love, community, humility, and your connection to spirit. But absolutely nobody has all the answers.”

Only to follow through later on attacking other spiritualists , witches, and so forward calling them b****s h**s amongst others. That’s your Vodou humility? It’s embarrassing what you are doing to be honest .

Another gem from august 10 off her face-book:

“selling spiritual baths in USED orange juice containers, lighting lamps next to her dog food bowl, & learning vodou from a white dude”

But then she follows through by saying ” PRAY FOR HAITI ” meanwhile the baths in Haiti are given out by Manbos and Houngans in old rum and gin bottles if you’re lucky enough to have a glass container for it in the first place . You claim you’re spiritually enlightened but all you are is a woman with a big ego who preaches on HUMILITY without having NONE OF IT. You’re all bark no bite. Obsessed with white folks for what reason again?? It’s a medical mystery I guess… 

Monique Johnson

MONIQUE LA REINA the only REINA you are es LA REINA DE DRAMA. And it’s not looking cute on you

It’s actually embarrassing.

You should go back to being Christian because you clearly have that Christian hate in your heart that makes you want to go after everybody

That’s your perception of a community?

No wonder you are born on September 29 Saint Michael’s day. Because you’re the devil that he steps on… and clearly that devil is coming out in your personality. Bringing unsettlement and hate into the community

And I feel for whoever is your godparent. no wonder you won’t share their names cause they would beat your A*S for disrespecting them in this manner if they found out what you’re doing online. 

Emmanuel Weyi Ntima Weyi Weyi conned me out of $37,500 Denver Colorado

Emmanuel Weyi conducted a long con on me over about 7 months. In January, he sent me a signed contract that says he will pay me $1 million for my nonprofit I’m starting, plus to repay my loan. He asked me for $25k initially, which would then give me the rights to $1 million in a gold shipment he was bringing into the US. He later asked me for $12,500 because his funds were frozen due to his divorce. I have two signed notes from him. I spent probably 50 hours on the phone with him and have detailed records of all our conversations and his promises.

I introduced him to a friend in Oregon, and he later called and asked my friend for $80,000, but my friend turned him down. I have since spoken with another man in Denver who lost $4,000. He tells me he is sure there are others and that he may have conned people out of millions of dollars. I believe I can reach several people he has conned. 

As far as I know, his son Jonathan Weyi, who lives in Denver, is an officer of the company, and Emmanuel claims to be in Kampala, Uganda. He says he has been there for almost two years. He says he is in the process of getting a divorce from his wife, Odette Weyi. 

He has constructed an elaborate story about working with the FBI on Congo matters. He is conning more people now – I have heard from them. Everything is at www.emmanuelweyi.site – a site I created to tell people about him.

Brad Lowe Tony Women Beware GA

Brad Lowe is a 52 year old African American Uber and Lyft Driver. He also drives for other companies such as Uber Eats, road side assistance, and transportation services. These are some of the ways he meets women. He may offer you a free ride or he may offer to be your driver when you need to go to work or run errands.  He is very charming and helpful at first.

If you have children he will seem even more helpful. He talks about God leading him to help others. You will believe him because he is very generous in the beginning. He will give you money to help pay a bill or get you on your feet. However, he is a scam artist. Once he sees an opportunity he will take advantage of you. For me, I was able to save up over 5,000 over a period of several months. I trusted him enough to tell him.

He then start asking for me to fund a transportation business he wanted to start. He asked for $5,000 initially. I told him that I cannot give him all of my savings, so he asked for me to pay his $1387 storage bill. I gave it to him with the expectation of him paying me back. As weeks went by I asked him if he would be able to pay me by the of the year, 2020. He borrowed it in October. He said, yes. In December he told me he will not have it.

I told him that we can work out a payment plan where he can pay me $100 a week until the debt was paid. He said no, that he will pay me back in full. In January, he decided to shut his phone off. I decided to email him to ask if he plans on paying me back. He responded, by saying that he is helping out a family and cannot pay me back at this time. He said God is directing him to help this family.

This is one of the tactics he uses to make himself seem godly. I emailed him a couple of times telling him that I will have to take him to court if he does not pay me back. He stopped responding. I realized then that this is a pattern with him. Whenever I ask him about his past relationships he said that the women did not believe or see his vision. His vision is to use other women’s money or other resources (house, car, etc.) to fund his ‘ideas’ or lifestyle since he lacks the financial responsibility to do it himself. After he uses you for whatever you have he will move on to the next victim.

Brad Lowe is not financially stable so he is in no position to pretend to help others in need. He does not have a home. He sleeps in his car or the storage unit I help him pay for. It is sad for a 52 year old man to not even have a place to stay, but pretends to be in a position to better the lives of women who may be struggling themselves. I will tell all women in the Georgia, especially the surrounding Metro area, Athens, and the southern regional area to be careful.

Subway.com Subway Mount Morris, MI Ordered online – No food delivered and no refund! Mount Morris MI

On 8-4-21, I ordered from the Mount Morris location through the Subway website and the food never arrived. I was told by the local store that there was nothing they could do and they hung up on me and wouldn’t pick up the phone afterwards (obviously checking caller ID). I contacted corporate and was told that there was nothing they could do as local stores are independently owned.

I even contacted Doordash (whom they subcontract to for delivery) who called the store and was hung up upon by the manager and they would not answer the phone when they called back. I placed the order through your Subway website. How you disperse funds and what subcontractors you use for delivery is irrelevant to me. You are responsible for those funds.

Goedeker’s Goedeker’s Home and Kitchen Appliances I’m STILL WAITING for my Whirlpool Double Wall Oven after 9½ MONTHS !!! St. Charles MO

I ordered a Whirlpool Double Wall Oven 9½ months ago on Nov 8, 2020 and have NOT received it yet!!! Goedeker’s has changed the shipping date over 10 times !! When you call Goedeker’s, you have 2 choices – sales or customer service. You can get through to sales quickly & they will take your money quickly but if you want updated information about your order, you must speak to customer service and I have personally been placed on hold for 2 hours once and 1½ hours another time !!

Their excuse for the 9½ month delay and for holding onto my money as an interest free loan for nearly a year – they BLAME Whirlpool !! They take NO RESPONSIBILITY for OVERSELLING items that they do NOT have in Stock!

Right now the same Whirpool Double Wall Oven (Model # WOD51EC7HS) would cost me $2,340. When I ordered the oven on November 8, 2020, I paid Goedeker’s $1,794 so if they want to refund my money, I would ONLY accept the current value of the oven ($2,340 on the date of this Report) so I could buy the same oven elsewhere.

Avoid Goedeker’s like the Plague !!!

Medical system Charge me For medical that they did not provided,

American medical system is just a big scam, there is no reason for the high cost of medical? The reason they charge so much is because the medical billing office charges you when you’re a male and if you’re a female they charge males for breasts test and vagina test and females get charged for p***s cancer tests and t******e cancer test make sure you have your medical bill itemized by an attorney they charge you for stuff because the malpractice that doctors pay because of all of deaths is unbelievable the doctors should pay that out of their own pocket and not charge patience for their mal- practice cost.

I find it hard to comprehend how a 2-hour surgery can cost $425,000? while in Mexico the same exact surgery costs $14,000? but you need to pay cash (no medical insurance) where the doctor can add to the Bill and the insurance companies just cough up the cash without investigating if the procedures were done or not? because of the insurance scams. This is why medical costs so much in America, but in Mexico, (they have qualified medical centers and qualified doctors) that will do the same surgery for $14,000 instead of paying $425,000  in America for the same exact surgery. The medical system is nothing but a scam in America……






Thomas Ligor John Amato John Amata Ivan Silo Bobby Sommatino Bobby Ryan Yep… Thomas Ligor is still scamming. Currently over $200,000 Little Neck New York

You heard right, Thomas Ligor, his little black friend from Atlanta Georgia and Nick Chomakos from Las Vegas, Nevada are at it again… Currently they have scammed $200,000+ since 2020. The governement has been been notified.

They are selling coffee vending machines with promises of locations. THen they ghost you. Leaving you with cheap a*s chinese machines and a false contract. 

[email protected] Stephanie Walsh scam job recruiter

I received an email on Aug 20, 2021, 11:14 AM with subject line “employment offer!” from [email protected] and text from 630-686-1072 this person alleges to be a recruiter from Hennepin Health care INC. I thought that something weird was going on so, I contacted Hennepin health care directly and they said that the person named “Stephanie Walsh” does not work for them at all.

Please if you receive an email or text from this number it is a scam. I am just trying to do the right thing and advise all unemployed job seekers who are looking for legitimate employment.