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Lawley Lawley Nissan, Lawley Automotive No support sierra vista arizona

Bought a used car. Engine was junk. Asked for help, none given, not even a little. Not Honorable!!

Travel Guard Insurance TGI AIG Would not refund insurance when flight was cancelled due to Covid-19 stevens point wi

Travel Guard refused to refund travel insurance money when flight was cancelled due to Covid-19. They are intentionally not helping customers to save their won skins. I would be willing to bet that they are not only keeping peoples money but will also apply and take SBA money. 

Bye Engraving Bye Engraving, Portland OR Ripped me off in services, damaged property, refused refund, refused compensation Portland Oregon

The business has ruined my item that they worked on and caused me to lose $600 in costs on the item and it is now unusable. They damaged my goods on purpose and still charged me for it. I am seeking compensation for my loss. I went in for a simple engraving and they misspelled my name on purpose voiding the paperwork I just got for it, costing me to lose the $250 dollars I paid for fees and fingerprints.

The item was a registered firearm lower receiver, I am unable to use it due to the error and voiding my paperwork/tax stamp and I am unable to sell the item now that it is badly damaged. This business is run by scam artists and they will refuse compensation even if they destroy the item. What I was told before coming in was misleading and the service was unprofessional and malevolent.

Roadway Towing They installed a battery that was too small in my van, then wouldn’t replace it with the right size. Had to go to Pet Boys and buy another Champion Battery! Escondido CA

The battery had died in my van. I called my insurace company and they sent out Roadway towing.

Somehow my battery wasn't covered, so I paid $150.20 to the driver. He changed the battery and I was on my way.

Week or so later I went out to start my van, and it was dead again. I called Roadway and they came back out and jumped the van and stated I left something on. It's a work van I only drive in the day, but okay. I didn't question it. The driver jumped it and I was on my way again.

Then about another week later, I went out to my van and it had died again! Roadway came back out and this time told me something must be draining my battery. I told him I thought something was wrong with the battery. The driver plugged in a machine and again blamed something else for the battery drain. He jumped my van and this time I was taking the van out of town to Fresno. I was nervous but had to go and the battery came with an 18 month free replacement.

A few days after I arrived in Fresno the battery in the van died again.

I called Roadway and they said they had no relationship with anyone there. They left me stranded in Fresno!

They were not helpful at all!

I went to Pet Boys, the technician there immediately said the battery that was installed in my van was not strong enough. This was about 6 months ago and the van is running fine!

I waited about 90 days to reached out to them for a refund to make sure it was what Pet Boys had said and that the van had stopped dying.  I called and asked for a refund.

They refused.  I said I had not choice but to purchase a new one at half the price $69.95 I might add! Because they would not help me when I was out of town and couldn't get back home. 

No where on the invoice did the warrenty say only good to replace in San Diego. They were very rude. This was so time consuming, save yourself the hassel and avoid these guys! I checked their yelp and google reviews after this happened and bad service seems to be their way.

I want my money back for a battery that now is in the back of my van and no good!





Edward Shehan Elizabeth Shehan In Law unit Studio apartment Scam

I contacted a craiglist ad, https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/apa/7099443409.html about an apartment for rent at 6451 Mystic Street Oakland CA 94618. They replied to me from an email sending me more pictures of the studio and asked basic rental application questions. I sent them my answers and the next day they said I was approved and that i could fill out a rental lease agreement and undertaking agreement.

I did that, signed and everything and returned it back to them via email. I asked if I could speak to him on the phone so he gave me his cell number. I spoke with him once on the phone about the house. He was asking for first months, last months and security deposit. total of $3400.00. When we spoke on the phone he said that i could pay half now and half when i move in so I could hold the space.

I sent 1700 on april 3rd. He gave me an account and routing number with fulton bank. he used the name edward shehan. he also gave me an email associated with the bank. he told me to use the address of the house for rent in the wire transfer from my bank to his. a few days later on aparil 6 he told me he needed the full payment in order to reserve the spot because someone had offered him 6 months rent. so i sent him the other 1700 the same way. he gave me his supposed ID number (1300A399B) as well. He kept texting me back regarding the house for the next week.

on april 18, i had texted him for a few days without any reply so i got worried and sent an email to the original email he gave me. my email was never delivered saying the account had been disabled. I got worried so i then drove by the house which is only 5 minutes from where i live now and knocked on the door. the people who lived in the house said they were not renting the unit and it was definitely a scam. They said a woman had come by before saying the same thing. After i searched online and found someone had a similar scam happen to then from the same name Edward Shehan. https://www.ripoffreport.com/report/book-confidence/palo-alto-california-edward-1488574.

HIGHWAY MOTORS & AUTO FOCUS CANADA (RANDY WRIGHT) Highway Motors, Auto Focus Canada, Randy Wright London Ontario Canada Claimed Funds not Owed to them, Suing for unpaid balance after issuing financial release, Damage my Credit London Ontario

I am working on rebuilding my credit so I purchased a car from Highway Motors and was financed by Auto Focus Canada which is also owed by Randy Wright (not known at the time).  The car was keyed and was written off by the insurance company and Randy Wright was paid by the insurance company.  I had an unused Global Warranty and I filed a claim as the company had a prorated refund policy.   I then purchased a replacement vehicle and this vehicle had a host of issues including transmission, brakes along with a host of other problems. 

I contacted the dealer and he provided a repair loan but delayed the payment to the garage resulting in the car be parked for 30 days.   After I called the dealer and simply cancelled the agreement and with some relunctance he agreed to take the vehicle back and issued a complete financial release (Jan 28, 2020)

I contacted Global Warranty about my claim and was advised that Randy Wright was issued a cheque.  When I called Mr. Wright I was told it was applied for past due owed on the first car despite he was paid by the insurance company and the contingency insurance purchased.  Mr. Wright stated it was for the balance owed on the second vehicle for which he issued a financial release and all payments were up to date.  

I threaten to sue him for the return of the money.  Then he files a small claims action against me claiming the balance of vehicle, the repair loan and $2500 in towing charges all after the financial releases were issued.  He then continued to place negative remarks and liens on my credit bureau.  I have filed my complaint with Equifax and TransUnion and they are in the process of correcting the issue.

Yes, a counter suit is being filed.  This man is NOT honest.  His word is meaningless and he doesn't deliver on any of his promises.  His safeties are substandard in some cases and claims the safeties are valid though the issues like (brakes) are part of a safety.  In any event…I recommend not dealing with this company.  Initially, I thought they were awesome until I got the second vehicle with a myriad of issues and he chose not to properly deal with the problems.

He even said "I can't believe you returned the vehicle with these issues" almost disgusted I exercised my right to cancel the contract under consumer laws.  He doesn't like to be challenged and he will antagonise and put you down by statinig you're an idiot and then proceed to block you from contact him.

Michael Roberts Strata Management Michael Roberts strata Scammers , they will help themselves to your money and edit bills and bill customers to collect it Hurstville New South Wales

Be warned , they admitted to not sending bills , and without notice took $2,500 from our money and took one of the owners to court for a bankruptcy notice without him even knowing , he wasn't even sent a bill. Once questioned about it , they edited the bill to hide it , billed the client $2,500 and $500 interest to balance the books to justify it to the committee.

They have been reported and legal action will be taken . Do not trust them who knows how long they have been taking money from various accounts and hiding out in people's bills. One the next meeting comes up , evidence will be produced and they will be fired . However trying to expose them immediately so they don't continue their scams .

Surgical 3 layer Medical Masks N-95 faulty Mask WARNING Fraud Coronavirus Covid-19 disgusting disposable masks ignore email solicitations

WARNING! Do not buy masks from unknown unreliable websites!

Do not respond to emails soliciting you to buy masks!

I am sure everyone is getting these unsolicited emails to buy ‎Surgical masks. Delete those emails.

Only order face masks from known reliable sources. If buying from Amazon, make sure it is sold and distributed by Amazon Prime. It is true Amazon can also be fooled.

It is suggested you should only buy masks from any known drug store, your local grocery store pharmacy. They should have them in stock soon.

It was reported to Ripoff Report this video can be from Pakistan, New York, Detroit, Chicago or Los Angeles. Either way, these masks are on their way to USA consumers thru email solicitation to unsuspecting consumers.

Ripoff Report sent this video to the FBI. FBI tells Ripoff Report they are concerned and are now looking into this.

Watch this video! Responding to unsolicited emails about buying masks could get you makes made by the people in the video.

Don’t use a debit card!  Giving your credit or debit card information to these people will likely cause your card to be compromised. Best not to use your credit or debit cards to unknown companies.

Never ever use debit cards in general unless you know the business. Debit cards give you zero protection for fraud.

See this disgusting video. Ignore all email solicitations for masks or gloves.


USA consumers relying on overseas manufactures has got to stop.

Hundreds of thousands of Masks have been returned to China and other foreign countries in the past 60 days.

According to the Los Angeles Times “A growing list of foreign complaints about faulty medical gear and testing kits imported from China has upset Beijing’s designs. Within the last few weeks, scientists and health authorities in Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and Britain have complained of faulty antigen or antibody coronavirus tests purchased from Chinese companies — in some cases, costing these governments millions of dollars.”

Also Read this story:

Identifying Corona virus  Covid-19 rip-off scams –  there aren’t really any “100% safe” zones  - Phishing, malware ransomware warnings – Price Gouging – HELPFUL RESOURCES

Vehicle Selling Solutions Tim Carnell at Vehicle Selling Solutions Took $400.00 from us to “Guarantee” us to sell our RV. Omaha Nebraska

Tim Carnell, (if it is his real name) said he would keep our Rv listed onE Bay Auctions until it sold. It was listed on E bay for 1 week. Tim said he would send out a photographer to take pictures and confirm it was here. No one came to do that. It has not been listed on E bay since.

They are nothing but a Con Artist Company! When my husband calls the company, they say someone will call him back. No one calls them back. We have a dispute with the credit card company now I am sure we will hear back from them. We just want our money back but want to make others aware of these scammers!

21 Sports Tactical – Lawrencium Germaine Martin 21 Sports Apparel 21 Sports Tact Raymond Massey Raymond Matters J. Whitley G. Martin Purchased an Item from their website. The item was never delivered instead a piece of paper was. Charlotte North Carolina

21 Sports Tactical


Business Fraud, Deceptive Business Practices, Illegal wire tapping & Invasion of Privacy


6/16/18 I find a website with a product (glock 31 complete slide) I'm interested in buying (21sportstactical.com) they have great prices plus a 20% off sale. I purchase the item.


6/20 I get a call from 980-785-3621 a person calling himself, “Raymond” telling me that the item is on backorder and that I can cancel anytime. I do not cancel.


6/22 I get a UPS delivery notification #:(1Z9R0V87A622290845) from address:


21 Sports Inc.
11421 Erwin Ridge Road
Charlotte NC 28213


I thought it was going to be the product, a UPS express envelope arrives 6/26 that I have to sign for. It's a letter from a “G.Martin CEO of 21 Sports Apparel” stating that the item is on backorder and that it will ship the week of 7/9 and that I can cancel any time. I wait, nothing ships the week of the 9th.


7/17 I call 980-785-3621“Raymond” answers and says the computer system is down he’ll call back as soon as he has it up and running. He calls back from 980-494-0221 and continues to lead me on and says I can cancel any time. They say it's in stock and that it will ship tomorrow 7/18 once they get a few more parts in. It does not ship. During all this, all of this they are extremely hard to get a hold of.


7/25 after trying to call all the numbers, I use the live chat feature on “21sporttactical.com” to contact them.The other person or same person, slips up and I call them out on it. I get a call immediately from “Raymond” from 980-785-3621, he gives me all sorts of excuse etc. again they want me to cancel. I said okay cancel it. They will not cancel through PayPal; they say their accounting department needs bank information to perform cancellations or something. That’s when I said I would file a dispute through the proper bank service that I made the purchase (PayPal.) He then threatened that they would win by noon of the next day. That night I submitted a PayPal dispute against “JGM Consulting”, email address associated with his PayPal account: [email protected]

7/26 they won the PayPal case, because they claim the item was shipped which was the letter that was sent via certified UPS delivery. I then get a call later from “Raymond” at 980-494-0221 saying now that the Paypal dispute business is over with and he won; now we can process your refund through our accounting department. He secretly recorded that phone call and sent me a screenshot via text message of the Paypal case win from 980-494-0221. However, I appealed the dispute and provided more evidence to Paypal. A picture of the letter and UPS envelope with the tracking number visible.


7/27 I file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, 3 hours after I filed a complaint to the BBB, I got a phone call from “Raymond Matthew” at 980-494-0221 and he left a voice message saying that his attorneys opened a civil case against me for slander and defamation in San Diego County & Mecklenburg County and that he sent the recorded phone calls to the BBB (I have the audio file from the voicemail.) He then sent the recording that he took from our 7/26 conversation to my email address from [email protected], to prove that he has recordings of our phone conversations (which is illegal in the state of California due to our 2 party consent wire tapping laws, even if he is in a single party consent state.) The recording file is stamped with the phone number:404-981-7600 which may be a slip up to the real phone number.

7/28 Paypal requests more evidence for the appeal process on how the part does not violate their Acceptable Usage Policy section j. on firearms and There policy on firearm parts. I submit a picture of what parts are a firearm and what is not. I also took screenshots of their current policy in case they decide to become an Accessory to Commit Fraud and violate their Acceptable Usage Policy agreement with me, their customer.

7/30: Talked with Special Agent Buiton of the FBI, she said she would call the individual 7/31 and to review the place all over the internet to stop others from buying.

7/31 I get an email response from the BBB on the case I filed. Case# 532896 (Ref#20-678137-532896-9-11100). I notice the individual from 21 Sports Tactical stated that I was a former disgruntled employee to have the case thrown out, but the BBB asks for more information, the letter and payment info. I send it to them.

7/31 Special agent Brigitte Buitron calls to inform me she talked with the individual and got his side of the story. Unfortunately she wasn’t much help. She urged me to cut communication with the individual or else it could be construed as harassment and that I was going to be served with a lawsuit and that I should get a lawyer.

7/31 I file a complaint with IC3

7/31 I submit the complaint to Paypal per their request.

8/1 I log into my UPS account to look at the supposed lawsuit coming from the “Mecklenburg Courthouse” it shows that it’s from “Tactical Sports Inc.” It does not exist in the of Secretary of State business records for North or South Carolina, Georgia or Delaware. Tracking # is 1Z9X23A40308278043 the UPS notification eventually disappears and I never receive anything.


8/1 I find a Facebook profile for “John Q. Baller” Owner-Operator of 21 Sports Apparel. I search though the information and find friends and family members etc. and a photo someone shared with a name “Germaine”, remembering that the Letter I got from 21 Sports Apparel read “G. Martin” and his sister had the maiden name Martin, I start searching for Germaine Martin. I then find a yahoo post from someone that had been defrauded stating the name “Lawrencium Germaine Martin” of 21 Sports Apparel. I then search the full name and find mug shots in North & South Carolina for a man with the same name that has been defrauding people for a long time. I find that his mother Ella “Jennie” Skelton-Floyd as well as his sister Kesha Martin-Brown may “own” fraudulent business too.

“Raymond Massey / Matthew” is:    Lawrencium Germaine Martin

8/2 I discover the yelp review I posted to warn others had been reviewed by a “Jonathon M.” who is clearly Mr. Martin. He updated the address to 7207 E Independence Blvd Charlotte, NC 28227 added pictures and claimed the business. The address is a Bank of America. (took screenshots) The google review has also disappeared and appears that the business has been claimed as well. I resubmit a review: 

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! This is not a real business. This is a fraudster that will take your money and lead you on. Then try to extort more from you. If you review the business they will cite Libel & Defamation and that you will be sued. Many have fallen victim to this, but they can't sue you if it's not true and if the company doesn't exist. This individual will lie to no end to attempt to keep his deceptive "business" going and defraud others. Do not believe him.

However, it appears that I’ve been shadow banned and my review is not public. 


8/2 I file a complaint with the FTC.

There is more, but basically this scam artist has been doing this for a long time and knows how to manipulate Paypal's policies as well as get around every governing authority or knows that they don't go after small time crooks like him.

Hopefully, this information will help others out there as I know I will never see my money again.