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United Healthcare, Carol Stream, Illinois AARP Medicare Advantage-United Healthcare They demanded money from a disabled adult who never contracted for their services. Carol Stream Illinois

United Healthcare's business practices are despicable and unethical.  We never contracted with them either directly or indirectly through Medicare and they never paid any money for my son's doctors' visits or prescriptions.  Medicare sent my son a letter regarding his disability status and ceased paying benefits. 

Thereafter, we received a bill from United Healthcare for services they claimed to have rendered for January and February 2020.  We sent them a letter but received a response touting their excellence and demanding payment.  To avoid having his credit tarnished, we paid them.

Nexipc Computer Ordered 2020 Newest Acer Aspire 5l laptop from Nexipc an Amazon seller. Laptop was ordered in error. The other box has not been opened. Company refuses to pay for return shipping. They are starting I have to download their shipping label and pay for expensive. Beaverton OR

A 2020 Newest Acer Aspire 5 laptop was ordered from Nexipc a vendor seller on Amazon with rated poor customer service. Once an order are placed via Amazon and a message are sent to the seller for cancellation it is still shipped. The order arrived and a request was sent to the seller for a return. Nexipc replied that I had to download their printing labels for the return and pay for all shipping cost although, it was shipped UPS.

Amazon advertise that customers have safebuying online and they are guaranteed. The seller are selling as a safeguard under Amazon and are guaranteed to be a rip-off. Every item that I have purchased via Amazon that required a return a barcode was sent by email for the UPS drop off. This vendor refuses to comply with the standard policy for refund on Amazon.

Joe Chihuahua Joe P Chihuahua • Joe Chihuahua • Jose Saul Chihuahuasalinas • Salinas Jose Saul Chihuahua • Jose Saul Chihuahua • Jose P Chihuahua • Jose S Chihuahua • Chihuahua Jose Ripped off for TWO service calls! Villa Park CA

This slob wasted several hours of our time providing advice for him to hire someone else to do the work incorrectly!  We sent him a bill, he ignored, we called, text, emailed and finally made contact where he began threatening my staff on the phone.  BEWARE Joe Chihuahua aka Jose Chihuahua!  He expects free advice and apparently expects us to work for free too!

I wouldn't recommend walking I'd RUN as fast as you can if he calls you to do work for him.  He's stupid, doesn't listen, wants to argue and doesnt pay!

pure cbd oil charged my debit card for $225 when they were supposed to charge me $39 Las Vegas nv

The advertisement said i could buy 1, one bottle for $39, my credit card was charged $225. I was right before Christmas and i had bills to pay etc. There was no way i could afford $225 but they would not refund my money eventhough i tried to cancel my order.

also i don't believe i actually received pure cbd oil, i think its fake oil, but i dont know if i have any options. I would like to report this site as fake. I called my bank and they said they couldnt do anything since the charge went through.

TOTAL AV Computer Anti-virus rip off garland TX

My computer  anti-virus subscription had expired and I was looking for a new provider.  I started looking on the internet and came across a company called TOTAL AV and they were offering a special.  This is one of those deals where if it sounds to good, it usually is.   They were offering a one year suscription for $19.00.  

I gave them my info and paid for this service with a credit card.   I then went to their web site too download the software, after this was done, I clicked on the scan button and a message came up that this feature was not activated, I clicked on this button and I received another message that I needed to activate the Pro Anti-virus feature and this was going to cost me another $29.00. 

I quickly removed this software from my computer and checked my bank statement to see if the $19.00 charge had gone thru and it had.  Now they advertise that if you are not fully satisfied with their anti-virus software you can get a full refund, but there is one big ptoblem with this statement, good luck on how to go about filing for a refund.  Good luck, no such number, no such zone.   Stay away from this outfit, nothing but bad news.

Rob Harris / Equity Investor Leads Robert Harris ONLINE SLANDER calling me a “COTTON PICKING n****r” Clemson SC

I reached out to Equity Investor Leads in February 2020, as I was inquiring about leads for a Gold IRA company I'm an affiliate for. I received a response back in April 2020 from Rob Harris and we began to discuss a potential deal of 3,200 leads at $2 each.

Before making a big purchase, I asked Rob Harris, would it be possible to test 50-100 leads to verify if they were good leads that could potentially turn into deals. He then proceeded to tell me that he couldn't supply that many leads (understandable), so he agreed to send me 10-15 leads for testing. Once he sent me the leads, I begin to get them tested at our call floor and they look to be pretty good! I email him back and say, I'm willing to purchase 100 leads at a time to further test the validity of these leads to see if they can turn into potential deals.

Out of no where, he emails me 3x in a row saying (oh, let's just show some screenshots for further verifcation)


He then says, "oh, you're a lead guy?" If he's selling leads to me, what does he think people do with these leads? They reach out to them to see if they're interested in specific product of interest to make money, right? Ok, moving on…

Since I have no idea what he's talking about, I say this:


After this encounter, he looks me up on LinkedIn to see that I am an African American Black Man and then proceeds to call me out of my name with one of the most racist slanders you can make to a person, which is 100% inexcusable in any circumstance, especially if you're trying to do business with someone. 

What he said to me was, "We don't sell leads to cotton picking niggers. Sorry bro!" and proceeds to call me a "Stupid n****r!" (screenshot below)


If you're thinking about doing business with Equity Investor Leads (Rob Harris) http://equityinvestorleads.com/,


Black Card Books Not up to their words and promises, they hire unqualified people to work with their clients, in short they are scam


This company has got great speakers who can convince you that water is metal; couple of them, specially; but they are just for the sake of speaking only and practically they are not as organized and specialized as they told you they are.

For instance, their "editorial board" is stationed in some other oversea countries, like Philippines, in my case. I paid a decent amount of money for the service that I was promised I would get. But at first, telling the workshop attendees (me part of it) that they have the best editors, mentors proofreader and teams etc., but what you will find is absolutely the opposite, and they are not up to their promises. Many of their team members are not better than an average English language speaker, for that matter.

The very first time I heard the voice of the person who would train me “publish speech” skills; my moral and energy goes to almost zero. Even if I continue to work with whatever I was facing, the team do not respond on time and that time is counting against your advantage, as you should be completing the writing within specific time, you don’t finish your job with in the time frame, you lost your money, I did lost a decent amount of money.

1) When I first signup for their services, I was very euthanistic and energetic, but when I started working with the “team” the very first thing I noticed was that they hire very unqualified people. Honestly speaking, as a part of the package I signed up to get a “public speaking” skills and what I encountered on my very first and the consecutive correspondences with couple of their trainers is that they are not even better that the person they are supposed to train.

2) Honestly speaking, I have had a lot of back and forth with their designer group for more than 20 to 30 times, with all copies of the corrections that I want them to make; unfortunately, it took them to much time, and weren’t able to do it the way I wanted it, although I clearly communicated with their designers. And I have to hire an independent designer (which they agreed, …. I suspect the do outsource that job to some other designer too) to get it done; even if I managed to get it done as my desire, unfortunately, it took too much back and forth to get the preface/introduction part alone and the time already is over and I lost all my money.

I want anyone who wants to make business with this company think twice before signing up their service. They are not up to their words and promises. Beware!

Ace High Marketing LLC Ace High Leighton Condell Breach of contract, Payment not received Atlanta Georgia

Myself and several colleagues worked for Ace High Marketing during the rodeo this year (March 2020) promoting Coca Cola. We are very concerned because we have not received any feedback in regards to payment. What's even more frustrating is that now all phones are disconnected and we are not getting any of our emails answered. I reached out to you in the hopes that you can make light of this situation.

We are all going through this crisis during COVID-19. With that being said,  finances are completely in shambles. The last thing we need is to not be compensated for our time devoted working for this company. We are all expecting payment by the end of April because that will be the end of the 6 week mark when payment shall be disbursed. I also worked an event last year that has still remained unpaid at this time.

The worst part is I have reached out to the owner Leighton Condell on various platform and he has ignored me. I have called his personal cell to no avail, left voice messages, send messages via Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. He has read my messaged because they show you when they are read and intentionally ignored all my concerns. I am high frustrated and so are my colleagues. All we are asking is to be paid so that this nightmare is over.

Bemis auto sales Fred Franzen (I think ) Sold me a vehicle that only made it 15 miles before breaking down Crivitz Wisconsin

Husband went and test drove a Ford Expedition it sounded good drove good.  He got a quote from Fred, and I went on Monday 4/13/2020 to test drive and buy car.  Thought since husband drove it and they talked about it it would be fine.. I saw it said as is on paperwork but he said he had just had a big job done on it the timing chain and that it sat and he was so happy to see it go. He talked a lot of crap about people on phone and people in his lot.  

We paid 3200 cash and away we went.  Well 15 miles down road it died.  Pulled in to get gas and it died again.  Called husband he said ok he was going to call bemis and let him know.  I drove another 15 miles or so and it died in lot of food place. Let husband know, bemis said maybe bad gas to get some heat and sea foam put in it and let them know after going through that tank.  Didn’t need to drive it Tuesday so wednesday 4/15 630 am driving to work it broke down getting on highway..I drove 30 mph to Kwik trip on Lineville husband met me to switch vehicles.  Later that day we got an engine coder on vehicle and the codes all confirmed misfire and sensors and timing chain, Now this was what got fixed supposedly.  

Thursday I called at 852 to ask if he was aware my vehicle broke down and he said he was waiting for my husband to call him back with engine codes. Now we have called and left messages and he still hasn’t talked to my husband. I’m pissed I believe there is suppose to be a lemon law for this if not there should be cause the vehicle broke after 15 miles of leaving this lot..The estimates from two places is $1800.00 to fix this.. I believe he owes me some money he is false and this shouldn’t be legal to do to people.

Brian Fye/FC Tucker Miles Realty Post sale issues peru in

Bought a house, found issues, tried to resolve issues to find a complete lack of INTEGRITY