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Bella’s Auto & Glass repair llc Bella’s Auto & Glass repair llc In March 2019 drove car to Bella’s they took it apart and began lying about the labor Belleview Florida

In March 2019, I drove my car to Bella’s for repair. They completely disassembled my car. After 2 years and $20000, I complained about the time and money, and was told to remove my car while still disassembled. Many parts are missing and the weather has ruined everything. I have receipts and photos that reveil the timeline of payments 

Mega Firearms USA megafirearmsusa.com Danny Rickson Danny James Mena Willaims Took money and ran Garden City KS

Ordered a part and all seemed legit. Even got tracking no. But sent by EMS, which is usually for intl. That should have been a red flag. Then it was delayed for insurance, and they insisted i pay for it. They said there was some “law” requiring this. Since I was eager to get the part, I agreed and paid $230 to insure a $150 item (I know I know).

They even said $200 would be refundable. Orig deliv date before the insurance issue was Jan 6 2021. Well now Feb 11 and no sign of the item, and they’ve stopped responding to my texts and emails. AVOID AVOID AVOID!!! Gonna file a police report, tell FTC, FBI everybody …

Another red flag, early on their web showed their physical location in San Francisco, and now it’s some gas station in Kansas. 

WP FIX IT WP FIX IT Broke site then threatened me when I wrote a review. HUGHSON California


WP Fix It is Horrific!

Hired them to speed up my WordPress site.
In trying to speed site, they corrupted the PHP login (which prevents you from logging in to your site)
Then offered to sell me a security product that would “stop hackers”.
When I contacted them, minutes after they logged in to work on site… this is the reply I received.. trying to blame hackers or my hosting company.

“On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 10:49 AM WP Fix It Support [email protected] wrote:
Well, I really think your hosting provider made changes…
The only other explanation maybe that your site is hacked. Your hosting provider accused us of changing PHP, so please let them investigate this. They should be able to check logs etc. If your site is hacked, we offer also a Malware Removal Service, which you can order below:”

They only got rude from there… and actually threatened me.

This is the first time I have EVER left a bad review for any company.
Worse experience I have ever had in 30 years of hiring people to work on dozens of websites.

*** Follow-up:

1 hour after my review

and now… they just sent an email threatening to post many reviews online related to you and the site they destroyed, if I don’t remove my honest, 100% accurate review of my experience.

This company is an absolute nightmare.

They shared a link in responce to my emails that verifies some of what I said but they conveniently omitted the emails in the link provided that threatened me… and tried to sell me additional products and also showed that they logged in but couldn’t after 15 minutes of “fixing site” (not hours like they said)

Simply the worse!

Bore Tech Construction (AKA Stephen George) Refuse to pay balance of a job that has been completed since end of Dec 2020

Bore Tech Construction (AKA Stephen George) I’m reporting this because I’m getting ripped off by this person. I started a business and was using David Paredes to help out, Stephen happens to know him pretty well. We did a job for him that ended in December 2020. I decided to discontinue doing business with David Paredes and when I tried to collect what he had owed which was nearly 30K for the job we did, he kept giving the company the run around saying that it was not approved.

All month of January he kept saying the same thing each time we would ask. I then asked him for the last time and he changed his statement acting like he didn’t know what we were talking about, he said that he had already paid all that he owed to David Paredes. The deal was not with him, he does not own the business nor is a part owner of the company. We then told Stephen that if he gave David anything payment, that was on him, that as far as we know, he still owes the company and that if he failed to pay, we would take him to court and we would report him to ATT superintendent. When we told him that, he immediately replied back and said that he was going to pay us but that David Paredes needed to get his percentage of the job.

He has ZERO business on getting in between an agreement between the company and David Paredes. David Paredes invested ZERO dollars into the business therefore, what the company does between David Paredes should not be of his concern. David Paredes got paid for his labor. Up until this day, Stephen still owes a balance of 15K. Stephen is an unprofessional fellow and should not take advantage of the hard working people. Refuse to pay balance of a job that has been completed since end of Dec 2020.

Michael Delisle Michael Delisle Michael Delisle – fraud – 438-875-7229 Quebec

TRADUCTION EN FRANCAIS EN-BAS.  Hello, people.  Here I am telling the story of a certain Michael Delisle with two goals: to warn you and to be able to locate him to bring to justice. If you know his whereabouts, my phone number for call or text –  450 647 3503.  Michael Delisle (THIS IS HIS REAL NAME – VERIFIED) used to have the following phone number (not in operation anymore) – 438 875 7229, and used (and probably still uses) this email address – [email protected]  He apparently prefers to reside on the North Shore from Montreal…

Here is the story – when I needed soil to backfill a large area on my land in 2019, I placed an ad on Kijiji.  Michael Delisle responded to the ad.  He told me that a guy from Excavation SLT Inc. working in the area would check my land and assess my needs.  After Michael Delisle proposed me 20 truckloads of soil for $500 +tx, I called Excavation SLT Inc. to check the identity of Michael Delisle.  Someone at that company confirmed his identity (later Excavation SLT Inc. denied connections with Michael Delisle).  So I made a transfer of $575 to Michael Delisle.  And that was it. In the beginning he responded, complained about the weather, about his father at the hospital, etc., etc., promised the soil next week, in two weeks, promised to reimburse, if there is no delivery.  But soon after I stated ‘that’s it; just return me the money, this is all fraud’, he disappeared.  I haven’t heard from him in almost a year.

If you go to www.quebec4x4.com, you can read about the guy from many other people who mentioned that stealing people’s money has been normal business for Michael Delisle for years.  He not only takes advances for the delivery of soil, but also doesn’t pay his rent.  There are also references to a criminal file.  Now, I cannot attest to other people’s posts.

I personally have contact information of one other person who paid him much more than me for soil, and even received a part of it, but never received the rest.  So I have strong suspicion that the above posts are correct in general.

If someone knows whereabouts of Michael Delisle, or his son Samuel, please send me an SMS to 450 647 3503.  I would thoroughly enjoy going to court with this guy.  Even if I don’t get my money back, I would like to share with him some inconveniences that he had caused me.  If we forgive such people, they just screw others and destroy our society.

Salut tout le monde. Ici, je raconte l’histoire d’un certain Michael Delisle avec deux objectifs: vous avertir et pouvoir le localiser pour l’amener à la justice. Si vous connaissez son adresse, mon numéro de téléphone pour appeler ou texto – 450 647 3503. Michael Delisle (CECI EST SON VRAI NOM – VÉRIFIÉ) avait le numéro de téléphone suivant (pas plus en service) – 438-875-7229, et utilisé ( et utilise probablement encore) cette adresse e-mail – [email protected] Il préfère apparemment résider sur la Rive-Nord de Montréal / Laurentides…

Voici l’histoire – quand j’avais besoin de terre pour remblayer une grande surface sur mon terrain en 2019, j’ai placé une annonce sur Kijiji. Michael Delisle a répondu à l’annonce. Il m’a dit qu’un gars d’Excavation SLT Inc. qui travaillant dans la région vérifierait mon terrain et évaluerait mes besoins. Après que Michael Delisle m’ait proposé 20 camions de terre pour 500 $ + tx, j’ai appelé Excavation SLT Inc. pour vérifier l’identité de Michael Delisle. Quelqu’un de cette entreprise a confirmé son identité (plus tard, Excavation SLT Inc. a nié les relations avec Michael Delisle). J’ai donc fait un transfert de 575 $ à Michael Delisle. Et c’était tout. Au début, il a répondu, s’est plaint de la météo, de son père à l’hôpital, etc., etc., a promis le sol la semaine prochaine, dans deux semaines, a promis de rembourser, s’il n’y a pas de livraison. Mais peu de temps après j’ai déclaré «c’est tout; rendez-moi l’argent, c’est de la fraude », il a disparu. Je n’ai pas entendu de lui depuis près d’un an.

Si vous allez sur www.quebec4x4.com, vous pouvez lire sur ce type de nombreuses autres personnes qui ont mentionné que voler l’argent des gens était une activité normale pour Michael Delisle depuis des années. Il prend non seulement des avances pour la livraison du sol, mais ne paie pas non plus son loyer. Il y a aussi des références à un dossier criminel. Mais je ne peux pas attester des messages d’autres personnes.

J’ai personnellement les coordonnées d’une autre personne qui lui a payé beaucoup plus que moi pour le sol, et même en a reçu une partie, mais n’a jamais reçu le reste. Je soupçonne donc fortement que les messages ci-dessus sont corrects en général.

Si quelqu’un sait où se trouve Michael Delisle ou son fils Samuel, envoyez-moi un texto au 450 647 3503. J’apprécierais beaucoup d’aller au tribunal avec ce type. Même si je ne récupère pas mon argent, je voudrais partager avec lui certains inconvénients qu’il m’a causé. Si nous pardonnons des telles personnes, elles ne font que bousiller les autres et détruire notre société.

Four Analytics, inc. Kirby Zhang Kirby Zhang Four Analytics Four Analytics, inc Four Analytics, Inc and the owner Kirby Zhang ripped me off las vegas

Kirby Zhang of Four Analytics, inc. is the owner and he ripped me off and wasted my time, when I asked him about this he told me ethics dont matter to him which to me is unacceptable. I also know of another person who he also refused to pay and Kirby was very rude and disrespectful to me as well when I polietly and professionally asked him regarding these matters.

Beware as he was mentioning he is asking for lots of money as he was agressively telling me ethics dont matter to him.

One World Wireless One World Wireless of West 23rd St Scammed by Wireless Phone Store New York New York

This is a shady store. In November I bought a new iPhone & Karan set it up fine *but* I left my gold iPhone 10XS with him to send to Verizon for trade-in for what he said was a $439 value, & when Verizon only credited me $99 for it I contacted Verizon & was informed that what they credited me for was a gray iPhone 8–not my gold iPhone 10XS.

I contacted Karan & he assured me he had sent my iPhone 10XS to Verizon & he’d fix it with them. Each time I followed up with Karan he assured me Verizon had it, they’d credit me, but this didn’t happen & when I called Karan he said Verizon had written up a ticket (so, first they had my phone and now they just wrote up a ticket?). I insisted Karan give me what info he had, so he gave me the ticket #, but Verizon confirmed to me there was no such ticket # and they had no record of Karan’s calls. All Karan told me was bogus! 

Another reviewer posted on Yelp just a month ago that this store never shipped their phone for trade-in and had supposedly “lost” it. Smells of what I can only guess is some shady money-making scheme this store has benefiting off selling off customers’ old phones instead of trading them in for the customers’ benefit. Shady business!

Drive time & Silver Rock DriveTime & SilverRock Is a scam Phoenix Arizona

I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Tuscan from DriveTime on Bell & Greenway. Ever is great until my one year anniversary. I take a trip with my wife and children from Phoenix to Atlanta. Great travels there. Heading home the engine mount breaks off while we are in Cisco, Texas. I called SilverRock. I’m still covered under warranty. $900 later out of pocket. No response from Silver Rock. No help. Lawyer Time.

Money Metals Exchange Money Metals Depository Breach of Contract called me a liar and a fraud Eagle Idaho

The process of purchasing a larger quantity of precious metals from Money Metals Exchange is more trouble than it is worth. If you purchase more than $1000 from them you have to pay by check. I purchased physical metal from them on 1/20/2021 and they still had not posted either of the checks as of 2/10/2021. After the first check went “missing” I offered to pay via ACH on 2/1/2021. I was told by Clint and Michelle that they would not accept ACH because it would be fraudulent and is against their policy. They will make NO exception for any payment issue.

I willingly gave them personal information to verify that I am who I say I am and they still refused to take payment via ACH. They refused to resolve the problem unless I paid by wire transfer at the cost of $30. So, I sent the second check on 2/4/2021. I made contact with Michelle and Clint again because the check had not cleared on the fifth working day 2/10/2021. I live 4 hours away from Eagle Idaho and confirmed with the post office that there is no way it would take that long to arrive. I also spoke with my local post office yesterday 2/10/2021 to find out what may have happened and they explained that it is unlikely for 2 pieces of mail to go missing. They had no explanation of why this would happen. I do not know what happened to the mail but I did send out 2 checks and would not waste my time here or anywhere else otherwise. 

I filed a complaint with the BBB in order to resolve the issue and make payment via ACH. This sparked them to liquidate my account and breach their contract. I was called a liar by Clint and he suggested that I am committing fraud by requesting to pay by ACH. I also have an email string stating the same, and also contains a picture of the check and envelope sent on 2/4/2021. I called my Credit union to cancel both checks and was informed that payment by check is more suceptible to fraud than ACH. Conveniently the check arrived the day after (2/11/2021) they liquidated my account because I had put stop payments on the checks that had “disappeared”. They refuse to make any resolve to customer issues and use a system that is more susceptible to fraud. They will breach contract with you so be carefull if you decide to purchase from them.

Five Star Engine Exchange Five Star Engine POOR WORKMANSHIP – RIPPED ME OFF Phoenix Arizona

Five Star Engines rebuilt an engine for us. However, we had to pull the transmission and the transfer case back out of the vehicle twice because of the poor workmanship. I had to delay our customer for 2 more weeks. The rear main seal was installed crooked. I also have pictures and video. Also, the center cam plug on the back of the motor was leaking. Also, the top left cam plug was stripped out in the block. We also had to install a 2nd rear main seal that we purchased. This is not five star engines, this is negative five stars!

Very poor workmanship and they were also a week late on delivery time. I am requesting a refund of $1174.00. Also, the owner of the Five Star Engines came down to the shop after FIVE phone calls to his shop. No one at the shop knows anything at all! He got into an argument with Advanced and left. He stormed off and did nothing!