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Ketogenics Get your free bottle of Ketogeniks for $89 per bottle – misadvertised

I ordered pills and expected in the receipt in email conditions of terms. How long a trial if any and how much and when my card would be charged. I know I would have never signed up or returned their product if I had known they would charge me $89 twice once for supplement and also for detox bottle.

I couldn’t find that email since I thought there was no additional charges I could delete it. I hunted for a contact phone number. The customer service guy said he’d refund $55 per bottle. He described the terms he seemed to understand and I don’t remember ever agreeing to.

He canceled my membership or subscription or whatever I got myself into. I also have high blood pressure and according to a product review I shouldn’t have been taking it anyway. Wish these disclaimers and terms were more evident at the outset of the purchase.

Ryan mirabito Ryan John Mirabito John Ryan Mirabito Took 1200.00 dollars for apartment then disappeared Lake Worth west palm beach Florida Massachusetts

Ryan Mirabito listed an apartment for rent in Lake Worth, Florida. He accepted 1200.00 for 2 months rent in advance and said he would move me in the next day. He didn't show up and now I'm stuck in my place which has been rented to someone else. My landlady is calling the police to get me out after filing the eviction with the courts. He keeps texting me that he's going to give me back at least some money so I can move but then he never shows up.

First he claimed to have had an accident. Then he blamed his wife for turning off the electricity and canceling the car insurance. He continues to make excuses why he can't even give me back even a few hundred dollars so I can find a weekly rental to get me out of harms way.

It's just one bs story after another and I'm stuck.


417 501 4219 Sweet Kiki Eccie Kiki2012 Sweet Kiki2012 Ripoff Gulfport

This girl is mentally unstable. She works as an escort out of Gulfpoet, MS.  She will schedule a meeting and not show up. Then if you write negative reviews about her, she will harass you and call you names.   Also, she will sptead lies and rumours about you.  Stay away from this girl.

She uses eccie and also other escort websites.

Sushi Palace Sushi Restaurant known for All You Can Eat Special with rude, unprofessional, disrespectful manager Rockville Center New York

This restaurant used to be one of our favorites.  Until recently, we always enjoyed our food and had positive experiences until their unprofessional and rude "manager" threatened us.  

My wife and I had theater tickets Sat 2/15/20 for Valentine's Day and went to our favorite sushi restaurant which we've frequented monthly for several years.  We ordered the All You Can Eat special.  We ordered a couple of pieces of sashimi and 3 rolls, knowing we would order more.  As everyone knows, the sushi rolls come with an abundance of white rice.  We ate all of the sushi and left some of the rice and seaweed wraps leftover on a plate – a practice we have done every time we've gone. 

When we attempted to order the next round of food, the "manager" came over and told us we could not order any more food.  She cited a line on the menu which says something to the effect of they may charge for uneaten food.  We explained this is just rice, we have been here many times and never heard that but fine, what is the charge.  She refused to come up with a number.  Instead she told us we had to leave.  We were both incredulous and shocked. 

I approached her and asked to speak with the owner.  She said she was the manager and made the rules and was refusing to serve us any more food.  I asked her why she is not willing to tell us what the cost is for the "uneaten food" (rice) and let us continue ordering food and eating our dinner.  She said to me, I'm scared, I'm going to the police.  Are you freaking kidding?  Call the police because I am asking you a question and you don't want to answer it.  I told her, fine, please do, please call the police.  My wife was concerned that we were going to miss our play that night, for which we had expensive tickets.  She was so upset at that point and just wanted to leave.  

They gave us the bill – for ALL YOU CAN EAT – and once again threatened to call the police if we didn't pay.  I threw the cash in there and stormed out.  I am hopeful the owner, or an actual manager reads this and reaches out.  Outside of the phone number, there is no way to reach someone of importance there.

I have made sure that everyone in the area knows about my experience.  This woman who claims she was the manager essentially robbed us.  She could have given us a price to pay for the rice, and I would have paid it.  She could have given us a warning and we would have respected it.  She could have handled this several respectable ways.  Instead she cut us off and kicked us out.  This is no way to run a business and will affect their bottom line as several family members and friends will stop going out of respect for us, and Sushi Palace manager's outright disrespect for us.  

Trevor Barran- AKA Lionheart Nica Sotheby’s Nicaragua Aqua Nicaragua Big Sky Ranch I am writing on behalf of a large group of those ripped off and taken advantage of by Trevor Barran in Nicaragua.

He sold us land and villas that he did not own, made up an inflated value, promised us that we would manage the property and the property at both Aqua and Blue Sky Ranch and he never did. He was a fraud. He was also hired to manage a resort development and bulldozed a restaurant that he did not even own to sell the land to others. Try

Trevor Barran is a con man.   He knowingly stole from investors and continues too.  Watch out for this guy and do NOT believe a thing he says.  Do NOT do business with him.   He does not pay his bills. He even leased a dozen vehicles and never Paid for them.  

And he then proceeded to sell all of the vehicles and report them as stolen.  He owes the government over ONE MILLION US Dollars.   We could go on but prefer to have others tell their stories.   This crook must be stopped and taken to justice.   To jail.





Prescription hope No medication

Prescription hope They offer to provide medication for a monthly fee of $50.00. They charge first month right away. Than they sent paperwork requesting proof of income and doctors information. After that they allegedly send request of prescription to physician for approval. My process started mid of Dec 2019. My doctor sent the prescription on Jan 2nd for first time.

A week later PH said they haven't received. I contacted my doctor's office and than they sent by mail. Two weeks later PH said again they haven't received. By than they already charged me Jan 2020 fee which Ingot upset and made them refund. So I ask for supervisor who said she was going to send again to the doctor (was a Friday) than on Monday she was going to call the doctor office and call me.

Well another two weeks pass, when I callef back they again said no paper received from the doctor. At this point I ask cancelation of my"membership". Jowever they won't refund my initial fee for a service not provided.

E-Danks.com The owner is really an as*hole and does not care about customer Illinois Illinois

The owner is really an as*hole and does not care about customer, product quality of theirs are just pathetic, one of my friend got seriously ill and ultimately died due to toxic chemicals used to make it more euphoric and addictive.

I warn everyone to remain away from this site and do not waste their money and more importantly do not risk your life by using their products.

Danielle Auto Center brakeandauto.com Break & Auto Specialists Bait and Switch. Hijacked my car when they didn’t repair the tire. North Miami Florida

This thief should get arrested. I went in to patch a hole in my tire and the thief said "no problem it will be $25."

I said great, please fix it. He put the car up on the lift, came out and said I can't fix it. That tire cannot be "plugged." I said I know, I dont want a plug I want a patch. He said he doesnt patch, only plug. Even though that is not what he originally said, I said fine. Please put the car down and I'll go somewhere else.

He said it will cost me $25 to put the car down. I said but you didn't do the work. And he said "I told you it will be $25 to check it." 

Straight up LIAR and a THIEF. How does this crook live with himself. Total scam artist. Thank goodness it only cost me $25 (which I'm disputing). But it's not the money, it's the principle. This business should be shut down. As the shop accross the street which actually fixed the tire told me they get business from this scam artist at least once per day.

The police should arrest him.

DON'T GO HERE NO MATTER WHAT!!! Or you'll probably be a victim too.

Cilidress cilidress.com Not what I ordered and not responsive to requests for resolution (money back)

Ordered 2 dresses, their shipping was two months later than what was promised (by paying extra). The first dress arrived and it was not one of the 2 dresses I ordered. It was a short red number, where I ordered two long flowing grey and blue dresses.

I reached out via their email and they offered me a 5$ credit. I refused and demanded what I ordered. A week later I received the second dress. It was closer to what I ordered, but really low quality. It was missing the outer covering (two parts, the inner dress, and a floor-length cover jacket) and the flower pattern was printed on, not embroidered as the website claimed.

I sent them a new email with images and demanded my money back.  I received an auto-response that they were on holiday for a week.  About 5 days after their holiday I emailed them again, with no response and again today 2/18/2020. This is definitely a scam and they need to be shut down.


Lenovo Wrong items sent by Lenovo for orders placed on Lenovo official outlets store. They refused to send correct items. The second time in three months. Whitsett NC

I ordered three Refurbished ThinkPad P73 on the official Lenovo Outlet store in early February and received the packages one week later. However, totally wrong items were sent by Lenovo; the received units were ThinkPad P1, while the packaging list still showed ThinkPad P73. 

I contacted Lenovo right after received the wrong items, and was told that a member of their order management team would connect me to send me the correct items. However, after waiting for a whole week, there was no any update. I had to contact Lenovo again, and was told that they cannot provide replacement and can only provide full refund.

I wasted a lot of time to contact Lenovo representatives and no meaningful solution was provided, instead of keeping on reiterating the same words. I want the correct items, not the refund, this is why I placed the orders in the first place. I felt I was fooled. It was really really frustrating. Lenovo's customer service just cannot provide any meaningful support, except wasting time of their frustrated customers.

For me, this is the second time in less than three months with regard to wrong item being sent by Lenovo. I placed an order in last November, but, after a whole month of waiting, received a unit with wrong condition (order was for New, received Refurbished) and wrong spec (order was for 4k touch OLED screen, but received 4k non-touch screen). Lenovo refused to replace with the correct one.

After another month of endless and useless communication with Lenovo's representatives, I finally had to give up and accept it with a small amount of compensation rewards, because the model is still the same and the wrong spec is only the screen. Never expected to have the same, even worse experience in such a short time frame. Deals on their official store look more and more like scams.

Shopping experience at Lenovo is way worse than other manufactures. For comparison, I had an order on Dell Outlet also in last Nov and the item was also refurbished. The item I received was imperfect and I asked for replacement; later on, though not very soon, Dell provided me a replacement and even better that the replacement unit has a better spec than my order, as a compensation.

I do not ask for better spec or whatever compensation from Lenovo, I just want the correct items being shipped for my orders, which is the obligation and very basic commitment that Lenovo, being such a big company, should provide to their customers. I searched online, just figured out that I am not the single victim.