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InTown Suites Extended Stay Phoenix AZ – Gilbert Abusive Predatory Behaviour, Malice, Abuse of Disabled Persons, Harassment Devices: Gilbert AZ

I ended up suffering from injuries sustained before getting to Gilbert and ended up in the ER for it.  These people acted to exploit, exacerbate, and blame me for, those injuries, and they otherwise acted to predate upon me as such for them.

This is obscene. There has been a constant pattern of violent and abusive behaviour from the room beneath me.  This has gone on for many months. They are repeatedly smashing some large heavy object onto the floor that shakes the floors in other rooms.

Calls to the front desk has them essentially lie about the problem seeming to prove they are complicit. I was told by the female manager for one event that calling the Police would be of no use since nothing can be done.  This is of course false. This essentially says that they are doing this intentionally and that this would be done to stave off a person’s want to report the crimes. Other frauds including denial of service, no trash taken or room serviced for 6 weeks or more.

Each week they lie about next week. The male Manager Daniel Mones lied to me each time asked about next week.  I gave up after 6 weeks.  As I sit here now, again they have not done service for 7 weeks, I only require them to take out 2 bags of trash, which they often complained about, and now a note appears with claim this is due to COVID based on CDC regulations.  Nonsense.

After a period of time it becomes apparent that there is some kind of transducer device installed in the sub-floor(s) that smashes the chair you are sitting in in effect. Other sounds from car door slams, etc also cause floor to shake this way.

Earlier in the begin of my stay someone entered the room beneath me and violently smashed something onto the floor BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG and it was so loud AND for each act to smash onto the floor, say 2 per second, my chair via the floor smashed straight up into my spine as I sat above them at my PC.

This is impossible unless being done intentionally and with malice.

  I sit adjacent to a load bearing wall, the floors are concrete, and next to me is a walkway leading to a lift. The frequency response is too high and it is not symmetrical, attempts by me to deflect the floor as I suspected are not able to make the floor shake much at all and not at that rate.

This says something is installed on top of the concrete floors which in effect is now a loud speaker acting to shake you up.  They know and act on this. Loud car horns, door slams, exhaust notes, and yes even THUNDER claps shake the floors.  Proving this is being sensed and “Amplified” via microphones. I also suspect as the sounds are beyond being mechanically transduced into the structure, they are ALSO being re-broadcast via hidden speakers.

Events related to things being done with the computer, prove they have some form of electronic intrusion ongoing, where the needless acts to shake the floor are also correlated with my machine use. Likely done based on their espionage of network router activity which is also illegal. Since they are doing all that wrong and have the devices there, why not eh?

These acts are also being done in the room next to me as well as below.  Same problem, loud smashing sounds, there is nothing in these rooms so heavy and dense as to cause this. It is not possible AND not in keeping with credible accepted use of the rooms. The person next to me never showered ONCE for many months, I have been home bound here with bad injuries sustained elsewhere, and now as it seems here.  So I know.

They are too quiet, never sneeze, cough, laugh, talk on the phone, snore, or have any credible use of that room.  Never. They in effect pretend they are not there and use that tactic to startle people with their stealth and then their obnoxious violent pounding. It also seems that cameras are hidden, since some of this has to be sensed optically.

At points you go to do something, and at any point where you might be injured, or drop or spill something, the floor will jump beneath your feet. Also using the shower stepping in, out, or washing, etc someone smashes something onto the floor same for using toilet. Behaviours indicate that people “Follow” me around in my room and act/retaliate for my using the toilet, using the shower, turn the AC unit off and on, or use my kitchen. This goes on constantly.

Night attendant raised his fist to me one morning at 4am as I asked to get a plunger to clear the toilet which plugs constantly.  He came charging at my back as I passed the window in the front office and raised his arm to me. The violent pounding goes on constantly every day and into the morning at 2am, 3am, 4am, etc.

Earlier in the stay no service was done on my agreed upon day, but an effort was made the next day. I was asleep and not expecting her.  I said I need some time to get up, and please wait or come back in a few minutes, they just left.  I in effect said please don’t enter now I am not dressed, which was the right thing of course and this was not my day for service.

Later that night the female office manager Mixsty Sanchez, and the maintenance man, came pounding on my door.  I was verbally abused, threatened, lied to with the claim they admit no service prior day but said no staff cleaners were present. Not true, cleaners ran back and forth all day that day and never stopped.  I waited all day for them.

They then demanded to enter my room for no reason it seems to retaliate for the fact they lied and did not take out trash or clean the room which was horrid to begin with. I later had to wet clean the carpet and the water came up BLACK worse than used motor oil. The bed sheets and comforter were not clean as I walked in the door first time, the fitted sheet was malformed with one segment the width of a full, and the other the width of a queen mattress.

The top sheet was wadded up into a long line running the length of the bed, and stuffed under the comforter/cover. I found the bed frame shared the same characteristics (more vanity/brainwashing) of the fitted sheet. One wide segment and one short, and it was jammed together wrong in an effort to make it a spring trap.  Likely using the floor as a trigger to set it off.

Also the fridge and the cooling coils that carry refrigerant was pushed against the wall again likely in an effort to make it fail/leak gas, by having the floor violently shake all over the place damaging the thin metal tubes.

One night I was attempting to take out many bags of trash as they did no service for over 6 weeks. The Property Attendant knocked on my door and involved another guest who started to accuse me of being abusive to him.  This is false, we never met, I mentioned to the night manager that the female manager and repair person came to the room and accused me, threatened me that I’d need to leave, that this is my fault etc.  He admits they are wrong, says or repeats to me the substance of the dialog, and says he has informed the Corporate Body which I now learn would be false.

He in fact knew too much of the dialog since he did not witness it, and other later acts prove he and they continued to conspire in the wrong doing.  They in fact made efforts to brainwash me by sharing and moving dialog back and forth among them.

The fix it guy covers for security guy who I caught years earlier down below me smashing on walls and floors etc etc, I ran down and saw him exit the room.  They swap dialog bits back and forth, say too much.  The new cleaning woman gets into the act, she raised her fist to me and did same charge at my back by front office window, another female guest did same thing.  These people are a carnival, a soap opera, and their own version of God does Ten Commandments and more.  A circus.

This likely will open the proverbial can of worms since I’d say other injured parties had no results since the security person and others here are doing the wrongs and not reporting. They in effect acted to gaslight on the problems. Also too the involve of another guest invades my privacy and is another crime designed to blame me for their want to now offer this as being “Punitive” and “Justice”.

The other guest starts to ask me questions after HE accused me of refusing service on the room which is false. I waited ALL DAY my service day and nobody showed up. He makes excuse that this is “A Courtesy” as done for me, likely to imply that they are not OBLIGATED as AGREED to do it, just that this is some kind of favor that I CAN NOT REJECT.  It made no sense.

Then he starts to ask me about the event and I said too late, since you know it all, then I’d say why talk to me now?  This is over. This is not up to these people And his acting this way to accuse me says we blame you and this is motive for the punishment ongoing where they act to retaliate as such. I’ve done nothing wrong in their witness or outside of it.

Some kind of strange “White Powder” was coming into the room for many months, which has now stopped. They were fooled on it since I ended up in the ER of the hospital.  I had wiped all things down and cleaned the residue off my things, and had all my fans and the AC off. I was out of the room in skilled nursing and the ICU for almost 3 weeks. I returned to find more residue of the white powder all over my things many of which are black.

This was making me sick on top of existing injuries I sustained in another location in CA. The white powder seems to have been done intentionally and these people are acting based on having knowledge of the installed devices to harass and assault people here. I have been in the same room in prior years dating back almost 6 years, and the same stains are on the walls, spit and other dirt has been there all along, etc.

Kitchen cabinets and elsewhere are falling apart. Kitchen faucet is rusted and caked with crapola, etc. The shower valve does not work right making it impossible to turn off, and is hard to turn. The water is scalding hot at times. The security person one day just walked into my room without knocking with claim they need to clean the AirCon unit again.  This person is a freak.

Two men from Fibercare came in and bounced the heavy AC unit all over the place like it was some kind of sidewalk stone, sprayed black goop all over the wall, lamp shade, my items and bedding and then left it all a mess. Using the heat later on, which never worked for months until the prior service, proved it was dirty and it set off the smoke alarm. What was the point?

pr.Business Elliott Abboud This “prestigious company” took my money and nothing else. Boca Raton Florida

Cold call from “Sam.”  Told me who he was and represented.  I needed SEO for my site and was looking. Told me it would cost $299 and monthly charge of $30.  I said “ok.” 

Following week met with on-boarding person who then informed me it would be over $2000.  Great!  I reluctantly agreed for $1999.WE played the game of interest for another week and then nothing. 

I called multiple times and multiple emails.  Left me no choice but to file with Att Gen for Florida, AmEx, FTC, and BBB.  Currently under investigation.  This place is a scam.  

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THESE PEOPLE.  All the reviews are fake and the owner or manager is a complete narcissist.  Thier rebuttals to their former clients are entirely rude, crude and unnecessary.  I don’t know how these people remain in business.  Why is their no justice in the world??

Wave Financial Inc. Kirk Simpson / CEO Paul Marshall / COO Les Whiting / Chief Financial Services Officer Wave removed support for our company’s financial software in retaliation for upsetting a support rep. Toronto Ontario

We were on Wave for about 5 years and had become dependent on their systems for our company’s financial books.

Suddenly they removed support for our Wells Fargo Bank feed and blamed their bank feed integration partner. We verified directly with the bank feed integrator that they still supported the feed from our bank. I complained and complained to Wave’s India support and finally confronted them with what the feed integrator said. The support manager was completely dismissive.

The support manager was getting progressively irritated with my insistence that Wave support our bank feed and when I said that the Indian support team simply didn’t understand the needs of a US business, the support manager went into a tirade, acused me of a racist remark and immediately terminated any future support for our account.

I filed a BBB complaint and the company responded that I was “insensitive” and refused to do anything.

We’re now having trouble getting our financial data out of their systems. These are horrible, entitled people, with zero sense of responsibility for the critical business financial data and processes they maintain for customers, wo are dependent on Wave for the financial health of their businesses. This is a perfect example of the very real cost of free software. It’s costing us 10s of thousands of dollars, over months, to migrate and reconstitute our financial data to a new SaaS provider. Buyer Beware.

Dane Patric Delucchi Pikey Paige Hammond Fraud-Grand Theft-Liar- Con Criminal. Transgender Reno CA, NV, AZ

I am writing for my friend what this person did to my senior disable friend in San Fernando Valley Los Angeles.

 Dane Delucchi Transgender stole , guitar, Eletronic equipment, Recording 16 track Zoom machine. Sure Microphone. Wiggs and other personal propert over $2500.00

Aug 5th, 2021 – 1:51 PM


THE DIRTY ARMY: Whatever you do, don’t give this thing a job. He will steal your money. He has a dope habit, gambling habit, and a liar. I know for a fact he has robbed three employers. He will even steal credit for someone else work. He’s a cross dressing lying thief. He thinks he’s got musical talent, but really he’s a joke. DONT HIRE HIM FOR A JOB!

Paul Schroeder Paul Schroeder We got ripped off by Paul Schroeder

We got ripped off by Paul Schroeder for more thatn $1m. Kindly think about this as a PSA to stay away from them.

There was an intermediary that is why not full KYC was given. We used a PSP Merchant Processing Group, we were given funds initially not a lot then they asked for more traffic but since we knew settlements were good we were excited to work with them. Until just suddenly Visa stopped working. They had us stopped for a week, then MC went down. After a week or two, they just completely vanished. As a result, he took everything.

In the event that you worked with Paul Schcroeder and scammed you in the abundance of $10k, kindly reach me through PM. We are intending to sue. We are utilizing a standout amongst other law offices for cases like this, the more shippers we have the more probable we are to see our cashback or will send this guy in jail.

Mission Impossible Chris Wedderburn, Owner/Serviceman Aisha Williams, Owner/Administrator Poor work in my home Maryland

Requested the sanding and painting for 2 doors on the outer sides only and caulking around the frames of both doors. No caulking was done around the door frames except the doorbell side. They sanded an inner door that I did not request. Needed stair handrail installed, 2 pairs of exterior window shutters, and fix for exposed doorbell wires. In the beginning, they were polite with manners. In the end, they were desperate for money and expected to be paid for their efforts and not quality.

Arrived at 12:30pm instead of 9am and were still here after 10pm. Did not properly prepare doors for painting. Had no sander as stated during the estimate and hand sanded the whole time which was not good enough. Chipped paint and indentations remained after sanding so I FaceTimed an out of town friend who has a home improvement business and confirmed my doors were not properly prepared for painting and he also provided a lesson to us on paint.

My friend spoke to Chris and explained why the doors were not ready and advised me not to do it because it wasn’t the proper way. I did not have faith in them to paint. Regret I did not stop the entire job.

I requested a revised invoice because the painting wasn’t done. Installed my stair handrail and put 12 unsightly screw holes in my wall due to incorrect measurements. ADT cut 6 inches in my door frame to install doorbell camera and informed handyman needed to replace the strip as they did not have cover for the wires. Chris’ fix for the exposed wires was to fill the cavity of wires with caulk. I purchased shutters that were too small.

The shutter install in the front of my home was the worst of all. Chris volunteered to go to the store to make the exchange. Could not find my receipt and thought they would have difficulty with an exchange purchased on my Home Depot account. Provided him cash for the purchase. Informed Chris the Oxon Hill, MD store was closest and checked the cost on the website for the larger shutters. Store less than 20 minutes away where I purchased the others. They decided to go to the Rhode Island Avenue store instead then text to say the store didn’t have any.

Next they wasted more time going to the Hyattsville, MD store that didn’t have any. Lastly to Oxon Hill and made a purchase.  They returned with the shutters but worked on the railing. They left shutters in car so I didn’t see them before installation. It was raining, late and dark. I have an eye condition where I can’t see at night. The shutters were crooked and he wanted to be paid.

One of the shutters had such a big gap from the window and slanted at an angle with my poor vision I could see a lot of brick. I suggested a compromise of 1/2 now and the other half the next day when I could see after he corrected the shutter. He informed that was unacceptable and he had bills that needed to be paid that night. He decided to make the adjustment to the shutter. I directed a flash light where he was adjusting so that he could see. He informed me rudely that it was distracting and not to do that. I could not see and asked my neighbor to take a look.

She had difficulty seeing too. I live on a quiet street with seniors and other working professionals and Chris accused me outside of my home as running a scam and trying to get free work from him. The next morning, I realized that he purchased and installed the wrong type of shutters unlike the ones I had and inconsistent with the others on my street, 3 have a gap between the windows including the one that he made the adjustment late at night, the screws are not aligned on shutter 4, and only put 4 screws in each when they required 6.

Chris did not know that you measure the screw holes and drill first and then drill them into the brick. He drilled while holding them up directly against the brick. Notified MI the next day to give them the opportunity to correct the shutters and no response. I do not want anyone else to have this experience. Hopefully, they will read my experience to see the mistakes they made and how I feel now after placing some trust in them. They knew my concerns before hiring them and they promised quality work and honesty. Against my better judgment, I gave them a chance. 

They were unprofessional, unreasonable, and disrespectful. Stereo-typed and insulted my character because of where I live. This was captured on my doorbell camera. I was patient with them still being at my home after 10pm. A professional would have returned in the morning to guarantee quality workmanship. I am an older, honest, and professional woman with a security clearance and gave them no reason that I would not pay them. I felt bad for them running around to get the shutters was to compensate them for that time even though they wasted additional time doing this. MI felt they were entitled to a pay day for effort and not quality of their work.

TheSmartHoop Smarthoop UK phone # +447448180150 Ignoring Inquiries London

I ordered from them 3 months ago from a snap advertisement. They looked pretty legit. I’ve emailed them concerning my order. They replied but stopped replying to me altogether. I’ve tried calling but it’s a bunch of noise and the uk number leaves you on voicemail.

Coinme Coinme are ripoffs. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM. I brought Bitcoins from their Kiosk and when I asked to cancel the transaction and get my refund it took 14 days for them to reply to my emails. I had to go to the Better Business Bureau and report them to get my refund. COINME ARE RIPOFFS Seattle WA

Coinme Coinme are ripoffs. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM. I brought Bitcoins from their Kiosk and when I asked to cancel the transaction and get my refund it took 14 days for them to reply to my emails. Still during the 14 days I made attempts to call them and never reach anyone by phone. I only got their robotic answer machine where I left over 20 messages. When I finally got hold of someone, I was given the runaround for an additional 8 days where I spent that time proving it was me that brought the Bitcoin.

Once that was settled it took another 38 days for them to give me my refund but it was only 75% of what I paid for the Bitcoin because they kept 25% claiming that Bitcoin was down in the market and they only paid what it was worth and not was initially brought. In all it was close to 60 days to get my refund and I did not get all that I had invested in Bitcoin. Never deal with them. Their customer service is lousy and they take their time to refund you if any. I had to go to the Better Business Bureau and report them to get my refund. 

Autism Initiatives Lying Prison B******* Sara Joanna Callum Edinburgh Scotland

This company has caused me untold problems. The people there had supported me for years because I apparently have a mild form of autism (which these zealots could not even diagnose me with properly). For 3 years, I was also living in their supported accommodation at 59 Blackfriars Street in Edinburgh. The agency employed all these a******* and so-called “seniors” who lied to me over two women, who went on to ruin my life.

After these two women were removed from my care because they didn’t want to work with my any longer, I was promised shifts which the bosses had ZERO INTENTION of ever granting. Yet when I got angry and lashed out, they used my emotions to pin it all on how I behaved when they purposefully baited me.

Years beforehand, a man called Patrick Connolly who worked as an outreacher worker deliberately sent me many abusive emails from Gumtree using a pseudonym called “Bruce Ritchie” which was rather disturbing. He was winding me up over my desire to find my ex-girlfriend.

Eventually, I ended up remanded in jail when I got very upset over how they treated me. After months of the court deferring matters and putting me through tons of hassle, the assistant boss had me signing away my tenancy after conjuring up a story about rent arrears. They simply swept everything under the rug and got rid of me. I’ve been remanded in jail many times since, and have had to endure a lot of stress, multiple arrests and personal heartache due to this carry on. The corrupt legal system is 100% on their side. Then I got an advocacy worker to send a letter. They denied everything, of course. This is an absolutely b*******, and wicked agency, that should be avoided at all costs.

Jeremy Harrington Jer sold me video games that dont work Lewiston ID

Bought call of duty and fallout76. Neither work. I mean its only 35 I gave for both but he knew they didnt work Im sure. Not a stand up dude at all. Dont buy nothin from him ever!!!