Brad Lowe Tony Women Beware GA


Brad Lowe is a 52 year old African American Uber and Lyft Driver. He also drives for other companies such as Uber Eats, road side assistance, and transportation services. These are some of the ways he meets women. He may offer you a free ride or he may offer to be your driver when you need to go to work or run errands.  He is very charming and helpful at first.

If you have children he will seem even more helpful. He talks about God leading him to help others. You will believe him because he is very generous in the beginning. He will give you money to help pay a bill or get you on your feet. However, he is a scam artist. Once he sees an opportunity he will take advantage of you. For me, I was able to save up over 5,000 over a period of several months. I trusted him enough to tell him.

He then start asking for me to fund a transportation business he wanted to start. He asked for $5,000 initially. I told him that I cannot give him all of my savings, so he asked for me to pay his $1387 storage bill. I gave it to him with the expectation of him paying me back. As weeks went by I asked him if he would be able to pay me by the of the year, 2020. He borrowed it in October. He said, yes. In December he told me he will not have it.

I told him that we can work out a payment plan where he can pay me $100 a week until the debt was paid. He said no, that he will pay me back in full. In January, he decided to shut his phone off. I decided to email him to ask if he plans on paying me back. He responded, by saying that he is helping out a family and cannot pay me back at this time. He said God is directing him to help this family.

This is one of the tactics he uses to make himself seem godly. I emailed him a couple of times telling him that I will have to take him to court if he does not pay me back. He stopped responding. I realized then that this is a pattern with him. Whenever I ask him about his past relationships he said that the women did not believe or see his vision. His vision is to use other women’s money or other resources (house, car, etc.) to fund his ‘ideas’ or lifestyle since he lacks the financial responsibility to do it himself. After he uses you for whatever you have he will move on to the next victim.

Brad Lowe is not financially stable so he is in no position to pretend to help others in need. He does not have a home. He sleeps in his car or the storage unit I help him pay for. It is sad for a 52 year old man to not even have a place to stay, but pretends to be in a position to better the lives of women who may be struggling themselves. I will tell all women in the Georgia, especially the surrounding Metro area, Athens, and the southern regional area to be careful.