Monique La Reina Monique La Reina FAKE PRACTICTIONER, DRAMA QUEEN, AND LIAR New Orleans Louisiana


I’ve been following Monique la reyna for some time. But her facebook page must have been the WORST behavior I ever saw from a espiritualist. She is constantly in fights, she is constantly attacking other spiritualists, she is constantly belittling other women for their looks as well – even if it’s not personal she keeps on laughing at memes that belittle other women appereances .

Looks like self hate to me.

It was honestly terrifying to see how a woman I thought was a kind humble individual is a literal online fighter on her facebook page bringing nothing but hatred to the community that she so claims to care about . She’s posting every single day as well which brings me to a question do you really have clients?

Because you clearly keep on wasting your time and energy on attacking other people rather than working for the clientele you so proudly claim to have. You and your lies are honestly an embarrassment to the community. After the awakening to who Monique really is, she is no “Reina” she is a Johnson that lies on her initiations- 

Description of ” MONIQUE LA REINA ” on one of the pages she was guesting at that I found:

“She perfected her spiritual gifts as she developed in age and made her way to become initiated as a mambo in Dominican & Puerto Rican Vudu, a devotee of Obeah, initiated as a priestess of Oshun in Trinidad Orisha, conjure, brujeria, among other things. “

But then she goes on her facebook this may 20, 2021 to say:

“Sanse is not 21 divisions or any form of vodou. Please don’t lump everything into the same category.”

So how are you claiming to be a MAMBO ( HAITIAN TITLE ) in Puerto Rican Vudu (SANSE) but then claim Sanse is not any form of Vodou???… Not to mention that she has yet to name her godparents in any of the traditions she claims to be initiated in. Fact is MONIQUE JOHNSON you are scooping other spiritualists pages for information, use it and then you claim you’re initiated and a know it all…….. not to mention you’re pretending to be all friendly in other people’s comments on one platform only to attack them on the other. This completely blew me off as a potential customer. Because who the hell are you LOL

Then she goes on to say on her Facebook 2 weeks ago:

“Vodou is about love, community, humility, and your connection to spirit. But absolutely nobody has all the answers.”

Only to follow through later on attacking other spiritualists , witches, and so forward calling them b****s h**s amongst others. That’s your Vodou humility? It’s embarrassing what you are doing to be honest .

Another gem from august 10 off her face-book:

“selling spiritual baths in USED orange juice containers, lighting lamps next to her dog food bowl, & learning vodou from a white dude”

But then she follows through by saying ” PRAY FOR HAITI ” meanwhile the baths in Haiti are given out by Manbos and Houngans in old rum and gin bottles if you’re lucky enough to have a glass container for it in the first place . You claim you’re spiritually enlightened but all you are is a woman with a big ego who preaches on HUMILITY without having NONE OF IT. You’re all bark no bite. Obsessed with white folks for what reason again?? It’s a medical mystery I guess… 

Monique Johnson

MONIQUE LA REINA the only REINA you are es LA REINA DE DRAMA. And it’s not looking cute on you

It’s actually embarrassing.

You should go back to being Christian because you clearly have that Christian hate in your heart that makes you want to go after everybody

That’s your perception of a community?

No wonder you are born on September 29 Saint Michael’s day. Because you’re the devil that he steps on… and clearly that devil is coming out in your personality. Bringing unsettlement and hate into the community

And I feel for whoever is your godparent. no wonder you won’t share their names cause they would beat your A*S for disrespecting them in this manner if they found out what you’re doing online.