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Eloquent Watches – Wrong Product Sent, No Response From Company. Buyer Beware!

Lured in by their "premium" watches at no or low cost, paying largely shipping only? Don't be fooled. These people are a complete ripoff. The company is purportedly in the UK, but your watch will arrive from Hong Kong. It will be a piece of crap. You'll have movement of the hands, but that's about it. Accuracy? Forget about it.

Three knobs on the watch, only one actually works. Three dials showing different hands, only the main watch face actually moves. Good luck getting the style you ordered. Do not give these people access to your credit card info and other personal info. I suspect, although I have no proof, that they are data mining to get credit card numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., for future ripoffs. Me? I'm going to cancel the card I ordered these watches on and get a replacement. I don't think you can be too careful with stuff like this. It's obvious that their primary motivation is not to make money selling watches. It's something else. Watch your balances carefully! Ripoff Report, get this kind of scam exposed!

And good luck getting any sort of response from "eloquent" watches. After three weeks and a dozen emails I only got a few automated responses, each one of which said the exact same thing.

Too good to be true? Guess what, it is. These people should be banned from running ads online and banned from running ads on Facebook for sure. Facebook has become a swapmeet swamp. Anybody from anywhere puts ads on there without any verification by Facebook that they are legitimate. Facebook doesn't care. They just want their ad revenue. It's a marriage of theives, Facebook and these fly-by-night companies they let advertise on their site.

Don't get sucked in. These watches aren't worthy of 10-year-olds!

Snap Advances They over-collected repayment by amount of $1184.00 and refuses to refund or provide in writing any reason for their refusal. West Valley City Utah

I borrowed from this company in 2017 and paid them in full in August 2019 and during the closing days they collected additional $1184.00 and refuses to refund back or provide any documentation as to their right to the money.

zackary john deen – evergreen pacific roofing zackary didnt complete my roof, didnt do anything by code, stole materials and walked away with my money vancouver washington

I hired zackary deen to replace my roof and work was supposed to start on 07/30/2019. On 07/26/2019 we met at allied building products where Zackary had the materials he wanted that I paid for (approximatly $2000.) Zackary also wanted me to write him a check for $1116 in his name, i opted for writing the check in the company name.

Zackary showed up on tue 07/30/2019 to start the job and worked until friday. Then the trouble began zackary had excuse after excuse why he couldnt come and put my roof on, his tools broke and he used my husbands air compressor. zackary eventually didnt show up or respond to me. on 08/19/2019 I sent an email to him saying I assume he quit since I havent heard from him and he doesnt show up anymore.

Zackary came to my house to grab his ladder and rope but also helped himself to the roofing materials that I had purchased three weeks earlier and zackary had taken them back to the supply store asking for a cash refund (my cash) I am now out about $3500 and still have no roof to show for it nor do I have the materials to have my roof finished.

MTI Magnolia Telecom Nick Hinskens Drastically under deliver and misrepresent the business opportunity Victoria BC

They are offering a turn key business opportunity reselling prepaid longdistance phone cards. they provide the locations. All you have to do is restock the product and collect the money. After pay for the business It took over 1 year to deliver the the any of the display units criticall to the business.

They only delivered a fraction of the cards that were paid for and they didn't find a single location to sell the cards. THey seem to know the legal difference between   fraud and civil fraud. If they deliver a small amount of the promised business you need to  take up the matter in civil court.

The net result of the transaction is they get the the money you get nothing.  My advice is to stay away from these scammers.

Zizo Wireless Zizo charging 20% restocking fee on refund of defective item Chino California

I purchased a Bolt phone case with holster from this company on Amazon 8/21/19. The holster is defective. I contacted the company directly within days. I explained the problem. They apologized, but offered no solution. Contacted them again, today, via Amazon and customer service agent told me to use the holster longer and it would loosen up.

This is not the case as I already tried this. He then offered to send me a replacement holster, but I have already bought another brand that worked perfectly right out of the box. I said I wanted to return the case for a refund since it is defective. Even though itooked like I bought the item with Prime directly from Amazon, the Amazon return issues a prepaid label going directly to Zizo, not to an Amazon return center.

Zizo agent then informed they will automatically take a 20% restocking fee out of my refund. It is unacceptable to charge a customer for a restocking fee when the item in question is defective. Emails back and forth attempting to talk reason did no good. They insist on ripping off the customer. 

Postal benefit inc They sent and had me take packages back n forth to UPs and FedEx Cypress Tx

This company is fraud they sent me packages in my name and sometimes the customer name . Today is payday I Still have not received my pay .I kept calling and calling no answer. Then the lady named Maria Bell called me promising me pay but first I had to send the packages out.

This whole thing is a scam I’m glad I found this website. They need to be stopped I have no money to my name I did a month or so of work for them. I will be sueing them I have all documentation required and names emails even the fictitious website they have is bogus. 

Laura Lawrence Used a Credit Card and disputed it after the service was completed Wylie Tx

Laura Lawrence scheduled my company for carpet cleaning services, upholstery cleaning services and air duct cleaning services. After she signed and agreed to the services and declined recommeded services due to extreme amounts of pet hair throughout the carpeted spaces. We offered pet treatment and hair removal but was declined and only opted for basic steam cleaning.

She was completly fine with the air duct cleaning and the upholstery cleaning, two days later she contacts us that she was unhappy with the carpet cleaning services we offered to come out immediatly to correct anything she felt was incorrect, even after we knew it was due to the declined services. We still offered to correct it at no additional charge.

She specifically mentioned she was only unhappy with the carpet cleaning services and requested a refund for only the carpet cleaning but then decided to contact her bank and dispute the entire amount for services costing us a entire day worth of work and $1046 in damages. 

Theft Of Services 

She feels that somebody should go clean up the mess her dog has made and the mess on her furniture and nobody should get paid for those services. 

Samsung I purchased an new Samsung Galaxy S10+ and had a battery issue in one month. Ridgefield Park NJ

Samsung-   I purchased an new Samsung Galaxy S10+ at the end of March. I did so because my old galaxy was 6 months old and the battery would drain every 3-4 hours. After about a month my new phone was losing battery every 5 hours. I contacted Samsung support and they suggested I call the service center in my area .

I did so and they suggested I go to one of their authorized service centers and they would replace the battery. I did that and they refused to replace the battery. I called Samsung back the next day and they told me to go to a different center and have them look up the case and they would then replace the battery.

I did go to the second location and they said they could not replace it because now I had dropped the phone and the back had a crack. So I spent $900 for a new phone to get rid of a problem that I now still have. HORRIBLE. I will never buy a Samsung again.

Kiwi online LLC Kiwi Drug Gideon Kimbrell Michael GuyTony Easteal aka Kiwi Global Online LLC Kiwi online LLC Kiwi Drug Gideon Kimbrell Michael GuyTony Easteal Kiwi Online LLC aka Kiwi Drug Filled several monthly testosterone prescriptions manufactured in India that did not contain the testosterone- just alcohol and mineral oil. Proven by lab test. Ft Lauderdale Florida

This Online pharmacy filled my testosterone gell prescriptoin with fake gell that did not contain the testosterone. They filled my prescriptoin for months with this bous material that I used

only to find out from my doctor that my lab results were low -then I went on the real thing from my doc and 

levels went to normal. Over six months of filling my prescritoin with this fake stuff they bilked me out of over $800! 

James Gregory Capps James Capps, Gregory Capps James Gregory Capps sold me a falsely advertised laptop and then disappeared after promising a refund. Santa Clarita CA

James Gregory Capps is a liar, fraud, and thief. He took advantage of my patience and will surely take advantage of as many people as he can to help his untalented, cowardly self drag on another day in this life. He advertised a google pixelbook on offerup that was 512GB internal storage, 16GB of RAM. I met him in Santa Clarita to pay him $530. We found during the meeting that there was no way to check the specs of the laptop at the starbucks we decided to meet at. After asking why he was getting rid of it, he said he had another.

After we made the transaction, I went to a Best Buy to get the laptop checked out. They revealed it to be 128GB internal storage, 8GB of RAM. I notified James Gregory Capps that he gave me the wrong laptop. He said that he would get me the other a week from then. He begged me to not leave a bad review on his offerup page. I assured him that I wouldn't.

When the week past, he instructed me to meet him that weekend to make the switch. I drove 40 minutes to Santa Clarita only to sit at a Starbucks for nearly 45 mintues while he ignored my texts, phone calls, messages I left on his answering machine. I decided to look into his past, which had a bit of shady info. Then I had the idea to *67 his number.

The idiot answered and tried to pretend that he was James' brother…Greg. This guy is a real master thief. I told him that I've reported him to the police and Offerup (Which I have). He has continued to ignore my attempts to get a refund for this laptop. I will not stop making sure his name is solely connected with fraud.