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Foothill Painting Co. Inc. We hired them to repair an apartment building’s roof. They caused more damage and we had more leaks when they finished their work. Burbank CA

Foothill Painting said they could repair our apartment building roof.  Their method of ‘fixing’ the roof left us with more leaks than before it was repaired. It cost us quite a bit to rerpair their damage.  Possible they can paint a building, but don’t use them for roofing.     They refused to fix the damage and their ‘management’ went ballsitic when confronted with their incompetence.



FORGET the Better Business Bureau(BBB),they have at least 500+ complaints about Survey Junkie AND HAVE DONE NOTHING!

 The ONLY thing to do is REPORT them to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint center at ic3.gov;SOONER OR LATER,SOMETHING WILL BE DONE!

carmax Lost my check after payoff, lost my title, processed my payoff as a sale sold me a repaired car with a clean carfax report, lied Richmond, Memphis, Rochester, Atlanta Virginia, Tennessee, New York Georgia

Ignored  Letter to carmax CEO

Bill Nash, CEO

CarMax Home Office

12800 Tuckahoe Creek Pkwy.,

Richmond, VA 23238, USA.


Dear Mr. Nash,

On September 28th, 2020, I purchased a 2017 Nissan Rogue from CarMax in Memphis, TN. On May 18th, 2021, I drove from Horseheads NY, to Rochester, NY as advised by CarMax Financial, after contacting them to inform them of my intent to re-finance my car through Navy Federal Credit Union, and asking the most amenable process to facilitate a smooth transaction, as I was currently on a contract assignment in Upstate NY. I was advised that the Rochester location was where I could go to make the pay-off, which was almost two hours from where I was working, but I felt more comfortable making the drive, then mailing the cheque.  

Upon arriving at the CarMax location in Rochester, NY, I asked and was directed to an agent, who I was told by the concierge would be able to process my payoff. I presented a cheque in the amount of $17,212.71, I asked for, and was given a receipt after endorsing the cheque, and was told that I would receive a refund, which would represent the difference in the 10 day payoff calculation, and the additional cheque I presented to them for$53.90, as well as additional documents once the payment was actually, presented, and cleared.

I was not aware, nor informed that there was an issue with the transaction until I checked my online banking almost three weeks after I paid the car off, and saw that the refund cheque that I received from CarMax had bounced, and my bank levied a $15.00 fee for the returned cheque. I contacted Navy Federal and asked for details about the transaction, and was informed that the check was cancelled. Upon further investigation, my bank informed me that CarMax had deposited the cheque for $17,212.71 to Wells Fargo Bank, but had neglected to endorse or stamp it, and subsequently Wells Fargo did not clear the check.

The fact that CarMax then stopped payment on my refund cheque, thereby causing me a penalty and a black mark with my bank, is just criminal. I contacted CarMax after calling them for hours without actually reaching anyone, I spoke with someone in the Rochester office who had no idea what I was talking about, told me there was no record of my payoff, and that, if I had, in fact given someone there a cheque, they would not have it, because they are just the middlemen, and that the cheque would have been sent to the Corporate office for processing.

I called the Corporate office and spoke with Marquis, who was barely professional and seemed completely confused. He first stated that the cheque was there, I asked him what was going on with the deposit and he said he did not know because they would have to ask the Rochester staff, I then asked why they could not just re-deposit the check once the had endorsed it, he then stated that the check was not there, this after telling me five minutes earlier,that it was there. He then insisted that he saw the transaction in the accounting, but the payment had not been processed to my account. He stated that he wanted me to hold while he contacted the Rochester office to ascertain the location of the cheque. After leaving me on hold for over 20 minutes he came back to the phone and stated that he could not reach anyone at the Rochester location, and would have to call me back the next day.

The details of what went on for the next three weeks would take several more pages, so I will give you a synopsis of what I have transposed in more detail once already, should I need to retain legal representation on this matter. Over the course of almost five weeks I was misled, outright lied to, disrespected, disregarded, and ignored. The first ridiculous piece of information I received from Marquis, who I finally reached after he did not call me the next day or the five days after, was that no one knew where the cheques was located, I told Marquis that my bank would re-issue the cheque, once they had the initial cheque returned, but not before.

Again, I was told that the cheque was somewhere in the Rochester office. Rochester stated that it was sent to Corporate, Corporate insisted that they never had possession of it, this went on for three weeks, no one would give me a straight answer or take ownership of this major screw up. I asked for an escalation representative several times before I was allowed to speak with one, and by then they claimed that they had located the cheque and had re-deposited it and that I would subsequently receive another refund cheque and my payoff documents.

I would love to say that things went as they should after this, but they did not! I received a cheque for $29.39, the refund amount, about a week later, around the same time I received a notification from Navy Federal, advising me of the declining timeline for them to receive the Title naming them as the new Lien Holders. I contacted Carmax to ask when I would receive the Lien Release and Title because I needed to have the document updated at the DMV and send them to my Bank, I was told that there was no one in the office that could assist me and that I should call back tomorrow, which I did, I spoke with Kay again, and was told that they did not have the title there, that it was at the Rochester office, I called Rochester, who insisted that the Corporate office had the Title, this was now going beyond ridiculous.

When I called the Corporate office back I was put off again, someone would call me back, no one did, I called back and was told by Kay that they did not have my title, but they had determined that the Title had been sent to the Memphis Store, I asked her why, she stated she did not know and that Rochester had sent it to Memphis. She left me on hold over 45 minutes while she called Memphis, only tom tell me no one answered. I called Memphis immediately after they picked up as they usually do when I have called before and they insisted that they did not have the Title, that it was at the Corporate office, by now I was out of tolerance with all the incompetence, the half-truths and outright lies, and I told them so, then all of a sudden, the agent that I was speaking with, tells me that my Title is at the Shelby County Clerks Office. I called, they did not have the Title, and informed me that CarMax was still listed as the Lien Holders, 5 weeks after I had paid my entire account to a zero balance.

It was another entire week before I was told that the title was lost, I told Kay and the two other people she had conferenced in on the call that I already surmised that, and that I was almost certain that something illegal or fraudulent was going on. At that point they admitted that whomever had processed my $17,212.71 payment had processed it, as me having sold my car back to CarMax. I am convinced there is much more to this story, I was afraid that this was not the end of this madness,  because that same day I received a duplicate refund cheque, when I mentioned it to Kay, her associate on the phone tried to claim that the cheque was to repay me for the returned cheque fee, that was levied by my bank, I told her that didn’t add up because the amounts were different and that they had told me that I would have to send them proof of the returned cheque and the fee, yet another lie, because she then said that the second cheque would also bounce because they had put an incorrect address on it, I refuted that as well because the address was correct.

She then played confused and said she would have to call me with the valid cheque number tomorrow, so I would know which one was good! This was not the end of this nightmare. I asked why they could not send me a Lien Release so that I could apply for a replacement title, I had asked for this on other occasions and had not been given an answer, this just made me more suspicious, that they had resold my title or my loan or worse. I was finally told that they would provide me with the Lien Release immediately, and that I could send that into the DMV with a $13.00 check and request a Duplicate Title, and that CarMax would reimburse me for the costs to replace the lost Title. She assured me that I would hear from someone the day after the 4th of July holiday, I did not hear back from them until I finally reached someone at Corporate that Friday morning.  I asked to speak with Kay and was told she was in a meeting until 2:00pm and would call me back around 2pm.

She called me finally, minutes before 5pm, and told me that everyone in the office was gone for the day, so she would have to call me back the next day, she called me the next afternoon and told me that they had everything corrected and finalized, that my account was closed, and I had a zero balance. She said nothing about Lien Release, or the Title, so I asked her how soon she could send me the Lien Release!

You have no idea how furious I was when she told me she would have to check and see if they could give me a Lien Release! I did not owe CarMax a dime!, I had paid on time, or early, I had paid extra! I told her I was legally entitled to a Lien Release, that I would call an Attorney, that I had secured the contact information for the CEO of CarMax and that I would be contacting you, because I’d had about All I could take of this fraudulent circus. I received the Lien Release in my email the next morning. I thought my nightmare of dealing with CarMax was over, it was not, about a week later I received a call from the Rochester location telling me that they had received a FedEx packet addressed to me, but sent to them, I was not shocked, he stated that he would forward it to me, I said thank you, I received it 6 days later in a regular envelope and the document was glued almost entirely to the envelope. I am now down to the wire with respect to the deadline to get my Title to Navy Federal.

Today I received yet another blow courtesy of CarMax, I noticed that there was only one fog light on my car, my car has been pretty much garaged since I bought it, so I was shocked to discover today, that I had been sold this car missing a light. But I was wrong, the light was not missing, it was much worse! I took my car to a nearby Nissan Dealership to inquire about replacing the light, I was not happy, but I was devastated when the Service Manager took a look at it and discovered that the light was there under tape that was covered with paint, as a result of the car being painted. Upon further inspection he informed me that the car had been sprayed, due to damage to the body, likely from an accident, because there was still noticeable body damage to the front of the car and overspray, also someone had forgotten to take the tape off! (See Attached Pictures).  

I wondered why the Salesman who sold me the car seemed to be gone right after I purchased this car. I was assured when I asked, that the car had no accidents, was a fleet car, and I was told that I would have a Carfax report in my paperwork that would clearly state that. I am furious, and I want this made right.

I am truly surprised that I am having such a terrible experience with CarMax, I did not expect this.  I thought this was a reputable company.

I am hoping this is the exception, and that CarMax will make this right. I have already invested over $9,000.00 in this car, but I will not be a willing victim.

BOSSBABE INC. bossbabe scammers

I enrolled for an online program offered by this company. Their modules and outline of program was a complete 360 from what they offered once the program started. The company advertised the program at $397. Once paid, my reciepts also stated $397 until i checked my bank statement one day. The charge was almost $700 and there would be 2 more payments charged for $700 over a pre recorded program of instructors answering irrelevant questions. I purchased books too that did not come and spend an extra $100 on that. 

I asked to withdraw and get a refund but they said it was past 14 days. I emailed them on the 16th day and they could not honor it. They do not respond to any emails yet advertise how their customer service is amazing. They advertised so much on their website and social media regarding support but there is ZERO. I told them I cannot afford $700 payments when the price I thought was $397 and they refuse to refund my money still. For a brand that strives and promotes “support” for businesses, they clearly have no clue how to do so. 

OneGuard Home Warranty My pool pump, which I paid extra to have covered, was not fixed and I was told they would not replace it. Phoenix Arizona

My pool pump went out and, as I paid additioanl money to have it covered, I called OneGuard to have someon fix.

The mediocre tech said he could not fix it, but would gladly replace it for $1500 as the problem with my pump was not covered. They claimed that an OUTDOOR POOL PUMP would not be covered for WATER DAMAGE, which OneGuard confirmed they would not cover.

I had to have the pump replaced by an actual, qualified pool maintanance professional, as you obviously can’t just let a pool sit idle in August in Arizona.

Choice home warranty They dont pay to fix they lie and deny claims

They didn’t respond to me for two weeks they told me to get my own guy to fix it and I did.

Now they don’t want to pay 299

Scam don’t go with them 

Ascension Seton Shoal Creek Dangerous Healthcare Facility That Ignores Suicidal Patients Austin Texas

I was a patient in Shoal Creek’s partial hospitalization program, wherein I participated in several hours of mental health treatment in the day but was allowed to return home at night.

On the night before my final day in the program I attempted suicide by means of overdosing on sleeping medication. Luckily I survived, and managed to drag myself to the hospital to explain what happened. Despite having just attempted suicide, still having a dangerous amount of sleeping medication in my system at that time, and expressing my desire to try to commit suicide again, they reasoned that I would be safe for 24 hours and discharged me early because I showed up late. Sure enough within a few hours I attempted to commit suicide again, but was luckily brought to a different healthcare facility where the staff showed a basic level of competency and compassion in addressing my safety concerns.

I’ve communicated with administrators since then who have affirmed this level of “care”, and do not seem to believe that their facility did anything wrong by tossing a person who just attempted suicide and communicated their desire to try again out onto the street.

infotracer.com support.originsecommerce.com  InfoTracer Advertises Free License Plate Owner’s Information – But Charges a Minimum of $2.95 for NO INFORMATION Whatsoever

As mentioned in the Brief Description above, this InfoTracer.com website falsely advertises “free” license-plate owner’s information and other information “products” concerning individuals.

However, after inputting the subject matter (such as a license plate, that you’d like information about) you are informed that the information will cost a minimum of $2.95 or other “membership” options costing $20.00 or more.

After choosing the low-cost option ($2.95) and supplying the payment, you are told that you were automatically enrolled in a “monthly membership” that you can opt out of by logging into  https://support.originsecommerce.com.

When you attempt to login, nothing happens – and you do not receive the information that you paid for.

This, of course, is how they rip off consumers.

Norton America Van Lines, LLC Cheney Bro Worldwide Moving Apex Moving All of our belongings currently being held hostage Ft. Lauderdale Florida

This company currently has all our of furniture and belongings being held hostage. They picked up our furniture on 7/16/2021 with the first available delivery date on 7/19/2021. By federal law, delivery must be within 21 business days of first available delivery date.  It has now been 25 business days (32 days total) and the company has refused to provide any update on the location or estimated delivery date. They often do not pick up the phone, but when they do, it is a customer service representative (Lorraine) who does not provide any information – she says that one of the other employees (Sergio or Gary) will call back with information, but they never call back.

I have filed complaints with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), filed complaints with the state attorneys general in Florida and North Carolina, and have sent several delivery demand letters and emails, including one forthcoming from an attorney. None of these steps has helped to find out any more information about my belongings. Next week (at 30 business days), I will file police reports for stolen property in both Florida and North Carolina since the company has shown no good faith steps toward delivering my belongings.

All of my furniture, clothes, and belongings that were picked up may be gone forever. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY – they are dishonest, deceitful and should not be allowed to operate.