Imogene Hines dog breeder Took funds never delivered dog Bartlesvile Ok


Imogene is an extremely greedy individual her mindset is that her dogs are worth a fortune however they are standards. Not show quality, yet she’ll take your money and not give you a dog.  she’ll make up a phony baloney story and make it seem like it’s your fault and she’s not going to be able to give you the dog and she’ll ask for more and more money. She wants much more than they are worth.

Her pictures on the Internet show pictures of dogs that look sick with runny eyes and sad faces. It’s very heartbreaking, please do not buy from this individual or her family members. I must warn you that if her price starts out good she will take your money and she will come up with an excuse to need more money.

Beware she’s got my money and produce no dog.  and I refuse to give her any more money. I know people that have worked with her and will no longer work with her. She used to be a valuable breeder but now she is simply a puppy mill. 

I’m sure she’ll rebuttal this with some lie but you’ve been warned.