Emmanuel Weyi Ntima Weyi Weyi conned me out of $37,500 Denver Colorado


Emmanuel Weyi conducted a long con on me over about 7 months. In January, he sent me a signed contract that says he will pay me $1 million for my nonprofit I’m starting, plus to repay my loan. He asked me for $25k initially, which would then give me the rights to $1 million in a gold shipment he was bringing into the US. He later asked me for $12,500 because his funds were frozen due to his divorce. I have two signed notes from him. I spent probably 50 hours on the phone with him and have detailed records of all our conversations and his promises.

I introduced him to a friend in Oregon, and he later called and asked my friend for $80,000, but my friend turned him down. I have since spoken with another man in Denver who lost $4,000. He tells me he is sure there are others and that he may have conned people out of millions of dollars. I believe I can reach several people he has conned. 

As far as I know, his son Jonathan Weyi, who lives in Denver, is an officer of the company, and Emmanuel claims to be in Kampala, Uganda. He says he has been there for almost two years. He says he is in the process of getting a divorce from his wife, Odette Weyi. 

He has constructed an elaborate story about working with the FBI on Congo matters. He is conning more people now – I have heard from them. Everything is at www.emmanuelweyi.site – a site I created to tell people about him.