Medical system Charge me For medical that they did not provided,


American medical system is just a big scam, there is no reason for the high cost of medical? The reason they charge so much is because the medical billing office charges you when you’re a male and if you’re a female they charge males for breasts test and vagina test and females get charged for p***s cancer tests and t******e cancer test make sure you have your medical bill itemized by an attorney they charge you for stuff because the malpractice that doctors pay because of all of deaths is unbelievable the doctors should pay that out of their own pocket and not charge patience for their mal- practice cost.

I find it hard to comprehend how a 2-hour surgery can cost $425,000? while in Mexico the same exact surgery costs $14,000? but you need to pay cash (no medical insurance) where the doctor can add to the Bill and the insurance companies just cough up the cash without investigating if the procedures were done or not? because of the insurance scams. This is why medical costs so much in America, but in Mexico, (they have qualified medical centers and qualified doctors) that will do the same surgery for $14,000 instead of paying $425,000  in America for the same exact surgery. The medical system is nothing but a scam in America……