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Austin Hurst, Zachary Hurst, Hurst Capital Hurst Capital stealing Business investment funds Deer Feild Beach Fl

Austin Hurst of Hurst Capital LLLC agreed, in exchange for its 34% interest an online pet insurance company,  to make a Capital contribution of $50000 to said  company. I agreed to make a $50,000 contribution as well.  My contribution went into Hurst Capital LLC and Mr Hurst of Hurst Capital would open a bank account in the name of the company and fund the account in the full $100,000 to be used primarily for securing Social Media advertising. Mr. Hurst never moved the assets into a company bank account and instead disappeared with them. 

Hurst Capital and The Hurst bothers , as managers and owners have a $450,000 suit against them for a similar situation with YayYo V. Hurst Capital (Included) in which they promised similar services and pocketed the assets and never provided the services. Unfortunately, they seem to have become serial embezzlers.

We heard from others the Hurst Brothers attempted to scam others by implying the asset were in Hurst Capital as seed money for investments and they were expecting far more from a wealth investor. in order to represent to others that they had investors so to raise more assets for Hurst Capital LLLP.

Our company is still listed on the HurstCapital website as a portfolio company despite a court order separating Petinsure from the Hurst Capital and the Hurst brothers.

Last we heard the Hurst brothers are now trying to raise assets for Cryptocurrency investments. (there’s a shocker)


Rosie Wall Gold Coast Australia Rosie Wall took advantage of my emotions and led me to luxury shopping where I spent 5k on her. Her next attempt to date me was shot down when she suggested we go shopping again but this time for fitness clothing. Just another gold-digging, lying mutt. Gold Coast Queensland

I knew she was just a low-life scamming hustler the next time we went to go date – she said; Take me shopping for fitness clothing and Ill play a few holes of golf with you. A few holes, not even 9 from this cold-blooded shark. That was the end of her and of course she tried to deny it all, just like a scamming hustler does, but she is not to be trusted.

Do not take a liking to this woman or you will likely be asked for something for time which isn’t anything sexual. She is an ultra cold person coming from New Zealnd to the Gold Coast. Ill never forget before she led me to the shop she said, “Isn’t the psychology of sales interesting” – poisonous snake, don’t let her fool you.

Cub cadet Myself and numerous owners of Cub cadets electric riding mowers are experiencing electric defaults, blades coming off and the batter catching on fire! Below are 26 case numbers and details Oh

05761394 July 9 2020 Rod that Connects Mower Blades to Motor Breaks Every Single Time Mower is Used On this riding mower, each of the two mower blades is connected to its own motor by a metal rod. The visible parts of the metal rods that connect the mower blades to the motors are about an inch in diameter and appear very sturdy, but as the rods enter the motor, where they are no longer visible, the diameter of the rod abruptly tapers down to about a quarter of an inch of cheap, brittle alloy (see picture). This is a major design flaw that results in the thin alloy part of the rod snapping inside the motor, and completely destroying the motor, any time there’s even a slight bump on the mower blade.

My husband liked this mower so much that he didn’t want to return it when one of these rods broke, destroying the motor, the very first time he mowed the yard. The company claimed it was a defective part and replaced it free of charge, so he gave it another chance. Several days later when the new mower blade motor finally arrived, my husband was able to change it quickly and easily. Unfortunately, it broke again, and again. We are on the fourth blade motor now. The cost for a new one is over $400, so this is not a minor expense. We’ve had this mower for less than 3 months. Cub Cadet should consider finding a new source for the blade motors – they currently buy blade motors made by Mingland Nanjing Electronics, and this company is obviously selling an inferior product. 05684839 june 11 2020 Absolute garbage – I wasn’t aware Home Depot sold paper weights.

You will notice a common theme to the reviews. You’re thinking to yourself “Electric has improved enough that this mower would be a hassle-free option instead of having to lift heavy gas cans” -FALSE Truth – It has been 30+ days in the “repair” shop after 1.5 times of use and still no solution in sight. The mower failed and he was left stranded in the middle of his property. Don’t make the same mistake because you will be waving it goodbye to a shop that’s not even trained, let alone certified to service electric mowers. There actually is a small lie in that statement because you will actually be hauling it to the unqualified “repair” shop YOURSELF!

Both Home Depot and Cub Cadet have claimed they’ve done all they can do and keep passing the buck. Who cares what your 30-day return policy means in a pandemic!? Stand behind your products and services instead of hiding behind the fine print. Here’s another concept to understand…the mower was bought ahead of spring with the expectation would get past the second round of mowing. This mower should go under recall and give people their money back. I see all Home Depot responses mention calling a number but I don’t see how you can tell me the 5 hours already spent on the phone chasing this is going to change anything. What is the secret phrase to get someone on the phone that can actually help and refund my money!?!? Dear consumer – don’t let your butt ever hit the seat.

Dear BBB, Home Depot, Cub Cadet – admit there is a problem, recall the mower, take the piece of junk back, and issue a full refund. This isn’t a $150 power drill. I look forward to your response. 05304449 Apr 1, 2020 This product is not bad but could use many improvements. It drives WAY TOO FAST! Its acceleration… This product is not bad but could use many improvements. It drives WAY TOO FAST! Its acceleration should be more controlled. The chair support is not good quality making it tough to ride on any uneven surface. Most importantly however, the rod connecting the blade motor to the blade is thin and fragile. I hit a small rock and it completely broke and came off the motor. It’s gonna be a tough part to fix. 06747889 may 17, 2021 bought this mower last summer and when it works, it’s a wonderful mower, however if there is a … I bought this mower last summer and when it works, it’s a wonderful mower, however if there is a problem with it you’re in big trouble.

My mower has an intermittent starting problem some days it flashes a couple of Fault messages and won’t start, then the next day it might. When reaching out to Cub Cadet, they won’t even talk to me about the issue, they simply refer me to the local dealer network. When I call them they won’t talk to me about the problem either, they simply want to come pick up the mower ($90 transport fee), evaluate it ($250 service fee) and then if they can fix it, they’ll let me know how much it will cost and if warranty will cover it. I’ve used the mower maybe 10 times over the end of last summer and the start of this spring but the truly frustrating thing is that it seems Cub Cadet has no customer support interest or capabilities and Home Depot isn’t any help once you taken delivery and opened the crate, so if you’re considering this mower, get ready to feel abandoned should you need any help.

06747889 may 14 2021 , immediate “feel” from test drive on dealer lot without even engaging the blades is that this mower’s drive train is not well built. See list below of issues I had in my test drive… I ended up buying a Ryobi riding mower and have it for over one year and loving it (note on Ryobi, use it, if it is just to turn on for a few seconds only, in winter time at least once a week or loose your batteries).

1. Suspect drive train

2. Availability of batteries, if these batteries every goes out for any reason, good luck getting replacements before your grass grows too long.

3. Frame and body does not feel tough

4. Look of gasoline mower, it just isn’t really there yet -… and then there is the price. If you want electric mower, gut the Ryobi, at least because it is lead acid and is designed using standard golf kart power and electronics, it is very easy to get your battery, even Lithium ion ones after your factory batteries are dead. It also feel way stronger than the Cub Cadet and is much more fun to drive. 06286433 December 29 2020 Bought this with great expectations as dealing with a well known brand. Great mower untill it developed the great “Electrical Fault”. Then could not get it repaired as Cub Cadet do not reply to my dealers query satisfactorily. Surely by now they should have a reply to this recurring fault on other failures.

Bought the bigger model as hoped it would be more robust for my section of 0.6 hectares 06271388 December 17 2020 I only have 1.5 hours on it. It is very hard to control a very slow speeds needed to mow around flower beds, trees, etc. It very jerky, which can’t be good for the transmission. Worse there are no dealers who know anything about this mower. They tell me straight away they know nothing. 06255205 December 20 2020 have had nothing but issues with this mower. I bought less than a year ago and it worked great for about 2 months, then I let it sit for 2 weeks (but kept it charged and protected from the weather). I went to start it and sparks came out the main console. I ended up having to rent a trailer and drive it an hour away to get it worked on (the closest dealer). Now it has sat there for 3 months waiting on a back ordered part and now that they got the part they can’t figure out how to program it.

I think they released this electric mower too soon. 06083049 October 19 2020 Broke after first use This is a one star review. You cannot see my 340 word writeup because cub cadet is repeatedly removing my reviews and won’t say why. Basically after first charge there was an electric fault code and it refused to run. It was sent to a dealer and I’m still waiting for them to be provided replacement parts. I ordered the mower 6 months ago. 06035315 October 12 2020 machine worked great for the first month/couple uses, once… This machine worked great for the first month/couple uses, once or twice I got an error “accelerator fault.” But it would start back up just fine, thought nothing of it. Then it was in the garage for another 6 weeks during the hot season when the grass does not grow, kept it charged etc.

When I came back to use it, it says “accelerator fault” and will not run. Now I have to send it back in already?! 06020230 October 3 2020 Problematic at best I’ve had this mower less than 6 months, bought it at the end of spring in Southern California to mow 3/4 of an acre, worked fine for 3 uses and put it away for the summer, now I get it back out for the first fall cut and it won’t run – “accelerator fault.” Great, all it says is call a service rep. Problem is I see all of these problematic reviews with cub cadet service , guess we shall see 06020211 Oct 3, 2020 Best idea for mowing lawn but poorly made. I received mower early June. I have rated this product as poor since it wouldn’t start and has been at a Cub Cadet dealer since mid June.

They have been unable to get correct part so it is still not working. Cub Cadet says Home Depot should allow me to return since parts were not available within the 30 day return window. But there is no resolution as of October 1st. We drive a Kona EV and thought this would be a way to further reduce our carbon footprint but are so far, extremely disappointed. 06160074 September 28 2020 Good tractor, but fatally flawed mower design When I first found out that Cub Cadet made an electric mower with a respectable lithium ion battery, I was super stoked. Like others, I’ve got an electric vehicle (Kona), and the great experience I’ve had with that car made me jump at the chance to have an electric ride-on mower.

When it showed up, I fell in love. The machine is dead quiet to drive, and it also has the instant acceleration that makes driving an EV fun The first few projects I used it for were as a tractor: hauling a bunch of rock and soil (got the corresponding dump cart), and dragging/grading a field for spring seeding. I had a blast. Then summer came around, and I needed to mow my lawn. And for the most part, that was a roaring success as well … until I hit something with the blades engaged. This triggered an electrical fault and caused the blade to drop. “A reasonable response,” I thought. Turning the mower off and on reset the fault, but on inspection I realized that the blade dropped because the spindle in the deck motor had sheared clean through.

After digging through manuals and schematics, it became clear that the only fix was to buy a new motor (which costs 10% the price of the tractor). Let’s reflect on that. When you hit something (and you will), there’s a good chance that the motor will give out. Should this happen, you cannot buy the metal shaft alone (which should cost ≈$20), you must spend hundreds of dollars to fix your mower that cost you thousands of dollars. This design is laughably bad. Instead of using keys or some kind of mechanism to protect the motor on collisions, it just … breaks. I’m still in the process of trying to get a new motor installed and keeping my fingers crossed that if I’m *really careful* I won’t hit anything big ever again. But my love affair with this mower is over. Some final miscellaneous thoughts… – I wish it was faster. I feel like it caps out at 6mph? – It feels like it’s got some kind of governor on it. I forget what the max payload is, but this thing won’t let you pull arbitrarily heavy loads. Instead of the tires spinning out, it will just refuse to engage the drive motor. –

I saw some reviews give low marks for the LCD display 06103931 Aug 18, 2020 Extremely Poor Design Everything about this tractor seems to be poorly designed, a pieced together electrified afterthought that should have been sold to the public at any price. Its controlled by a Tiny LCD screen that is impossible to see, with buttons that you cant tell if they are off or on with delayed beeps and lights. Cobbed up wiring with poor plug in connector for charging, multiple wires and difficult connectors to the deck, which should have a good single one, a seat switch which shuts down with a slight adjustment of you position -plus dangling wire and flimsy seat brackets.

The motors run fairly quiet but the deck clanks and rattles up and down with every bump. This should be a mower for the future, but instead is an engineering disaster. I manged to mow twice, with difficulty, before it quit. It is back to the dealer who lacks the training and equipment to fix it. I drive a well designed EV every day and think they are great. I had high hopes for this tractor as well but ended up horribly disappointed. 05834979 Aug 5, 2020 I don’t think this tractor is really ready for consumer… I don’t think this tractor is really ready for consumer release. Why? Flawed electronic control systems, lack of adequate trained techs at Cub Cadet service centers and an overly sensitive seat sensor. Ours was delivered a few weeks ago and my wife was able to mow the lawn one time. It worked great except that every time she hit a bump, it would stop and have to be restarted (there is a seat sensor that shuts off the tractor if you are not sitting down). After she was done, the tractor simply shut down and refused to start again.

I contacted Cub Cadet and they said go to a local service center. I called four service centers and none had any clue about how to repair an electric tractor. Finally, one that was an hour and ten minutes away said they had one tech who had been trained. I loaded it up and took it there. Three weeks later they called and said they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, that it probably needed a new controller, that it might be weeks before they could get one and that their only trained tech had come down with COVID-19. There is a 30 day return window at Home Depot, so I picked up the tractor and returned it to Home Depot. It was quite a disappointment for my wife, who looked forward to riding around our lawn on an electric tractor with no gasoline or exhaust fumes. Hopefully the next version of this will have the bugs worked out and the service network will be ready to deal with them.

06296619 July 25 2020 Accelerator fault After purchasing this mower two months ago, the accelerator fault indicator light came on and it would not start. I played with it a few times, it did engage once or twice, but now doesn’t respond at all. No one seems to know what the problem is. I wish Cub Cadet, before releasing such an innovative product, had the necessary technicians to answer such questions and repair such problems. 05741570 Jul 3, 2020 Would Give Negative Rating If I could I am so disappointed in this very expensive purchase. Upon delivery it had a flat tire and was missing the key. A call to HD was helpful but Cub Cadet said I would need to file a claim with the shipping company, so HD gave me a small credit to buy/repair the items myself.

About 1 week later one of the blades BROKE on a very small rock. Blade is unique to this model so my local dealer (not HD) had to order from Cub Cadet. Then the charger started acting up. A week after that the Steering Gear Segment broke! I feel like this thing is a lemon or cursed. Now I call HD and I am 20 days over the 30 day return policy and they will not make a return exception – the only thing I can do is call Cub Cadet. I will not shop Home Depot EVER again. 06234209 July 1 2020 Not impressed I bought this mower about 2 weeks ago from an authorized dealer who assured me they knew how to repair if necessary. They delivered it and I drove it 20 feet into my garage to fully charge. After charging to 100%, I got an “Electrical Fault” error on the display and the mower would not run at all(it has .20 total hours on it). The dealer picked it up 10 days ago and they said had to order a diagnostic tool to determine what the problem is. Now they say they are waiting for a part.

Disappointed in both the mower and dealer support right now. 05731041 June 30 2020 Ordered online during lockdown for direct delivery to my home and fully paid on April 15th. Tractor arrived May 5, which was over a week longer than normal because, per shipping company, HD provided wrong contact phone. Seems instead using my cell number as entered on the order, they provided my wife’s cell with one digit wrong. Why? Dragged unit down 150′ gravel driveway to garage (‘curbside’ delivery only) and began removing from crate only to realize cannot start tractor because factory didn’t include the key! Big ziplock bag with parts under seat not damaged, just no key. Thanks Cub Cadet! Grass is 3 weeks long, but cannot mow.

Contact HD, who then contacts Cub Cadet, who then ships key via regular mail. Thanks Cub Cadet! No hurry! Knowing a battery powered tractor should be charged before use, I plug it in. Shows only one green bar remaining, but will not accept a charge. Contact HD, who contacts Cub Cadet, who then says deliver tractor to dealer for repair. Great! So, Sat, May 9th, haul tractor to nearest dealer willing to repair (almost an hour away). And as of June 30th, it is still there!!! They can’t figure out why it won’t accept a charge. So, I’m now out over $4k and grass is really, really long. Neighbors are wondering, what the heck? 05689411 June 16 2020 After a couple of mowing, it stopped working. It said electrical fault. So sad 05684918 June 14 2020 Defective right out of the box Ordered this tractor online and it arrived earlier than expected. I uncrated it and put it on the charger overnight to ensure everything would be ready to run the next day. The tractor is extremely easy to use – there is virtually nothing you need to do but press a button to power up the tractor and then press another button to start the mower deck… …BUT the mower deck would run for about five seconds and then stop, displaying an error message on the screen “CUTTING DECK OVERLOAD.”

This would happen even with the mower standing on pavement with nothing under it to cut. I checked the cutting blades for obstructions, and made certain that the connections were tight and correct, but it would still go into overload as soon as the deck was activated. I returned it to the store with less than 5 minutes on the meter without having cut a single blade of grass. I would buy another Cub Cadet tractor, but I won’t buy another electric. I should have paid more attention to the negative reviews here and elsewhere online. It’s obvious that they are not ready for primetime. 05684862 June 12 2020 First of all let me thank Home Depot for making this an easy return for me. The mower ultimately stopped taking a charge. It gave me an error code on the charger that made it sound like the battery pack went bad. Looking at the latest reviews it looks like I’m not the only one having this issue.

I contacted Cub Cadet about it, and it was way less than satisfactory. First time I called waited on hold for more than an hour before I spoke to anyone and then got disconnected 2 minutes into the call. Second time waited 45 minutes, talked to someone and they told me they know nothing about the electric mowers and would forward my information to someone who does. They would contact me within 24-48 hours. It took over 10 days for someone to email me and let me know that I needed to contact my local service center. Why couldn’t the person on the phone tell me that? The only silver lining to this is I just found out eGO is going to be making a zero turn next year so I’m just going to keep using my eGO push mower until that comes out. I do not recommend this mower.

05633273 may 31 2020 have 2.6 hours of use on the mower. After charging overnight the mower now says Electrical Fault and won’t start. I’ll have to call customer support in the morning and see what they have to say. According to Cub Cadet’s website there are no service centers in New England that are trained to work on electric mowers, so the outlook doesn’t look promising. I’ve only had this for 2 weeks, so hopefully I can just return it to Home Depot. Very disappointed because when it worked it was nice. 05528749 may 7 2020 Disappointed I have had the LT42E electric tractor since December 2019. It was great for the first 15 hours of use – I knew I was going to get only 1.5 hours of use time and limited acreage. Then I sheared off the blade to motor spline bolt from a very small rock like another reviewer.

I repaired that with new OEM grade 8 bolts, but as the other reviewer noted it is a VERY weak design on this electric version compared to the gas models. After it was repaired, I used it for another 8 hours and now upon startup it is unable to move forward or back. It powers on, there are no faults on the display, the blades/pto still engages fine, but its dead in my garage. No troubleshooting steps in the manual. I called CS several times, waited more then an hour the last time, to be told they don’t know how to support the electric mower and a different team would call me back in 2 days. I have never cleaned it with water, always blower only. It is stored inside out of the rain. I have electric cars and yard equipment that have all been a dream. On top of this I had already noticed some battery degradation – I got 1.5 hours of run time for the first ~10 hours, but it is now down to about 50 minutes. Nothing has changed about my mowing style and my climate does not have a cold season so its not weather. I’m disappointed.

This cost 2.5x more then a comparable gas model and lasted not even 6 months. I live 100 miles from the nearest dealer. I had to special order it from Home Depot so there won’t be a fast replacement/repair 05491380 may 3 2020 disappointment I was encouraged by all the great reviews for this tractor but my experience has been terrible thus far. First, the battery barely last for half my lawn, and I have only about 0.9 acres, albeit moderately hilly. Second, after three uses I am now getting an “electrical fault” issue and the tractor won’t start. Will now have to call Cub Cadet and deal with getting service for my nearly brand new tractor and probably have to pay someone to mow the lawn in the mean time. Not happy. 05366251 April 19 2020 good. Not great. Bought this because I believe the future is all electric. I’ve been a loyal EGO customer for a few years now and was looking to upgrade. (Take notes EGO.)

My dad owns the Ryobi 75ah electric rider and now that I’ve used both I can say these seem the same to me. The Ryobi uses lead acid batteries, but they’re much cheaper to replace long term and they handle the cold weather better (lithium ion batteries don’t like cold weather). The Ryobi also has a smaller footprint which is good for my garage. The Cub Cadet does have more attachments if you’re in need of those items, so that’s an advantage here. In the end, I’m not completely sure the CC is worth the premium over the Ryobi. But if you’re doing lots of other things beside just clipping the grass, this is your best bet.

Jimbutler kia Jim Butler They hide check engine lights to Fraud customers, completely unprofessional Imperial MO

On May 5th bought a truck from Jim Butler, check engine light came on 24 hours after purchased and they will take no responsibility for it.

James C. Walton Aid for homeless, poor and elderly. Real Estate Investors scam Maryland Baltimore

Received email from James Watson claiming to provide aid for children, homeless and/or the poor via donations received from others. He proposed sending me food, clothing and money to be distributed to the above and pay me 20% of funds received. This offer I rejected. But informed him that I’m searching for real estate investors as I am a real estate wholesaler. His reply was that he has connections with high end investors worldwide, that he would play as middle man between myself and the investors but that the investors would not be interested in anything less than 20 million dollars.

I found James Watson online at your website and found that he is con artist. I have retained all email communications between him and myself if any one is interested I can forward these. 

Changelly Fintechvision Ltd $1m worth of BTC stolen Hong Kong Kowloon

We are a licensed hedge fund. We sent some BTC (value $1m) to Changelly, and after 3 days they are still holding our coins, stating that they must complete “KYC & AML” procedures. This despite the fact that we already completed these procedures in 2018, and made over 50 high volume trades through them. We sent again the complete DD package, but they completely ignore our emails, and keep answering with the same standard text. They also ignored our request to return the coins if they are unable to complete those supposed procedures. 

They completely stopped answering our emails.

After another 24 hours this is what they wrote:
“Your applications are being reviewed. When there are some updates, you will be contacted.

Thank you for being patient and reasonable!” Always the same copy/paste, no answers to my questions. Is it unreasonable to ask questions to someone who is holding $1m belonging to you?

In reply to Changelly: all the documents (already provided in 2018) were immediately sent again 3 days ago to you. We sent you the corporate documents, fund license, passport of the UBO and even the fiat to crypto trade reports from the OTC brokers used to buy BTC (Cumberland and Circle). The BTC wallet used to send you the coins is the same we have always used for trading with you. 
You are simply finding excuses to keep $1m. The matter is being reported to the competent authorities as you have misappropriated our funds and caused us significant damages. 

You are a disgrace for the crypto community. You just hide behind “KYC&AML” to misappropriate clients’ funds. Don’t even try the excuse that you are “abiding to the law”. You are either completely incompetent or SCAMMERS. 

The following questions sent to the Changelly “Security & Anti Crime Department” remain unanswered:

1. Confirmation that you are in possession of the btc sent;
2. Explanation as to why the transaction has been “flagged by your risk scoring system”;
3. Explanation as to why the USDT has not been sent to destination yet;
4. Explanation of what your “AML & KYC verification” consists of;
5. Explanation as to why you requested the same verification documents that was already provided by us in 2018.

11 Jun 1300 GMT: despite messages sent by email, LinkedIn, trustpilot and Reddit we have not received any answer and our $1m is still illegally kept by Changelly.

State Farm Insurance Pure evil scum

Been paying with State Farm for many many years. My husband gets hit from behind leaving him in critical condition. Required and in need of medical care. The man who hit him had progressive insurance and was ready to pay and do their job but State farm would not pay any money back they owed my husband. Instead can you actually believe they sued him!!!! they sued us because they didnt want to pay what they owe. My husband was hurt very bad. As Ex miliatry he already had a neck injury. We were paying State farm to insure us and protect us as they are required to do and instead they take your money and then sue you with no right.

We did nothing but trust them with our money for it only to be wasted. They are a pure scam. They take your money but when its time to do what is promised on their end they wont they will never want to pay you back and give you what you deserve. Which is actually your money not theirs. They are theives. They dragged us trying to get more money out of this terrible situation for two years. Never once cared how my husband was. All they cared about was money and taking whats not theirs to take. Of course the system and lawyers were on our side and State Farm made fools of themselves.

They lost but still have screwed my husband out of time and alot of money. PLEASE if you have STATE Farm, do not give them your hard earned money they will screw you, they do not care about anything but stealing peoples money with no concequence and remorse. They sit behind their desks and do nothing but will take your money. Worst insurance company we have ever had to deal with.  Complete cons. They have no problem taking whats not theirs and unrightfully sueing you for more but when its time for them to do their job and give some of that money YOU paid back to cover accidents they show thier true colors.

DO NOT give State Farm Your Money.Terrible soulless people!

Home Warranty of America HWA Home Warranty of America HWA is a Scam

I have the “Diamond” plan that on paper includes a number of items.  I have attempted to make two claims, both of which on paper appear to be part of the plan.  

Claim #1 was for a hose bib.  I call and they sent a “contract” out to look at the issue.  The contractor pulled up in a beat up pick-up, dirty jeans and a t-shirt.  He didn’t have the tools needed for the job but grabbed a wrench from his pick-up bed and completely stripped out my hose bib (faucet outside) and then left.  Days later I called the contractor’s office and they said they will not be coming back and to call HWA.   I did and they stated this is not covered even though they (HWA) 100% understood the issue and they (HWA) sent the contractor to mess with my plumbing.  Resolution: none.  I was stuck with a broken hose bib that was now damaged beyond repair.  

Claim #2 Heat kept shutting down.  Called HWA and they sent a contractor ($100).  After review, it was a sensor that turns off the system when it gets too hot.  The sensor was bad and needed to be replaced.   Covered from my “diamond plan”, zero.  The HVAC contracted let me know that HWA is terrible with paying any claims.

Everyone: dont bother with this company.  They are a scam. By the way, good look trying to get anyone with any leadership responsibility within this “company.”  All roads lead to a call center in Guatemala. 

First American Home Warranty STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!! Santa Rosa California

If you are thinking about getting a warranty for your home, please run away from this company. We bought our first home in Oct. 2020 in Kentucky and a home warranty from First American home warranty came with it. I though this was  good thing. Boy way I wrong. We started having trouble with our HVAC not cooling the entire house starting in April 2021. On April 28th, 2021 we put in a service call to First American home warranty to have a technician come out and look at it. ( request # 310506284)  and paid the copay of $75.00.

I have made countless calls to customer service , and they keep telling me they are looking for a technician and someone will call us. My favorite excuse was ” is this for and air conditioner or a refrigerator? ” These people have no clue what they are doing.  I finally had enough of the games and the run around, so I researched online for corporate numbers. On 5\18\2021, I emailed the director  of service operations  Jackie Hernandez and vice president of operations Barry Miles. Within 24 hours, I received a call from a woman named Laura Yamuguchi I and she said she would be the contact person from here. Within a week , she was unable to find a technician in my area .

She suggested we call someone and pay for them to come out and look at the AC unit and they would reimburse us. I was very leery about paying for anything for fear that we would never be paid back. Plus , why am I the one looking for a technician and paying for it. Isn’t it the warranty companies job to handle all of this? I finally had had enough. Between my husband and I talking to Laura, she was starting to give my husband attitude. I decided to email the President Matthew Wendl and ask him to just buy us out of our contract and return our $75.00. My husband got a very nice call from Laura the next day and she had definitely changed her tune.

Well, as of today, (6\11\2021) our HVAC isn’t fixed and Laura can’t seem to find anyone to work with her. I wonder why?! Well, its been 7 weeks and we haven’t even had a technician out to the house to look at the unit. Its hot and humid and the house takes forever to cool down and half of the vents don’t blow cold air. This comany is a SCAM and they take your money and refuse to do any work. It is sad that this company is even still in business and taking peoples money .

Ripoff Report Verified™ REVIEW

EDitor’s UPDATE: Positive rating and recognition has been given to Grand Teton Profesionals for its full commitment to quality customer service.

Ripoff Report’s discussions with Grand Teton Professionals LLC have uncovered an ongoing dedication by the company to total client satisfaction. This means that clients can expect that the company will work towards finding a mutually satisfactory resolution to any concerns. Grand Teton Professionals LLC listens carefully to client concerns and sees them as an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and become more efficient as a company in the services offered and the support for those services.

One of the things Ripoff Report learned in the course of its review is that typical customer feedback reads, “Grand Teton Professionals LLC helped me to meet my goals”, “solved my problems with speed and assurance”, “exceeded my expectations”, “Got me more than I thought I could qualify for…”.

Grand Teton Professionals is Ripoff Report Verified
Ripoff Report Verified™ .. part of Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program.A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business..

The information provided in this report below is based on comments made by Douglas Filter & Marissa Schwartz during an onsite inspection held by a third-party verification company with no biases towards Grand Teton Professionals.

Grand Teton Professionals is a mother company that manages and operates a suite of sister companies and websites. These websites all offer slightly different services that help people get financing personally or through a business. Douglas Filter stated the following about his company, “they are sensitive to people who come to us that need money. Normally these people that come to us are desperate or have had problems with credit. That has resulted in a couple of our brands or companies working to help them restore credit. We started about 9 years ago helping people get funding.” Two of these sister companies are Top Tradelines and Wholesale Self Corp which operate under Grand Teton Professionals. Wholesales Self Corp focuses on aiding people who are interested in owning a corporation. Mr. Filter expressed the motive behind Top Tradelines, “it allows us to add the qualified person onto the tradeline. We try to add them before it gets reported to the credit bureau, but it can affect the timeline. If it hasn’t posted in a couple of weeks, we do have a database that we can look and find one that will post faster. We want them to get the service and credit boost.” Grand Teton Professionals goes above and beyond to ensure that their clients are able to get financial assistance from a variety of methods.

Leads for Grand Teton Professionals are primarily obtained through social media marketing. They keep a list of individuals who have viewed their website or applied for a financial service and reach out to help foster that interest. Mr. Filter expressed the sales and services process once an individual has decided to utilize their services, ” if you come in on Grand Teton Professionals, the website would give you the full range of brands and it would take you to the individual website. What you would do is pick what you are most interested in. That would take you to the brand website as well. You would read the info on the website, the faqs. Common concerns people have concerning our web sites. We explain all of that with caveats. It depends on how long it takes the credit bureaus collect the data once you are attached to a credit card. It always pulls up the person’s credit data.


During the on-site interview, Mr. Filter was asked to describe a situation where a client was not satisfied with the level of service they received. Mr. Filter expressed that their most common complaint arises when potential clients are unsure as to why they need to submit a current credit report. Since this is a required measurement for certain programs Grand Teton Professionals will recommend credit cleanup programs or different programs that do not require a credit check.

When asked to comment on complaints posted on Ripoff Report’s website Mr. Filter stated the following, “We have a database for everyone that has ever talked to us. I cannot find that file or any reference to him in that file. He refers to us in reference to EZ Unsecured and a person named Leo Davis. We are in CT not in NY. We’ve never been to NV. We did have a broker that was in Las Vegas that set up ghost sites that looked like ours, had different names. He made friends with someone at the Call center that would send leads to him and he would move over to his own company. When people would call in wanting to know where their work. We didn’t have it in the database and they would start talking about websites like ezunsecured.com and they are not our websites. Of course, the first thing we did is offer them services so they get something. We can’t refund them the money as we didn’t pay the money. He took text directly from our website and used text scape to prove it was originally taken from our website. We got a non-compete against him as he was a broker for us that signed a contract with us. There are people out there like unsecured that look like us but are not us. The Ripoff Report is not us. I know exactly who ripped these people off.” In order to further assure future and current clients, Grand Teton Professionals has a surety bond posted on each website. You can read the surety bond and have the option to report any misconduct from there. Mr. Filter additionally stated, “we have a reputation management group that ensures that the message gets out correctly and truthfully. We put our TOB out in front for everyone to read. We ask them to check that they have read them before they go into business with us. We want them to be aware that they know what our refund policy and our privacy policy is. It’s transparent, it’s not hidden, it’s not fine print.”

When asked what type of changes they have made to honor their commitment to making things right with the consumer per the request of Ripoff Report, Mr. Filter stated, “one thing we do is we look at those complaints. It’s hard to determine who these people are especially when they are complaining about us, but the company isn’t us. I do training for the sales reps and the experts that work with clients. My experience now includes that they go over the timing problems the scheduling issues with Top Tradelines. With Wholesale Shelf Corp, I don’t want to sound arrogant but we don’t have any complaints. The one on Ripoff Report that is out there is not us. We try to inform consumers if they come to us with really bad credit, Tradelines isn’t going to work for them. If it’s not going to work, we will recommend credit repair or something that will help boost them to Tradelines. I train my people to tell someone they may not be a good fit for Tradelines and will ensure that they won’t get into something with pitfalls.”

Grand Teton Professionals is proud to be a part of Ripoff Reports Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program, “I like the advocacy program because it gives us the chance to show we are a responsible corporation and we take complaints seriously. It gives us a voice that is a little stronger against Ripoff Reports. The complaint is always at the top of the page, our response is an afterthought. Learning what the consumers are complaining about and working with Ripoff Report we can become a more responsible company and more proactive…the internet allows people to free speech. As long as we have a voice to be able to respond and provide evidence. That’s all we ask.”


I joined Grand Teton Professionals three years ago as a marketing writer, eventually developing videos that explained the process, content on the websites that helped people understand our services, and ultimately became the President of the company when the CEO moved on to develop new products and services that will help people in the future. I believe in our people, our commitment to help people get the funding that they deserve, and even the playing field when they come to us with credit issues.

Our people have integrity, they work hard to do right by our clients and they are promoted when we find their talent and compassion better meets our customer’s needs.

I am proud to be part of this company, and pleased to be part of the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy program, so we can better deal with issues important to people who have problems, and help find solutions that work for everyone.


Grand Teton Professionals LLC recognizes that complaints posted on Ripoff Report (whether true or not) are issues that need to be addressed, not ignored. If handled correctly, complaints can be valuable learning opportunities. With the feedback generated by Ripoff Report’s review, Grand Teton Professionals LLC has made organizational changes allowing its clients and employees a more streamlined approach to problem resolution and a commitment to a great client experience.

In summary, after our review, which included discussions with Douglas Filter, President, Ripoff Report is convinced that Grand Teton Professionals LLC is committed to quality delivery of services resulting in total client satisfaction.

How does a business get Ripoff Report Verified™

The member business allows Ripoff report to email everyone from the past. Those who respond to Ripoff report with a valid complaint must be take care of. They have made a commitment that if anyone contacts Ripoff Report in the future, they will make things right within 14 days. The member business must err on the side of their customers. Otherwise the member business is off the program.

Ripoff Report has determined that Grand Teton Professionals meets Ripoff Report Verified™ standards which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. Members of the Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction program do pay a fee for our on-site review, 24-hour monitoring and for support with customers to resolve any disagreements.

Ripoff Report sends a 3rd party service to do an onsite inspection of the new member business. The on-site inspection / review does not mean that the products or services offered by the business have been evaluated or endorsed by Ripoff Report, and has not made a determination as to the business’ product quality or competency in performing services. We can verify, that Ripoff Report went to the business, verified their business or “work from home business”, there for, if a customer in the future does not get treated correctly, Ripoff Report can get the problem resolved. If not, and the customers is right, the member business will be taken off the Corporate Advocacy Program. Remember, Ripoff Report emailed every customer from the past that filed a complaint to make sure the member business made things right with customers from the past. Again, to err on the side of their customer, those from the past and those in the future.

Read more about why consumers should feel confident when doing business with a member of Ripoff Report’s Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. Yes, it’s a long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and businesses alike.

Read about Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program, a program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. This program works.

As a matter of policy, when a business becomes a member of the Corporate Advocacy Program they agree to allow Ripoff Report to contact every client who filed a complaint so they can make things right with them. In order to confirm that the complaints were resolved, Ripoff Report is copied on all responses so we can insure that the member business did right by their customer.



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LAST UPDATED: January 17, 2020 


Federal Trade Commission v. Grand Teton Professionals, LLC, a Wyoming limited liability company; 99th Floor LLC, a Florida limited liability company; Mait Management Inc., a New York corporation; Demand Dynamics, a Florida limited liability company; Atomium Corps Inc., a Wyoming corporation; Atomium Corps Inc., a Colorado corporation; Startup Masters NJ Inc., a Wyoming corporation; Startup Masters NJ Inc., a New Jersey corporation; First Incorporation Services Inc., a Wyoming corporation; First Incorporation Services Inc., a Florida corporation; Douglas C. Filter, in his individual and corporate capacity; and Marcio G. Andrade, in his individual and corporate capacity.

At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a federal court has temporarily halted and frozen the assets of Grand Teton Professionals, an alleged credit repair scheme that charged illegal upfront fees and falsely claimed to repair consumers’ credit. The company and other defendants are charged with violating the FTC Act and several provisions of the Credit Repair Organizations Act, the Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Consumer Review Fairness Act, the Truth in Lending Act, and the Electronic Funds Transfer Act.

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I signed up to get a tradeline back in september of 2014 . Nothing post to my credit file . They cause a hard inquiry on all 3 experian equifax and trasunion . My points drop from 746 to 723 . Lorena Ortiz is rude and she only cares about the money they took from you . after 5 months I request for a refund and they refused to issue and treat me if I charge back . They even send me email from (((redacted))) trying to inpersonated a death attorney , poor guy die when he was 72 in New Jersey . 

 I charged back the amount and receive my $1000 with the credit card  (visa allow you to charge back up to 6 months ) . Just this week I have received a collection notice from them of $3500 . They are a joke I am filling a report with the ftc and with my local police . They violated several state and federal law when the  pulled my credit as if it was for real estate purchase . 

 THEY ARE SCAMERS stay away . Any good company should not want to keep the clients money if they were not able to deliver . 

 Fell free to contact me if you have any questions . I would rate to see a honest person falling for this scammers