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1 Shot Auto Logistics Inc Car was supposed to be picked up on Friday. Last Friday I called as to why it wasn’t picked up and no one would tell me why. Fort Lauderdale Florida

I was told that my car would be picked up on Friday, February 14. Near the end of the day I was informed by the auto dealership that my car had not been picked up. I contacted the transport company to inquire why my car was not picked up. I was told that they would contact the driver and find out and call me back. No one ever called me back.

On Saturday morning, February 15, the dealership called me and informed me that my car had not been picked up the day before. Again, I contacted the transport company and asked why my car had not been picked up and when it would be picked up. The person on the phone told me that they would call the driver and call me back.

Three hours later I had not been called back. So again, I called the transport company. Remind you that by this time it was late Saturday. The person on the phone informed me that he would call the driver while I was on the phone. He came back on the line and told me that the driver wasn't answering his phone. He told me he could not give me an answer if the driver wouldn't answer his phone.

This is going on two days with no explanation as to why my car was not being picked up. A driver not answering his phone is no excuse. In the meantime my car is sitting at the car deslership waiting to be picked up. At this point I no longer trust the transport company because they won't give me a reason and they won't call me back.

So I hang up the phone and think about what to do. I contact the dealership and they let me know that they can't sit and hold my car. So I call the transport company back and cancel their services and request a refund of my deposit. I am told that my deposit will be refunded on Monday once accounting comes back into the office.

On Monday I inquire as to when I should expect my refund on the credit card. I am told by a lady named Sara that she will not refund my money because they offered another driver to pick up my car and that things happen like weather and traffic. I understand that things happen, but That's no excuse when you won't tell a customer why the car isn't being picked up, you won't call them back, and you're not following through with when you told him the car would be picked up.

How am I supposed to trust you with my brand new car at this point? They did not follow through with the services I hired them to perform. A refund should be provided. This company is a scam and only wants to take your money. Do not trust them!

Next college student athlete NCSA Lied about services and tricked me into a contract chicago illinois

I was excited to get my son on the sports recruiting website to have coaches from local colleges see his amazing skills.  I got a hold of a recruiter and we started the process, first thing was "Oh my gosh you will be 100% guaranteed to get your son playing college football". 

All I had to do was pay $150 a month for 9 months equaling $1350 and by agreeing right this minute we would be getting the VIP membership that usually cost $2400 with all the tools we need and everything would fall into place "Oh we guarantee it" all I had to do was send the first payment and we was to be set.  Well let me tell you, we got scammed BIG TIME! They said they would take care of everything.

That was in August and we set up the profile with picture and videos from Hudl and as much info as we could put on there. They said if we upload some videos they would do all this and that to make him stand out and everything on there.  Well I am a bit computer savey and was able to do most of the designing on Hudl myself and then upload them to the NCSA profile.

Well they put a circle around him and wala. That is the only thing they have done for us since August.  Then in November I was curious as to what the remaining balance might be and to my surprise it at $2400.  That is Not what I was expecting.  Because I was told $1350 in August so 4 payments in that should of been a balance of $750.

So I call them and they said "Well that's not correct and gave me a line about how that was not what our (electronic contract) said….CONTRACT??? I did not get told It was a contract and I couldn't get out of it less of dying.  And there is not a dam thing I can do about it.  They lessened the monthly payment of $150 to $40 is all they could do right now and I have have to call back in February to keep that payment or It will go back to get this..$134.00.

I mean wasn't it $150.00 to begin with?  Anyway so I cancel my debit card and don't give them the new card information. Low and behold they scammed my new credit card number and the payments continue.  So here it is February and I call back to try to plead with them to cancel.  ABSOLUTELY nothing can be done. 

Except to charge me $40 a month again until its paid off. Its terrible business and there needs to be something done.  Because like I said before THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WARRANT THEIR CHARGES! 

Business Office Systems & Solutions ripoff, dishonest fraudulent billing, Used phone company Network Telephone services Midland Texas

Received a mail notice that I owed a company in F, Network Telephone Services $160.68. I call this company and they did not have any records of me or Business Office Systems & Soultions.

I contacted the BBB in Midland TX and the Attorney Generals office and they both have files and are in the process of an investigation. They have recieved many complaints for various amounts and different phone companies.

Please take the time to call the BBB in TX and the Attorney General.

greensburg, Pennsylvania

Network Telephone Charged my account for different some odd charges for $20.XX to my banking account. I live in MD and this company is in CA, I have no association with them. Woodland Hills California

4 different charges were placed on my account at the same time on 4/23/08 by a company called: Network Telephone in Woodland Hills CA: -$20.91-$20.87-$20.54

I have nothing to do with this company and have never received any information from them.

Laplata, Maryland

First Credit Of America – Network Telephone Services ripoff Chicago Illinois

I have been receiving harrassing phone calls from First Credit of America claiming that my husband's name has been turned over to them to collect a debt from occured from Network Telephone Services over 4 years ago. First Credit cannot provide me with any details concerning the debt. I was then contacted by Network Telephone Services and the information that they provided me with as far as dates of service and billing credit card where not possible.

I cannot verify that the city and state associated with these two companies is correct. Neither of them would provide me with a physical address or a working phone number to contact a company representative!! I just looked up the company names and phone numbers on the internet and came up with Chicago.

I contacted the Attorney General of the State of New Hampshire and they said for it to me a legitimate collection I should have to be notified in writing 5 days prior to the calls. The Attorney General's office also stated that the debit being over 4 years old is another sign that the collection agency is fraudulent.

I haven't found out anything that can be done about the harrassing and rude phone calls by the collection agency. But please do not give these individuals any credit card information!

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Network Telephone Services Woodland Hills California

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Network Telephone Services NTS This Company Sends Sexual Material to Minor Children InternetWoodland Hills, California

So I open the mailbox today and I find a letter looking like an advertisement addressed to my minor child today, so I'm like who the hell markets to kids. I look at the return address and the envelope reads BABE.COM/FEVER. I'm like WTF my kids like 14 years old. I open the envelope and inside is a warning envelope stating the envelope contains sexual material and should not be opened by minors and just to remain sort of within the law, the envelope quotes a couple of U.S. Codes (Statutes/Laws) just to cover these scumbags asses. So I look up some of the addresses and finally come up with a place called Network Telephone Services (Hmmm, a sex line just like the ones in the sexually explicit ads in this here envelope) Now hears the clincher, the material has this guy Robert Tanners name, but convienently no phone number for him. Needless to say, I tracked that down too. Funny thing is if you go thru the directory searching for him, you wind up with a female with the same last name. So I ask for this guy and she starts asking me for information about me….Yeah, nice try lady. So I give her my sons name and address and advise her that I will be retaining said sexually explicit material including all envelopes, etc and if I receive another one, I will be forwarding them to my local FBI office. Considering they do not appreciate putting porn into the hands of children. The lady is this guys wife. I guess these two run this little s**t operation together. After I hang up, I google this place and I find out they also run another guise as a place called Spectrum Billing which is a so called collection agency for….you guessed it s**t phone lines, so what they do is get this material into the hands of children around the age of puberty, the kids call and maybe if they can, get their jollys off, then the bill collectors sock it to poor ole mom and dad. Well, Mr. and Mrs. Tanner (if that's even either of your real names, I'd be packing up for an extended vacation if I were you both in some nice warm non-extraditable country and pray that you don't try this scam and mess with childrens heads down there because while you might hide from the Feds here in the states, some of these other countries will lynch your deviant asses publicly, however both of you can also choose to stay in the states and we'll give you an all expense paid vacation (each of you – seperately of course) in a nice warm and cozy jail cell with all the rippers, rapists and child molesters who will all great you with open arms and oil you both down for easy entry when you drop that there bar of soap in the shower at the federal pen. I'll be stopping next town over tomorrow to see the federales and drop off your material, provided to my minor child in the morning. Hop you like plane rides, I hear the real Con-Air isn't anywhere near as good as in the movies and gee to think niether of you will get to meet Nick Cage either. Bon Voyage!!!

Mike Beech (assumed name?) Scott McClellan (real name); another person of interest, is Mike Beech (his real name?) advertises on Craigslist and roommates(dot)com and possibly other sites, to purportedly rent out his abandoned/vacant home that he used to live in, and now is working out-of-state, so he needs to rent his house out for a reasonable price.. THIS IS A SCAM! All Cities

These are most likely fictional entities, but the name he gave out was: Mike Beech, in one reported instance, his phone number changed a couple of times when the original phone number was blocked. In any case, the defining indentifier for these house renting scams, as personally experienced now by multiple people across the country, is, that, they, the owner is now living out-of-state due to a job assignment, and they just need to rent out their home at an affordable rate.

When pressed for ID, they will provide one that most likely does not match the address they are (purportedly) working from. When pressed to prove ownership of said Property for rent, they will provide a (altered) deed of records from said county that property is located in, however on close examination, one can see the cleverly, (but convincingly) edited owners name; when pressed further they will claim the official records on file is not correct because of original "*Native American" rights to ownership (*in some cases); When pressed about different address in ID card they claim all sorts of reasons/excuses for why this is so.

In any case they keep on demanding more money for/on deposit before they will send the keys out to perspective tenant via FedEx. Convincingly, they will send a photo of someone packaging some keys up into a FedEx package for you, when, and soon as, you will only send ONE MORE sizable amount of rental deposit monies!

Furthermore, their excuse for having to ask for more money, is typically be because there is, (as they subtly suggest) an intimidating property share holder (hanging out in the background) that does not agree to the rental lease terms they have already sent and signed for you. If you don't respond, they will continue to say they just want to have someone to live in their vacant property; they may also be wanting to rent out only several rooms, plus they may have a sob story, or two, about how they cannot find good reliable renters, thus appealing to your trusting personality.

Once, they give you the MoneyGram information, they then may claim the recipient has had an emergency and cannot receive your money, and so as not to delay you as a renter, they now want you to send the money, with for example; Google play cards, which when you purchase, they want you to send them the scratched off codes/numbers so they can cash them.

In addition, any of the cash apps typically used by consumers, probably will not work for them, (because presumably, they have been red flagged by such App masters from previous complaints); They will then request monies through all sorts of normal and novel money transfer venues, even through a standard bank transfer, all of which propaganda, is designed to make them appear as normal honest decent brokers.

They will also accuse you of not trusting them when you question then at all, claiming that they are honest, too old or go to church and all other such tactics to make themselves appear normal! They will also, often, appear quite busy, and not respond to you in a timely manner, and, with busy noise in the background quickly apologize for not getting back to you; at other times, they will respond quickly and even press you to hurry up so there is no delay in getting the keys to your house; also, they will act tired and annoyed that this has been such a hassled process, and thus they just want to expedite the process of getting the hoyse keys to you as quickly as possible.

They will talk on the phone, to you as well, adding credibility to their trustworthiness, and repeat the same mantra of how they would NEVER rip you off, and they could/would NEVER take your money and run as they are too honest to be a scam! Furthermore, upon examination, the house may be in disrepair, and when informed of this, they may say they will get it fixed, which may be delayed, but they have all kinds of excuses why, or, they may even send out a foot soldier out to do minor and hurried repairs on the home to lend credibility for their ownership and concern of said home!

In summary, there is no lack of novel and totally fabricated documents and blatant lies they will throw at the perspective tenant in order to try and extort monies from the same. Just, beware.. IT IS ALL A SCAM..!!!)))))

Rhett Dean- CRNP Jackson Hospital Montgomery Alabama Individual failed and refused to Evaluate my condition while in the Emergency Room for Influenza A. atlanta, cincinnati,montgomery Alabama,Georgia,Ohio

I made a visit to Jackson Hospital, with a complaint of serious heath concern.  I was running a tempature of 103.  I was unable myself to get it down, so I seriously wanted to know why I was stopped up, short of breath and coughing uncontrollably.  I was seen by the Triage nurse and given tylenol and advil.  I was later taken to the back after a nasal swab for influenza.

I met my Tech, and my nurse, they were distant but corgial, and I respect that, because they were'nt rude.  Later, the nurse pulled off my monitors and said it is Influenza A, you can leave, we can"t help you because tamaflu wont help you because you have had the symptoms to long.  I understood that.  I asked her, when will I see a Doctor concerning the cold in my chest, she said it will soon go away. 

I asked again for the Doctor and she said he couldnt help me.  I got my things and proceeded to leave because I was so run down and sick I needed to get home.  When I got my strength back up, I called the ER 2 days later to complain about a Doctor never entering the room.  The ER nurse confirmed it was a Nurse Practitioner that was to have evaluated me name Rhett Dean. 

I told her he refused to come into my room to check my breath sounds or look in my ears and throat.  I wanted her to know, he refused to do a patient assessment and evaluation.  I later found out I had Bronchitis at my Doctors office.  I am on several antibiotics at this time.  Rhett Dean, refused to check lungs with xrays, or ausculate  my lungs. 

I complained to the Hospital and told them how Dangerous this was.  I could have had Pneumonia or anything.  I have investigated this Individual and have found that he has skipped from state to state.  I like for people to beware of healthcare providers that refuse to their duties on their jobs. 

You have to be, as a patient, an advocate for your own Healthcare…!   If I have to pay for my insurance premiums, and pay the Doctors bill too, I want to be evaluated by the healthcare Physician or Nurse Practitioner.  I shouldnt have to pay this Bill, if I never were seen by a Doctor.

Creative Management Services – Phoenix, AZ A CMS representative contacted me saying that I owed them for hosting and maintenance fees of a website I purchased Phoenix Arizona

I was contacted by a woman named Courtney from CMS in late January 2020. I was told that I owed $359.40 for web hosting for the year 2019. That this website had been purchased by me through click bank. And that they had been trying to collect these fees for a year on a card that was used for purchasing the website (dailydealsdelivered.com) through click bank, wanted payment to bring account current before they would send my commission check.

I asked them why it took a year to contact me about the website if they had my contact info. The reply was that they generally do all communications by email and that payments were handled by a different department. My commission was supposed to be $3347. I was sent an email showing all the company info and contact details.

My affiliate #28955 and website address was given so I could look at website and see what I've earned. If you try to email CMS to address provided it's undeliverable or call the number given its been disconnected. I have not received a check from this company.

I do dabble in online opportunities to make some income, so this sounded legit in the beginning. I was dumb enough not to fully check this company out and sent them the payment. Now I lost that money to these scammers.

CMS/daily deals delivered         480-341-4302

Ashley 1-888-223-2931