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Darya, Man posing as woman trying to scam me for money. volgograd oblast,

The Russian government warned American citizens about Russians scamming American citizens for money for travel expenses to come to America? That they only want the money to pay off a gambling debt or their own Bills that they did not pay. and you are warned not to pay them? because they do not love you and they will not come to America they only want your money to pay off their debts in Russia.  I didn’t pay the scammers and I’m receiving threats and being bullied to send money? lol. which I’m not going too send because I know it’s a scam and the United States government and Russian government warned American citizens of this scam.

A man steals a woman’s photo and claims to be a woman but it’s just a man at an internet cafe in Russia scamming people for money. if you don’t meet a person face to face in your country? don’t fall for the scam of foreign men trying to get money from you claiming they are women and they need money because they don’t have enough money for the plane ticket? if you don’t have enough money to buy a plane ticket and fly? you shouldn’t be on the site trying to find love.

This is an example of a scam letter:

Darya, I’ve been sitting in the Internet cafe for several hours. I do not
know where to start. Danny I was everywhere. All of my best friends. My
friends. Even went to a school friend. To colleagues at work. Danny no
one can help. It remains to pay 450 dollars. Danny and now I do not
know what to do. I do not know who else should ask for help. Maybe
you? Can you help us ?? I gave everything that I had. I sold the room.
And now there’s nothing to sell. So many things have been done. Find
such a big money. Danny is it really in vain? I do not want to lose you
so much. I do not want our dreams to collapse. I can not live alone
again. Danny if you help us, then I will come to you. All about what we
dreamed, will become a reality! I’ll be in your arms. And we will
enjoy love and tenderness. Give kisses and hugs to each other. Because
we dreamed! Please do not leave me. Understand me. And help us. I
fought with all my heart to be with you. I believe that you do not
throw away like a kitten in the garbage. We will be together Danny. If
you do this for us? For our dreams and our future Danny ??? Danny I hope
that you can help us. And I’ll come to you. I am sure that everything
will turn out. I am so tired. I feel very bad. I never feel me so
horrible. My heart feels like cutting with a big knife. And I do not
have the strength. I have not slept for more than a day. Danny and now
if I close my eyes, I’ll immediately fall asleep. But, I hope that
when I wake up, everything will be fine. I will come to the Internet
cafe and you will help us. And very soon we will be embracing each
other. Kiss and hug us. Feel our hearts, make love. We’ve been waiting
for this all our life. Danny and should take this last step to meet
each other. Now it all depends on you. OUR HAPPINESS IN YOUR HANDS!
Danny I hope that you will not leave me. I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Answer. Soon.
Do not be silent…. Your tender and loving Darya.

Это сообщение проверено на вирусы антивирусом Avast.
https://www.avast.com/antivirus   And this is a link the Russian government sent to the American government about these scams…… https://ru.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/victims-of-crime/dating-scams/ It makes me absolutely disgustingly sick knowing men steal women’s pictures (homosexuals) that are trying to scam you out of money claiming that they love you and they want to come to America, they don’t want anything to do with you? The homosexuals that’s stole women’s photos and place them on a dating site are just trying to steal money from you. San Diego FBI warns American citizens that:   https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/sandiego/news/press-releases/fbi-warns-of-online-dating-scams  

Midas Biz Loans Midas Financial/Midas Biz Loans/Midas Venture Studio is operated by unprofessional and uneducated frauds.

This company has been reported several times on Ripoff Report, Facebook and the BBB. Darrell Hornbacher of Gilbert AZ is the owner. His wife Blair Hornbacher and Wes Gumeringer manage it.

Our experience is that this business isn’t who they say they claim themselves to be. They claim to be credit repair, equity financing and debt lenders. There team is not polished or professional, either. Rather, aggressive especially with our experience with Darrell. We cannot comment on Blair, she had been polite with us. 

Here is reference from another ripoff report for this business:


Their current partner Wes Gumeringer:



After we conducted research and due dillgence.  Contacted our business lawyer and vouched for their business from mutual business contacts. It was advised we get the word out on this business, before they start and continuing branching out new businesses. It is hard enough we all have to do business remotely and at home. Had we could saw this information sooner, we wouldn’t had consider doing business with them in the first place. 

City of Long Beach Mayor Eric Garcia District 3, Councilwoman Susie Price Long Beach Public Works Long Beach Police chief Belmont Shore Long Beach lied to Long Beach CA

Long Beach, California city officials are not providing the support or actions that us the taxpayers are expecting to receive from the tax money that they collect from property taxes and city taxes to clean and maintain the city, curb the homeless from sleeping in the parks or on the beaches, nightly criminal activity in the alleyways car break-ins and forced home and yard entry…and fail to maintain a sound ordinance in the neighborhoods and let out-of-towners come in and destroy our beach parking lots by allowing 50 cars burnouts for 3 hours straight and at any and all hours of the night.  

Countless promises of corrective action without any action behind the promise. Typical overpromising by these politicians Trying to advance and make a name for themselves without any real action. These individuals are being called on the mat Eric Garcia mayor of Long Beach, Suzie Price Susie Price district 3 Councilwoman California and the police chief who absolutely does nothing as well as the public works office. There aren’t enough garbage cans at or  around the beach walking areas to contain the amount of garbage that’s left and thrown on the ground.

Feces and  urine everywhere in Belmont Shore with no plan to stop it. We have to clean our own street and sidewalks  that are owned and supposed to be maintained by the city. I’m telling you our taxpayers dollars are being stolen and misappropriated by these clowns. It’s time to do some thing about it. A beautiful Belmont shore community has fallen to the wayside becoming a garbage dump. Thinking about moving here think again and move somewhere else

The Community Builders: Where Fried Dead Heads Get Positions of LEADERSHIP!!!! The Community Builders Terrible Place to Work with Incompetent Drug Abuser in Charge! Albany NY

I cannot warn people against working for The Community Builders enough!  This company is terrible.  They have a Regional Senior Vice President for Real Estate Development who is an admitted “Dead Head” and drug abuser.  She cannot tell her arse from her elbow.  She is accusatory, believes things are happening that never took place anywhere except inside her head, admits to using drugs, admits to being a “Dead Head,” attends Dead Head concerts, causes all kinds of trouble – and gets away with it! 

She even said in a meeting that she can do her drugs and not get busted but the Black people the company serves often get arrested for the same thing!  What a loser!  Talk about incompetent.  Talk about reprehensible!  Human Resources at The Community Builders knows, upper management at The Community Builders knows, yet this creature stays and stays and stays in her position, incompetent though she may be, and does not ever get fired.  Don’t you wonder what’s going on there?  The Albany Police Department drug squad ought to raid her house and see what they can find and the upper management of The Community Builders ought to have their heads examined for leaving this creature in charge.  Don’t work for these sick people!

Women’s Information Network Springville, Utah

To read other reports about this company, please click on the link below: 


Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America NACA Incorrectly applied policies as retribution.

I was told that I was no longer eligible due to a violation of policy because I started an investment LLC last year with the intent of beginning to invest small amounts AFTER I’ve purchased my own home. It feels as if I’m being discriminated against because I voiced my concerns that this company seems to target minority communities but then provides less than ideal service while not actually taking steps to help the communities they are targeting.

I’ll be reporting to the IRS as well.

HotelstoYou Hotels to You Stole $791.80 Savannah GA

An order of $791.80 for sheets and towels was never fulfilled. I received several emails from October 2020-Feb 2021 promising “order has shipped” and apologizing for the delay, but the order has never been shipped; they were simply holding me off until a credit card dispute was impossible. 


Eddie Smith Pro Build A 21 day project dragged on for 4 months. He did not purchase materials with inital deposit. He added on additional labor and material costs that were not part if original contract. Went way over budget . Incomplete work Moulton Alabama

I hired Eddie Smith to turn a carport into a living area in Jan 2021. He charged $23500. We fired him in April. The work was still unfinished and he was over budget.

At this point, we had already paid him more than $30k because he had indicated some additional work that would benefit us. After paying him all this money, the new living area is still an unfinished, non functional area of the house.

My backyard is dug up in several areas where he attempted to install substandard french drains. The backyard slab is dug up and has been covered in plastic for several months after 2 weeks of jack hammering.

We stopped paying Mr. Smith when we realized we had overpaid. He did not buy materials with the initial deposit as promised. His workers kept asking us for materials. He also started using rough cut wood.

He is a smooth talker who expected us to be happy with the amount of work it took him 4 months to accomplish. We will now have to hire someone else to redo the work and finish what he started.

We also found out that he is unlicensed and that there are numerous people who have had him take their money yet he failed to provide a usable finished product. He has changed business names several times.

He took $7000 dollars as a down- payment from a friend of mine and did not purchase a single piece of material or start any work.

He is not an honest person. He went over the budget on our project by sneaking in additional labor and material costs that were included in his initial estimate. He has threatened to additionally bill us for work and materials.

BBB and buildzoom contain similar descriptions of his work ethics.I would not recommend that anyone hire him. He claims to be licensed. He is not.

Sebastian King/Top Resume Melissa M. Failure to Deliver; No Customer Service Avenues

Top Resume, for the price 149 dollars, contracted to “wow” my resume with a specified delivery date. Their website is intertwined with Affirm, a web service that finances purchases. The resume service did not deliver my product. They have no phone numbers for customer service. They do not answer within the business day they promise. I have cancelled my order in message and email, but get no response. I want this informal complaint to serve as notification if they coerce me for payment.

Affirm too cannot be contacted. They offer circular complaint loops, do not answer inquiries. NOTE: I did not pay them a cent, nor will I. I have emailed/Bot Chatted/ and messaged Sebastian King (Top Resume), Melissa M (Top Resume) BotChat (Affirm). No response. In the event this dynamic, ethically bankrupt company duo tries to coerce me to pay, I want on record this complaint. Let the complaints mount, by all means. They are trouble.

OLD SCHOOL MOVING & STORAGE CORP. Price Gauging at Pick-Up Dania Beach FL

I scheduled Old School Moving & Storage Co. on 4-30-21 to move belongings from Clearwater, FL to New York, NY on 5-8-21. The quote was for $1800.00 with a $600.00 deposit, (paid on 4-30-21 with a ZELLE bank wire).  The movers arrived on May 8 and demanded $3733 total.  The man in charge was Irdek at 407-756-4268 and said the price increase from $1800 to $3733 (over 100% price gauging) was due to my total came to 450-500 cu ft and having different sized boxes 

He didnt look over the quantity of individaul sized boxes, just said “I’ve been doing this for 15 years and I can eyeball the size.” When I got the quote from Old School , they knew I had small-medium and large boxes for the quote. I had 12 additional  small boxes at the time of pick up. Definately not  210 cubic feet more. (see below)

I had another  truck company on 5-10-21 SEE my storage and measure the items and total cubic feet is 295.  I have this in writing. My storage unit is 10X10 with approximately a little more than one quarter filled. No furniture, no appliances. No games, honest and reliable, no price guaging.

After investigating further, I have found this is common practice with Old School Moving & Storage Co. I asked them for my deposit tof $600.00 be refunded on May 8 after I declined the truckers to take the belongings for the additional cost.

“Kelly” the manager denied my request for a refund. The same  day, Kelly called me back stating I can have a partial refund. I declined this stating I want my full deposit refunded. She then said she would speak with her manager and call me on May 10th by 3pm, which she did not, I called her.  

On this date, May 10,  she stated “she was reviewing the telephone calls and all info.”WHAT INFO? WHAT TO REVIEW?  They tried to over double the price and it is completely unacceptable. There is nothing to review. They price gauged by over double. I can understand an extra cost for anything realistic, but never over double the cost. I want them to be held accountable. I want my $600.00 deposit refunded.