Home Reports

CoastFi They promised no slowdown and yearly pay, reality-we cant use our internet and CoastFi reject to pay for a few month. Brooklyn NY

 We get paid 100$ when installing CoastFI. The company promised it will not affect our internet connection, and they promised to pay 100$ per year after installation.

Next, we found it takes all our internet.

Since November internet speed goes down very significantly. We ask to take it back and pay for a few months. They said they paid upfront but from the initial conversation, it looks like 100$ it’s a bonus for installing and the next will be 100$ every year. 

We feel ourselves victims of fraud. Few months with our internet completely taken away, with not get paid for it.

Dean Pounder Scammer internet fraud High Wycombe WA

This guy stole from me. I bought a product from him and he promised to mail it to me. Then he never mailed anything and stopped responding to me. I had to charge it back with my credit card. Watch out for this guy, he will scam you!

Beach chiropractic Debbie and Danele Beach Labor law violators. Treat employees horribly Torrance California

Dr. Beach treats employees terrible. She pays minimum wage, no paid holidays, vacation or health care is provided. She doesn’t allow employees to take STATE MANDATED BREAKS. She didn’t pay me for approximately 51 hours illegally. They didn’t pay my fellow employee for approximately 1000 hours. They have been turned into the labor board and now have multiple law suits pending.

ACO VACATION HOMES LLC. ACO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Renting and management company of my house, they delivered some of my items broken and some missing. Their response was daily wear and tear. orlando florida

I made an agreement with ACO Vacation Homes company to rent my house in April 2018 and ended the agreement on January 10, 2020. After the date I announced that I would end the deal, there were breaks, damages and losses in my home. The resulting fracture, disappearance or damage were caused to suffer a loss by not collected from the guests who damaged.

Damages in my house are;

Living room broken couch

Living room broken marmol of coffee table

Living room broken dinning chair

Vacum cleaner is broken

2 of outdoor chairs are missing

Door mat is missing

Dress hangers of all 8 rooms are missing

Toilet paper holder is missing

Bad condition of outdoor dining table, looks like never cleaned

Grill has a lot of wear and tear, looks like never cleaned

Damaged pool sliding screen door

Sliding door curtain has some marks

Entrance floor The toilet is clogged

Shower curtain has missing hooks. Shower light is not working

Missing knifes in the cutlery set

Whisky glases are missing

Wine glasses are missing

Champagne glasses are missing

Beer glasses are missing

I of the towels is missing

Poll towels are missing

okex.com stole my crypto fund but it was later recovered

i was tricked into signing up on okex with the promise of increasing my cripto fund on a daily basis,at first it looked legit until i was told to pay ,i payed the first time ,few days later i was asked to pay another fund if not i would loose all my investment. there, i knew i have been scammed so i took it upon myself to recoup my money back so i met this firm who helped me without any upfront payment.am now a happy man as all my crypto fund has been recovered.you can contact them too on scotchpalmer @financier.com

coinmama.com coinmama.com scammed my wife

my wife came crying to me that she has lost her investment she invest on coinmama.i was devastaded about seeing her that way so i took matters into my hand on how to recover her money back.i search for who to help out until i met this firm who legitly helped without any upfront payment.they did helped us recover all the money.my wife is now happ and am happy too.you can contact them if u are in same situation on scotchpalmer @financier.com

Excel Painting and Wallcovering Jack Swift Never returned deposit Tempe Arizona

Individual (Jack Swift) from Excel Painting & Wallcovering sent estimate/contract for work. Deposit was made to contractor for services. However, work was never done and so called company never returned deposit as promised.

Westgate Resorts Branson Woods Resort CFI Travel CFI Celluar I Love Orlando Magazine Florida Vacation Stores Sold us on amenities that would never happen and Investment potential. Fraudulent, Deceptive Contract. Denied Deed Back. Orlando Florida

We purchased a timeshare with Westgate in Gatlinburg, TN March 2010. In November 2020, after frustrations with WG & personal reasons, we tried to Deed Back 2 timeshares. All mortgages were paid off & maintenance fees were never late. We were denied.

– Branson, MS River Terrace – Gatlinburg, TN Smoky Mountain Resort – Gatlinburg, TN River Ranch Resort & Rodeo – Lake Wales, FL Flamingo Bay Resort – Las Vegas, NV Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino – Las Vegas, NV Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort – Myrtle Beach, SC Lakes Resort & Spa – Orlando, FL Palace Resort – Orlando, FL Towers Resort – Orlando, FL Town Center Resort & Spa – Orlando, FL Vacation Villas Resort & Spa – Orlando, FL Park City Resort & Spa – Park City, UT Historic Williamsburg Resort – Williamsburg, VA Blue Tree Resort – Orlando, FL Painted Mountain Resort – Mesa, AZ South Beach Oceanfront Resort – Miami, FL Tunica Resort – Robinsonville, MS Central Florida Investments, Inc.

In communication with WG it was mentioned that the “banking” information was in our Public Offering Statement. We then discovered we didn’t receive the POS in paper form, even though we signed the Receipt for Timeshare Documents requesting the paper form. The CD-ROMs only had the POS for WG of Park City, UT (not Gatlinburg) & the amendments were from 2006. In Tennessee, it is illegal for that document to not be included in the contract. 

I have filed with the BBB, but WG continues to claim our concerns are “time-barred”. I believe that in stating it is “time-barre” WG may be admitting to wrongdoing but claiming we just didn’t find it soon enough. However, a clear case of fraud, deception, or concealment, for instance, where the plaintiff is misled into believing that the wrongful act did not occur cancels out any claim to “time-barred”. Also, the statute of limitations does not begin to run until the plaintiff reasonably should have discovered that he or she has a claim. This equitable doctrine is called the “discovery rule.” We did not discover that we didn’t have the correct documents until 11/2020. There are many lawsuits involving hundreds of owners, regarding Wg & deceit (Hambacker, Moore, Overton, Sparks). These Lawsuits mention deception that occurred in a “standard practice” way. 

Jacquelyn Dawn Johnson Dishonest Real Estate Services * Vindictive * Arrogant * Retaliatory * Delusional * Selfish * Petty * Harassing Leland NC

Since the North Carolina Real Estate Commission works ONLY to support dishonest real estate brokers (trust me, I have read the complaints and how the Real Estate Commission supports dishonesty), we must report Jacquelyn Dawn Johnson who is the LAST person you ever want to deal with regarding real estate or any business transaction.

She stole money from me. I sued her. I won. She refused to pay the judgment. When I filed a complaint against her with the Real Estate Commission, the Real Estate Commission contacted her to get her side of the story (even though I had already won in court). Under the law, she is required to reply – otherwise, her real estate license is revoked. She did not reply after many attempts made by the Real Estate Commission including sending her certified mail (which she never accepted – she refuses to accept certified mail as a policy). And the Real Estate Commission told her in writing: “You did not reply. Under the law, we shall revoke your license. But we won’t revoke it.

If we get another complaint like this, we may reopen this complaint”. That is the typical response by the Real Estate Commission and I have read complaints in which the Real Estate Commission literally launched a criminal investigation (which is a joke because they have no such authority and don’t have a clue about what they are doing) against a person who made a complaint against a real estate broker as a way of deflecting the valid complaint. The North Carolina Real Estate Commission exists only to collect real estate broker fees and will do everything they can to protect their income.

Jacquelyn Johnson is vindictive when she doesn’t get what she wants. I have read her long retaliatory complaints against Dominos when her pizza was burnt (publicly humiliating Dominos on twitter), when she had a dispute with Sweyer Property Management (she posted a long, personal, diatribe on their Facebook page), when her adult son was denied student access to a bus because he didn’t have his pass, etc. She uses social media to humilate you when she is not 200% happy.

She lied excessively about a house I rented and falsely accused me of causing damage and refused to return my deposit.

She refused to accept service for the lawsuit without the sheriff having to hunt her down relentlessly. When she came to court, other witnesses (not my witnesses but HER witnesses) testified against her.  Yup, that’s right. She is so delusional that she thinks she can piss on anyone and everyone and that the people she pisses on will come to court and testify in her favor. Her witnesses were —- none other than —- employees of Sweyer Property Management with whom she had waged a huge legal battle a year earilier and whom she had abused (professionally) so thoroughly that Sweyer terminated all ties with Jacquelyn Johnson’s husband who owns rental real estate because they wanted no further contact with her because of a huge legal issue Jacquelyn Johnson raged with them and how Jacquelyn Johnson attacked them in retaliation when she didn’t get what she wanted.

While involved with Jacquelyn Johnson, she attempted to break the lease FOR PERSONAL REASONS — for her personal benefit, tampered with MY things on the property that other witnesses said she should not have done. For example, she came and opened the overhead garage door while other property management people were there and promptly left for unexplained reasons and didn’t secure the house. She unplugged my RV on the basis that the electric cord from the RV going under the garage door (and plugged in inside the garage) was damaging the garage door.

She inconvenienced me to view the inside of the home FOR PERSONAL REASONS in her expected hope to terminate the lease early TO USE THE PROPERTY FOR PERSONAL USE.

When she speaks, she acts like she is royalty and you are garbage and she is right and you are wrong.

She 100% lied under oath about the condition of the property when I moved out and refused to return my deposit based on her lies. But the judge saw through her lies.

I could tell you more. But just stay as far away from this person as possible.

By the way, I collected the money I won in the judgment from a third party that is associated with Jacquelyn Johnson, not from Jacquelyn Johnson. (And the Real Estate Commission knows this and used this as justification to drop my complaint on the basis that I got my money). And now that third party has lost the money and must try to collect it from Jacquelyn Johnson — which they will never do unless they sue her too.

Tommy’s express car wash Collection fraud Waterloo Iowa

New business in town. Places facebook ad for free car washes for a month if you download app.  No prominent explanation or agreement to automatically be signed up for continued automatic charges. On day 31 automatically charged 85.58.  Cancelled on day 31.  

Never used service and told oversized vechicle would fit, does not.  Their policy is cancellation does not go into effect for 30 days.  So i am charged for a service i never used and cannot use.