Zizo Wireless Zizo charging 20% restocking fee on refund of defective item Chino California


I purchased a Bolt phone case with holster from this company on Amazon 8/21/19. The holster is defective. I contacted the company directly within days. I explained the problem. They apologized, but offered no solution. Contacted them again, today, via Amazon and customer service agent told me to use the holster longer and it would loosen up.

This is not the case as I already tried this. He then offered to send me a replacement holster, but I have already bought another brand that worked perfectly right out of the box. I said I wanted to return the case for a refund since it is defective. Even though itooked like I bought the item with Prime directly from Amazon, the Amazon return issues a prepaid label going directly to Zizo, not to an Amazon return center.

Zizo agent then informed they will automatically take a 20% restocking fee out of my refund. It is unacceptable to charge a customer for a restocking fee when the item in question is defective. Emails back and forth attempting to talk reason did no good. They insist on ripping off the customer.