Abebooks Lost Books – Austin, TX ABC – Saint Louis, MO Resold a book that I purchased from them for 5x price I paid and refused to send me the book I purchased


Purchased an overpriced book on Abebooks through their vendor Lost Books in Austin Texas and almost 3 weeks after shipping confirmation the book still had not arrived. I contacted seller and they claimed they could not find the book and offered to either keep my money and put me on a list if the should by chance come across the book or refund the purchase.

After some digging I found this seller was trying to resell the book I purchased (the new listing has the EXACT SAME inventory number as my order) for 5x the price I originally paid for it. I contacted Abebooks to dispute this fraud by their seller only to get a generic email saying to contact seller. HUH?? I did some deep searching online for customer support phone number as they do not publicize it on their website to get a recording to call back during business hours, I called well with in their business hours.

Unfortunately I still needed the book so I found another seller selling a new copy of the book for double what I paid for the used book and purchased from ABC Books in Missouri. Four days later this seller sends me an email asking for $30 extra for heavy book shipping, mind you the book only weighs 8oz. Reluctantly I paid the extra processing only to have Abebooks double charge my credit card, cost of the book again plus the $30.

The charge was declined and they canceled my order without being able to contact them on their error. I immediately contacted the seller to let them know of the error on Abe’s part and a week later I still have no response from seller or Abebooks. Do not waste your time or money on Abebooks, Lost Books or ABC Books.