Samsung I purchased an new Samsung Galaxy S10+ and had a battery issue in one month. Ridgefield Park NJ


Samsung-   I purchased an new Samsung Galaxy S10+ at the end of March. I did so because my old galaxy was 6 months old and the battery would drain every 3-4 hours. After about a month my new phone was losing battery every 5 hours. I contacted Samsung support and they suggested I call the service center in my area .

I did so and they suggested I go to one of their authorized service centers and they would replace the battery. I did that and they refused to replace the battery. I called Samsung back the next day and they told me to go to a different center and have them look up the case and they would then replace the battery.

I did go to the second location and they said they could not replace it because now I had dropped the phone and the back had a crack. So I spent $900 for a new phone to get rid of a problem that I now still have. HORRIBLE. I will never buy a Samsung again.