James Gregory Capps James Capps, Gregory Capps James Gregory Capps sold me a falsely advertised laptop and then disappeared after promising a refund. Santa Clarita CA


James Gregory Capps is a liar, fraud, and thief. He took advantage of my patience and will surely take advantage of as many people as he can to help his untalented, cowardly self drag on another day in this life. He advertised a google pixelbook on offerup that was 512GB internal storage, 16GB of RAM. I met him in Santa Clarita to pay him $530. We found during the meeting that there was no way to check the specs of the laptop at the starbucks we decided to meet at. After asking why he was getting rid of it, he said he had another.

After we made the transaction, I went to a Best Buy to get the laptop checked out. They revealed it to be 128GB internal storage, 8GB of RAM. I notified James Gregory Capps that he gave me the wrong laptop. He said that he would get me the other a week from then. He begged me to not leave a bad review on his offerup page. I assured him that I wouldn't.

When the week past, he instructed me to meet him that weekend to make the switch. I drove 40 minutes to Santa Clarita only to sit at a Starbucks for nearly 45 mintues while he ignored my texts, phone calls, messages I left on his answering machine. I decided to look into his past, which had a bit of shady info. Then I had the idea to *67 his number.

The idiot answered and tried to pretend that he was James' brother…Greg. This guy is a real master thief. I told him that I've reported him to the police and Offerup (Which I have). He has continued to ignore my attempts to get a refund for this laptop. I will not stop making sure his name is solely connected with fraud.