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Favored Panel David Hauser Failure to pay for service that were performed at their request Westbury New York

In July 2019 I reach out to David for payment for services that were over 60 days old.  He said he would pay me that week. It never happened. I did receive a payment for all the services provided that were less then 60 days old and was less then half of the amount over 60 days. I have sent weekly requests up until August 19th of 2019. I have had zero response from him. Although he did try to send work to me to perform. I gracefully declined until his account was paid in full.

Today September 9, 2019 i sent David a demand for payment with a 72 hour payment required. Failure to make this payment will result in filing with the State of Oregon to recoup payment from Favored Panel.

Express Scripts We’ll Fill It When We Feel Like It

First and last experience with Express Scripts – in 50 years I've never seen a less competent organization.. Their motto should be "Express Scripts: We'll Fill Your Prescription When We Feel Like It". Waiting on vacation override of a medication that could result in seizures if I run out.

Twice I was promised an expedited order (they've been trying since the 6th). Today I was told my script is "still in process" and maybe I'll get it Thursday. The rep was insincere and could have cared less. The upshot is I won't have my medication until who knows when and I'll likely be out by then.

They're not only poor at what they do, they're dangerous in their inability to respond. HQ hides somewhere — can't complain to them. Perhaps they hide because of the abysmally bad team under them. – Dr. Smith


I tried to stop it from my bank, but the visa card i put it on said i had to pay, even though i did not receive the orders they claimed i had. They said i only had 10 days to return it. 

I called them, they said i needed to call another #.  when i tried, no one answered.  therefore they said my 10 days were up. And said i had to pay for more product that i never got.

Ply Gem Windows, Will not honor warranty, hard to contact Auburn Washington

Purchased windows from PlyGem about 13 yrs ago thru my contractor, warranty says repairs covered as long as I still own home. One window has a leak. Contacted company, filled out their required Claim Form on 16 Jul 2019. It is now 9 Sep 2019 and no contact.

Tried calling today, every number offered would cut me off and never did reach a person. Email address is a generic number for the national company. Each time I call and get a new person and get the same results, disconnected.  I am 84 and this is very frustrating. There is no customer service number.

BizPlan.com Startups.com, Fundable.com, Launchrock.com, and Zirtual.com Business Plan software is not what they advertise Powell OH

BizPlan.com provides examples of business plans that look great. Do not believe this!

You cannot create plans like their examples with their software.

I asked for a refund within a week. I was told No, that refunds could be granted only within 3 days (which is virtually impossible given the complexity of the software).

After refusing my refund they said the mistake was due to my confusion. Their site literally says the example I am looking at "built their business plan with BizPlan." And they argued back and forth over $30. Then refused to reply again after I sent them a screenshot of their own website.

Do not give them your money. Their marketing is deceptive. You will not receive what they offer. And their refund policy is (deliberately?) pointless.

Mobile Home Title Services They charged $10,500 to transfer 18 mobile home titles on closing of our property. Five months later, they have done nothing. Orangepark Florida

Mobile Home Title services is a company that is suppose to transfer mobile home titles from a seller to a buyer. We bought a park of 18 homes in May 2019. Before we hired them, they told us their service charged $150.00 each plus the transfer tax for each home. So we hired them. At the closing their was a debit on our closing statement for 10, 500.00 to this company.

Upon this, we called them and asked for a refund. They refused saying they had already done work on our titles. This was a lie. It is now Sept. 9, we just got off phone with them and they still have not done our titles. This is a very bad company. Buyer Beware. Do not use this company. They are a fraud. I will be filing suit on Monday to get my money back.

Air Command Heating and Cooling Air Command Heating & Cooling LLC – LICENSE NUMBER ROC 206501 Air Command Heating & Cooling LLC – LICENSE NUMBER ROC 205393 , Lies to Up Sale, Unprofessional, Unethical, , Tries to Intimidate You- Especailly Women Chandler Arizona

Air Command Technician are unethical. American Home Shield Warranty company, sent them out to my home on July 09, 2019. Since my unit is a few years old still had the manufacturer’s warranty for PARTS only, I verified that Air Command was Amana Goodman Certified technicians.

First let me preface this with I am a Severely Visually Impaired Senior Citizen. I am well educated and wise.

  • The “technician” named Kevin, an older man, tried to SCAM me and kept changing his diagnosis when I questioned him and refuted his reason why my unit was only Blowing HOT Air. And First, he tried to blame my Electrostatic Air Washable Filters which happen to be is the best commercial choice for quality. Kevin called my filter a “Piece of Junk:” and tried “Up Sell” on some disposable filters. When I refused to buy his filters, he said my washable file had to be DIRTY and stopping the air flow. I challenged him to go outside with me to the driveway to wash the filter-he wanted to wash it the flower bed LOL no proof of dirt that way.  The water was crystal clear – not even a speck of dust or dirt, but he still kept trying to upsell me his paper filters. –
  • I had him stand directly below the Air Retune without the filer or the door. There was absolutely NO Air sucking into the 18” diameter air duck. There was NO Air Moving.
  • Next, he insisted that I need “Refrigerant”.  He claimed it was 30 Percent below capacity. Again, I pointed out my unit was not that old. Kevin state that All AC “lose 25-30 Refrigerant a year or two.” When I questioned him and request, he take a picture of the meter reading, he instantly changed his mind. Even more suspicious, Kevin, Never suggested that he would have to locate and Repair the leak.
  • Next, he tried to blame it on the Circuit Barker/fuse. – I put a quick end to that one too- (It is the FIRST thing I check when something stops running)
  • Lastly, he stated it needed a New Capacitor and Compressor MOTOR. I reminded him that it MUST BE an Amana Mort so it doesn’t Void my Manufacturer Warranty. I reminded him that I was assured 100 percent that Air Command was a Licensed Authorized Amana Goodman repair Company.  After he finished the Repair’ I asked him for the Part Number and Serial Number Needless to say instead of Air Command ordering the Official Anima Goodman part, the used a NIDEC MOTOR Corporation.  I immediately call Am Home Shield and Marty at Air Command.  I refused to tun the AC until the Official Amana Goodman Moroto was installed on July 23.
  • Fast Forward to August 26, 2019- Once again the AC Runs but only Blows HOT Air. The soonest appoint that Air Command had to come back was for Thursday September 5, 2019. The Same technician show up 45 minutes before the “window”. I was in the middle of getting CPR Certified.  He came in my house- turned on the Thermostat and went outside to AC unit. He was out there less than 15 Minutes.  He rand my doorbell, handed a Yellow Faint copy of the work order and told me it was the Circuit Breaker- I told him that was impossible since the unit was running but blowing hot air only.  He refused to come into the house to confirmed that it was or was not blowing Cold Air. Basically, he did not Diagnose or make Any Repairs. He DID NOT come into the house and feel the HOT AIR, he just jumped into his truck and rapidly let.  On the Yellow copy he Wrote: “Will NOT Service Again”.  He Left my backyard gat open and my door to my yard.  I did not discover this until several hours later when I went out to empty the Garbage.  
  • When I called Am Home Shield, at 11:00 AM, 45 Minutes after Kevin left, Am Home Shield contacted Air Command Directly and was told by their dispatch person that Kevin was En Rooted to MY House. They didn’t even know he had been here and left in less than 15 minutes! Another Lie they got caught in. In addition, w when Am Home Shield got Kevin’s report- he stated my house was a health hazard – Really find that amusing besides A State Official was at my home updating my CPR & First Aide Certifications. Obviously, there was NO HEALTH SAFETY ISSUES—Just on more BIG lie Air Command Created to not have to come back and Correct their Mistakes.

All I can say is WARRING: Air Command’s employees are Deceptive and think it is Oaky to lie to customers just to upsell them.

El Barrio Workforce development. Racist scam cheats people on welfare and cheats the taxpayer Cleveland OH

They hire almost all white people while the clients are 95% African American. The workers there spend most of their time texting or chatting with other and ignore the clients. They offer almost no help in find jobs etc. It cost the taxpayers about $20 per hour for every hour a client is forced to be there and neither the clients or taxpayers get much out of it but the employees make a lot of money for doing almost nothing.

The so called 'job coaches' most have no work experience and yet they are suppose to help the clients find jobs. For most of the employees this is their first job. One 'job coach's' previous experience was a bartender. Why the county does not shut down this scam I do not know!

These employees make $20/hour plus benefits and have little experience and slack off most of the day.


Also the CEO makes about $300,000 per year off the welfare people and other corporate officers make around $200,000 each!

3GLDSCR.COM Identity theft protector-supposed to help if your personal info was compromised. DE

The Company was supposed to help if your personal info   was stolen and used, they charged $39.90 per month. 

Also, to alert you if your credit reports showed any strange activity. My credit card company identified the company as fraudulent. I've been paying them for months or more. 

I called the phone number provided (855-506-9175) they do not  identify the name of the company when called and they just put you on hold forever.  I thought I was protecting myself. 


Amanda McCracken Stonebridge Properties Provided deceptive and potentially fraudelent quotes for services Arnold Missouri

Agent engaged in provided quotes from unlicensed and uninsured subcontractors to concel true costs of work