Laura Lawrence Used a Credit Card and disputed it after the service was completed Wylie Tx


Laura Lawrence scheduled my company for carpet cleaning services, upholstery cleaning services and air duct cleaning services. After she signed and agreed to the services and declined recommeded services due to extreme amounts of pet hair throughout the carpeted spaces. We offered pet treatment and hair removal but was declined and only opted for basic steam cleaning.

She was completly fine with the air duct cleaning and the upholstery cleaning, two days later she contacts us that she was unhappy with the carpet cleaning services we offered to come out immediatly to correct anything she felt was incorrect, even after we knew it was due to the declined services. We still offered to correct it at no additional charge.

She specifically mentioned she was only unhappy with the carpet cleaning services and requested a refund for only the carpet cleaning but then decided to contact her bank and dispute the entire amount for services costing us a entire day worth of work and $1046 in damages. 

Theft Of Services 

She feels that somebody should go clean up the mess her dog has made and the mess on her furniture and nobody should get paid for those services.