zackary john deen – evergreen pacific roofing zackary didnt complete my roof, didnt do anything by code, stole materials and walked away with my money vancouver washington


I hired zackary deen to replace my roof and work was supposed to start on 07/30/2019. On 07/26/2019 we met at allied building products where Zackary had the materials he wanted that I paid for (approximatly $2000.) Zackary also wanted me to write him a check for $1116 in his name, i opted for writing the check in the company name.

Zackary showed up on tue 07/30/2019 to start the job and worked until friday. Then the trouble began zackary had excuse after excuse why he couldnt come and put my roof on, his tools broke and he used my husbands air compressor. zackary eventually didnt show up or respond to me. on 08/19/2019 I sent an email to him saying I assume he quit since I havent heard from him and he doesnt show up anymore.

Zackary came to my house to grab his ladder and rope but also helped himself to the roofing materials that I had purchased three weeks earlier and zackary had taken them back to the supply store asking for a cash refund (my cash) I am now out about $3500 and still have no roof to show for it nor do I have the materials to have my roof finished.