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Airbnb The reason for my complaint is we are very unhappy with how Airbnb as handled our complaints. We had a bad experience the house was in need of repairs found mouse dropping on the beddin, toilets unclean windows floors. Sanfrancisco California

The owner had made put many unreasonable restrictions on us. We wrote a review that explained our experience but Airbnb failed to post it. As a consumer we feel like this is very misleading and dishonest not to post reviews that are negetive. Are they trying to hide theses reviews to make them look better, or are they protecting the host?

In any case it is bad business and they're not allowing the public to have the facts based on they're personal experience. We're going to pursue this further, what a scam who can be trusted? We booked a home based in the reviews and if there misleading it is fraudulent. Please inform us as to what are rights are and how we can allow the public to be made away of the cover-up.

I wanted to write a negative review. But what would it accomplish, it would only allow the host to hurl more insults back at me. I wasn’t happy about the cleanliness of the home or all the restrictions he placed on our vacation which did distract me from what I wanted the most! I love my family they mean the world to me!

My children and my husband and I have not shared a family vacation in over 20 years. This was our opportunity to heal to bond. And that we did! So even though I feel like I was treated with less kindness and consideration than I would have preferred, this negative experience will never take that from me.

My family is whole again, we are grateful for the opportunity to have used this home even if it wasn’t the best results or what I had imagined it should be,   the laughter that filled the house made me feel complete as a mother! Yes life isn’t always fare but it’s what you make it. So I’m not going to dwell on the negative only hold on to what memories we made with the ones we love so much!

Turbo Clean Pro aka Lester Smith Lester Smith Not delivered product or refund money

Ordered product in June and have not received it as of September. Keep getting generic responses. Have requested full refund do to lack of product on their end and they are refusing to deliver product or refund my money. 

Frigidiare Sub Standard Product/Bad Customer Service Augusta Georgia


As a recent owner of the Frigidaire 30" Front Control Electric Range with Air Fry. Being a Professional Culinary Chef and doing much research we decided to purchase this range for our cottage, having MSP of 2100.00 and a 5-star rating on Lowes, it seemed like a great idea.

We are disappointed in our purchase. I would NOT recommend this range and would give it less than 1 star if possible. It takes 12 minutes to reach 375 degrees and is extremely noisy on convection. Baked items do not cook evenly.

When cleaning the range top it creaks and sounds like the glass top is breaking. We feel like it’s only matter of time before it cracks. Also, the back was dented. Another reason for making this purchase was the air fryer setting.

Looking at the video on the Lowes website the range is shown using the air fryer setting (this was a major selling point) with a special large tray for this purpose. But what Frigidaire doesn’t tell you is that, you will not receive that pan, nor the usual boiler pan that other manufacturers provide. Upon reading the manual is when you find that you must purchase the pan separately. In fact you can’t even purchase this pan anywhere else but from Frigidaire for $50.00.

Frigidaire shows the special pan in their demonstration and their countless television ads, but alas, not even a discount coupon for future purchase of the pan. Wake up Frigidaire, this was a major selling point for your average range product. Just another major disappointment with the range and Frigidaire.

One cannot fathom how they can charge 1799.00 and not even include the equipment for the major selling point on said range.

When I contact Frigidaire, I was met by condescending customer service person, I asked to be upgraded to a manager and was offered a $25.00 gift card for our trouble but no solution for the issues with the product.

Frigidaire proves that corporate greed is what drives them with a side of a mediocre product at $2100.00. Your greed for a pan than your company can get for far less than $50.00 will cost you loyal customers that will never purchase a Frigidaire product again.

Hrvatski Telekom Stolen prepaid SIM card credit during recharging account balance and reactivating weekly flat surf option. Zagreb

Be very carefull to use Simpa or T-Hrvatski Telekom!!! They use fraudulent business practices. I used them 3 weeks ago with weekly flat surf option internet connection. Even when first week of use was without problem, second week was hell for me and they have been stolen 70 Kuna from my account. At first they are promising 10% credit bonus, when you topup with them online.

In fact you will get nothing, until value of top up amount is at least 60 HRK. But this condition is not anywhere on purchase page or purchase process available. They only promising 10% bonus. They offer to topup only for 60 HRK and then 100 HRK amount. I needed to topup 70 HRK so I did 30 and then 40 HRK amount later and got no 10% bonus.

Next much bigger problem is,  that when my flat weekly option expired, SIM card silently changed billing to some insane rate paid per MB. There was no information anywhere about this very expensive rate. So when I toped up first 30 HRK, all credit was cosumend in several seconds during time when I tried to topup second payment and later second 40HRK credit too. There was simply no time to reactivate weekly flat surf option, all credit was consumed during several minutes after it was topped up. Answer from Simpa/T-mobile support was, that it is clear, that when you are topping up credit and reactivating flat surf option, that data on device must be switched off.

No way – this information is not available on any place (SIM card manual, web etc.) No matter that toppup of credit is being done online on their website and all my credit was spent only browsing their website when I was trying to top up second payment and later by communication with their support. I am disputing now both credit card payment with Visa. Be careful if you decide to use their service. When I happened, I refused to use them again in future and went  rather to Croatia post to buy new Tele2 card.

Dan Samson Daniel Samson Dan Samson Samson Appellate law samsonappellatelaw Stolen Retainer Money Miami Florida

This is a case of a Lawyer who was paid a flat fee retainer for an appeal until the appeal is exhausted. This Lawyer who is under some sort of Anti Depreesant Drugs, or similar ones, has resigned for no reason, due to his Psyihatric condition and greed, now refuses to refund the retainer money.

The Courts, his clients and potential clients are not aware of his Psycihatric and Mental condition, so the public should be aware of this person.

It is risky for Lawyers who suffer from such mental condition to practice Law as they could forget to take their pills before appearing in Court.

Feel free to ask for full details and correspondence with this guy and his Lawyer.

Be warned from this mentally sick person.




Michael Anderson of Publishers Clearing House this guy says he’s the Chairman of PCH says I won 4.5 million lies about being Chairman of PCH

After the initial lies about who hw is starts asking if you have credit cards & what banks you do business. I knew then not to give him my numbers. These type of guys seem to follow me for some reason. I had the guys from India or Pakistan with the Grants crap too.

I had to report this after I saw it on Bing that this guy did it to others. It looks like he changes phones often as (347)991-2301 was the phone this time. He also gave me this confirmation number 0709583684001. He then hung up after he found out I was on disability.

Stoneycroft Country Club I am in the golf club repair and fitting business. I did some work for the Stoneycroft Country Club back in May. And it took over 9 weeks to get paid on a bill that was close to $800. Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Stoneycroft Country Club Ryan Reynolds I am in the service industry and I did a few projects for some members through their PGA Pro. After completing the project within about 1 week (2 of the three project were done within 2 days the third I had to wait for custom materials to come in).

It took me 9 weeks to get paid on those projects. It was a horrible experience and will not do business again with them. I do believe that the owner of the pro shop tried to rip me off on this. If I did not force the issue I would not have gotten paid the close to $800 I was owed.

 It was a holible experience and I do think thay would have tried to pocket the money if I did not show up to get pain on the project. If anyone is asked to do business with them hold off and make sure you have a set timeframe to get paid. 

Solar installation las vegas.com Alice Arden Alice Arden, Alexandria Arden, Gods Green Scam Changed their name to keep Scam Going Henderson NV

This company is unregistered, uninsured, no contractor license and has ripped off and Scammed many people including Consumers, Employees, Vendors. He is a true scam. This is a non profit orginazation that Scams People and uses God to to try to sell his "Wares" If you do research you will find they have no satisfied clients or customers and really this moron has no idea what he is doing, but he has no problem stealing from anyone!

Favored Panel David Hauser Failure to pay for service that were performed at their request Westbury New York

In July 2019 I reach out to David for payment for services that were over 60 days old.  He said he would pay me that week. It never happened. I did receive a payment for all the services provided that were less then 60 days old and was less then half of the amount over 60 days. I have sent weekly requests up until August 19th of 2019. I have had zero response from him. Although he did try to send work to me to perform. I gracefully declined until his account was paid in full.

Today September 9, 2019 i sent David a demand for payment with a 72 hour payment required. Failure to make this payment will result in filing with the State of Oregon to recoup payment from Favored Panel.

Express Scripts We’ll Fill It When We Feel Like It

First and last experience with Express Scripts – in 50 years I've never seen a less competent organization.. Their motto should be "Express Scripts: We'll Fill Your Prescription When We Feel Like It". Waiting on vacation override of a medication that could result in seizures if I run out.

Twice I was promised an expedited order (they've been trying since the 6th). Today I was told my script is "still in process" and maybe I'll get it Thursday. The rep was insincere and could have cared less. The upshot is I won't have my medication until who knows when and I'll likely be out by then.

They're not only poor at what they do, they're dangerous in their inability to respond. HQ hides somewhere — can't complain to them. Perhaps they hide because of the abysmally bad team under them. – Dr. Smith