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Concerned Patriot Science of Skill, FreeGear Advertzing products and you pay only shipping then take your bank info. Los Vegus Nevada

There are three companies associated with this scam. ConcernedPatriot , Science of Skill, and Freegear.They all work together by bashing you with emails. They advertise if you pay only the shipping you get the item for free. Then when you enter your banking info for shipping they take that info and sign you up for there "Membership".

Then start charging your bank account on a monthly basis. Depending on the company they charge 39.95 for Concerned Patriot, 57.00 for Science of Skill. And 39.95 for Freegear.  After you realize your bank account has been charged if you catch it you can call and ConcernedPatriot and Science of Skill and they will refund your money but still very scam-ish. FreeGear Was willing to refund my bank but the free item was not so free.

I discussed the item which was a Flashlight and case. Apparently, the item costs 16.95 but they say it's free on the website only paying the shipping. But there two charges of 39.95 and one 16.95 charged to my bank. He said that's the charge for the knife and case. I told him it was supposed to be free and I was to only shipping.

He said, Do you still have the knife? I said yes. He said can you send it back. I said yes give me an invoice number and an address and I'll send it back to you. He said no just keep it and I'll only refund 6.95. But they charged me 16.95. He said that's all he could do for me. Every time I started to speak he would interrupt me and said, Ill give you the refund 39.95 and the 39.95 that your about to be billed but I'm charging you 6.95 back from the 16.95. I argued and said I'll just let my bank take care of it.

He starts saying it will cost you a lot more than that trust me. You'll pay a lot more. I had enough so I said make sure it happens. He said you'll have it in 3 to 5 business days. I then hung up. Very Very scam-ish. These companies all work together to take your money with what they call a "membership" only till you discover it's coming out of your bank account without you knowing. 

Thank you Steve Squires [email protected]


Salesflow, Inc. salesflowinc.com, Salesflow Hidden terms in the payment screen’s Terms and Conditions (not the proposal they sent). They won’t refund any money and I haven’t received any services. THEY ARE CONTRACT CRIMINALS, DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT New York NY

I was sweet-talked by a sales person who aggressively got me to sign a proposal for a discounted monthly rate. 

The proposal said $1.5k/mo, billed every month, guaranteeing 30 leads in that time or they will continue to work for free until they get 30. Nothing about cancellation, termination, when payments would be due, or anything else. 

All of those details are nasty and binding – and only found after you agree to the proposal and enter payment details. They add these shady contract terms to the payment entry form and you agree to all of them when you check the small box to Agree to Terms and Conditions.

We had a kickoff call (which in the Terms and Conditions, it states that's when you're charged the first month). I was shocked they charged me after a 20 minute phone call.

After the kickoff call, I had very little faith in their team and approach. I felt that it would not be worth the money and so I asked them to cancel and refund. Mind you, I had not received any actual services yet (I still have not provided them my Linkedin login info, so they can't possibly have performed any services). 

It's an unfortunate way for a business to be run in today's world of trust and customer satisfaction. Yes, the contract is binding, and no they will not refund. They only threatened to do more damage that they are entitled to based on the horrendous contract.

The contract also doesn't guarantee anything by them. If they don't get you 30 leads in 90 days, they are only obligated to "continue working" until they do. But there is nothing specifically to define that. So don't exoect it to happen.

Impressive Fit/Findz I ordered a t-shirt in early December, still haven’t gotten it

I ordered a t-shirt from this company on December 10. I kept checking the site to see if it had been processed, but it had not. On January 6, I reached out to the company to see what was going on; they responded on January 8 saying that due to overwhelming demand, they were still processing the orders.

I wrote to them again on January 17, then again on January 25 to say that if I didn't hear from them by today, I was going to file a dispute with PayPal. I sent one final note last week and then filed a dispute via PayPal. The tracking button on my original order now goes to an error page.


my sister is almost 70 and there were 3 of the places taking money out of her account and she does not even read magizines.

i took over her account and stopped her card and changed her phone. i hate a company that prays on the older folks.

Trusii Jeffrey taraday Trusii/Jeffrey Taraday, not making payments for water systems as promised Davie FL davie florida

I was introduced to Trusii by a friend for a water case study. Trusii offered to pay for the system monthly in return for participation in their "Case Study", and pointed us directly to a funding source. They stopped making payments in April.

I reached out to get this resolved multiple times but got a response in August. That's when I started getting a number of contradicting emails. And then about two weeks ago they reached out saying I owe them all the money back because I didn't meet the case study requirements. I took out a loan for the Trusii so I am obligated to pay that off each month.

On top of all of this, the system is loud when turned on, has grown mildew in the water jug, and to be honest I don't know if it's ever really worked properly. Just makes the water very cold. My mother had to be my cosigner on this and now she has been roped into it all. I wanted to be a part of this case study after having Hodgkin's Lymphoma and arthritis. I thought it would benefit me greatly and instead it's been a huge stress on me and put my mother and I into debt.

Michael Johnson Michael MJ at Napleton Honda Theft by deception Lansing Illinois

My husband was scammed by this guy Michael Johnson of Napleton Honda he was told if he co signed for a client (that he did not know it was something NEW they were doing and it was perfectly legal) he was going to get paid and it will make his credit stronger. 

I found out about the vehicle when the police THREE SQUAD CARS came to my house asking about a guy name Mario someone me nor my husband ever met.  Until today my husband never had paperwork on the vehicle until Michael Johnson called My husband and said the truck had been IMPOUNDED. 

We found out that the 2020 Jeep was 3 months behind in car payments.  By me recently doing my homework found out that the thug Mario had paid Mr. MJ money to put all of this mess together.  All I want is my husbands good name back and for them to leave of alone.

U.S. Post Office Hollywood Branch I ordered from Tree of Life and my package was delivered January 31, 2020. I received a confirmation and tracking number. I received a yellow ticket in my Po Box to pick up my mail Hollywood California

This branch has many people who are angry, and uneducated. This is the third time they have stolen my packages. I ordered from the TreeofLife.com Order A7716. I received confirmation that my package had been shipped, and delivered January 31, 2020. My tracking number is 9400111899561701312178.

Today February 3rd, 2020 I went to the post office and received a yellow ticket indicating that my package was at the front desk to pick up. I went to the front desk and a woman from the Darker Nation, went in the back to look for it. She took fifteen minutes before she returned.

When she came back, she told me that I don't have anything to pick up. The people at this post office are stealing. It needs to be investiaged. This is the third time my packages have come up missing at this location. 

TAX-N-BOOK, INC. Tax N Book Messed up our books, would not reimburse Concord North Carolina

This company lied continually about the books being up to date, but upon performing a basic audit we discovered that they had not been doing even the most basic services. Extremely 'silly' mistakes like not being able to read an invoice, not knowing our legal name, and claiming that it was not their responsibility to categorize transactions tipped us off that something was wrong.

When questioned the founder became angry and confrontational, talked in circles, claimed the work was done when it plainly was not, and claimed that the most basic of bookkeeping services were out of scope and they needed more money.  When given a chance to fix it or reimburse us he refused.

As a tiny operation, being conned out of a full year of expensive bookkeeping is financially devastating. 

Wellcare health Well Care some deactivated my health for a period of 9 -11 days in January my primary insurance that’s against the law so be careful. I was luckY to not have any thing happen to my health but if they did it once they will do it again I Had Brownkitious my account was reactivated feb 1st the deacivated my health insurance for no reason it was paid in full. fliorida TAMPA

Wellcare  They have a lousy network of doctors   right now they are on vacation 2 out 3 doctors  a maternity leave  not to return till mar 10th    the other feb 14  and todays the 5th   custome rservice  is  ok before but not now someone deactivavated my account.

on jan 20  thru 29  and 30,31 ,for no reason  my fees were paid in full .  Now im pissed  what if i needed and operaration  i  would be in real trouble  they are my main insureance.   dont trust them   im taking legal action.   they messed with the wrong person.

M V P Remodeling, LLC ***IS a SCAM** Be Careful, Don’t Hire them. Lakeland Fl

Hired them to put up a screen room, and gave them a deposit of $3500, the lady name Rose, however when i called her she said her name was Michelle, answered and said she was coming back to get an NOC, for permitting however on the NOC there was another contractor name, so i questioned she said " oh we have another company to get the permits for us" so i did my research and found out that MVP  Remodeling does not have a license and the corporation is "inactive", so i called and cancelled the work, this is been going now for 2 weeks and i have no received my downpayment back. and everytime i call that number it sends me to voicemail.

Be Careful, don't hire them.. now i will have to look for legal help. i am 65 yrs and i am very disapointed, cause i really wanted to have the screen room.