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Trusii Wellness Program Services, LLC Charged my Credit card, Never delivered the product, never issued the refund Davie Florida

I put the order for trusii on July 23 2019 and did not receive the product until October 2019. Despite contacting trusii multiple times on Facebook, email, phone calls, Trusii would not respond at all, or Jeff Taraday from trusii will respond "I will look into this for you". 

Upon being neglected and not having received the product for 3 months, I  started a dispute with the credit card company.   I intend for trusii to refund the money paid for a product that was not delivered on time, But as per my credit card company, they have just ignored the refund request.   

Efreedom I hope it’s not TOO LATE for YOU! Orlando FL

Wow, thankfully I have recovered financially from this SCAM of a company. They disclose that 'Success with the programs, products and services we offer will be completely dependent upon the effort, dedication and time any particular individual is prepared to invest.', however, what they fail to disclose is the incredible amount of support you will need in the beginning that they simply DO NOT provide! They mention everything from a family community, trainers that help and support, and a 'hotline' that is there for you whenever needed.

Let me give you the real deal on how getting started with Amazon works. First of all, if you lack self-motivation then yes, this is not the option for you. I fully understand that and do not need to have my hand held. However, the platform itself and the nuances of actually finding profitable products is by no means intuitive or simply a matter of 'putting the hours in'. I really wish I could have that 6-8 months of my life back. I regret talking to my 'trainer support' over 12 times only to be told, oh I don't really have the answer for that or here's the website I would recommend, only to discover I'd need additional paid support through these options (for example, JungleScout and Worldwide brands). By the way, if you do get involved in Amazon, skip efreedom and do get paired with the aforementioned websites instead.

The hotline is really what bothered me the most. The few times I relied on the hotline by call and email as a support option, I was left to discuss my shipping options with efreedom. They completely bothced my order labeling and sent the product out to Amazon FBA wrong. This resulted in chargebacks to me

The only real value I learned from efreedom is easy to find out there on YouTube. I joined efreedom to have a community of support and to make the connections with vendors and warehouses they promise. Let me tell you right now, this support they advertise are just a couple of individuals I won't mention by name who pick up their phone once in a blue moon and don't have anything of value to share. I understand Amazon is competitive, but we were reassured that it's all about finding an 'in' and learning the secrets. No secrets will be shared with you from efreedom, I can promise you that. The warehouses? Wow… I'm happy I didn't waste any more of my money on their products. The few products I did buy from efreedom-recommended warehouses never sold and simply sat dormant.

Sure, there are some answers you'll get a bit quicker in regards to selling on Amazon through efreedom, but it is by no means worth the unbelievable amount of money you will pay to join. You are left to fend for yourself and you are clocked for each trainer call you make, no matter how invaluable they end up being. I'll never forget the feeling I had about 90 months in, about 3:00AM deep into the night, when I realized how much of a mistake I made. I quickly called my credit card company and managed to get half of my money back, worrying that my stockpile of savings would soon run out. I will never get sucked into anything like this again, and I can only hope you stay far far away from this 'ecommerce solution'. The only way this was relevant was maybe back in 2004 or something. You are in for a very rude awakenin. If you are luckily within the 90 days I believe it is, then do yourself a favor and call your Credit Card company and request an immediate refund! Good luck!

Bass Energy Exploration Stole $40,000 from me with no return phone calls or Emails. Dallas Texas

In August 2019 I invested $40,000 with Bass Energy Exploration for 2% working interested in their Noble 3 Well Project located in Noble Country, Oklahoma. 

From the beginning it was suspect.  The check I mailed was never visibly endorsed on the back, when I questioned them on it they provided an excuse and blamed their security.

In November 2019 I'm rightfully getting suspicious that I was being ripped off.  I called their office and was told by Preston Bass that "a large investor dropped out so we only have 30% at this time. 

Now I find out that a form of cancer I previously beat call Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is back.  I need the $40,000 refunded to pay for medical bills.  I've called at least 10 times and written to this company to explain the health issues and a need to the funds retuned.  As you can guess, they have NOT responded.  So here I am, dealing with a crook who will steal $40,000 from a person with a confirmed case of cancer?  They won't call back or respond to email. 

This company is stealing $40,000 from a person with cancer!  I am looking for a full refund, not some excuse.  PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. 



Big Fraud CASH4CLICKZ | CASH4CLICKZ.COM Big Scammer | Making Fool to People Cash4Clickz.com are making Making Fool to People and making money. They are just fraud. Big Scammer please dont trust such bloody fools. Big Fraud CASH4CLICKZ | CASH4CLICKZ.COM Big Scammer Los Angeles California

Let’s Discuss Red Flags Of Cash4clickz Unknown Owner

Cash4Clickzs has not shared any details about its owner or who is behind the website.  In most cases, the owner takes pride in introducing his or her product.

But when a website is not transparent and hides the important data, you should be cautious before entering any sensitive data.

They do not share their details, as they know that the product is not a quality product and they may face any legal suit against them.

Over-Hyped Earnings

As I mentioned above, Cash4Clickz is offering some unbelievable amounts of money for doing some simple tasks like download the app to your device, upload a Youtube video and so on.

Even legit sites can not afford to pay you some pennies for doing such small tasks how can Cash4Clickz is able to give such hefty payouts?

simple, they don’t pay anyone, though they claim that they pay a good amount of money, they have not paid a single member.  Otherwise why the need to post made up and fake testimonials.

If you notice the same testimonial is published on all the #1 Influencer sites,

Omera Ford Nightmare car purchase ! Denver CO

So i was recently discharged from bankrupcy and really needed a reliable form of transportation. So i proceeded to call a mailer i constantly received and set up an appointment with a "Sergio". Upon the arrival we were treated immediately like crap. Shoved us around, didnt care about our time and wouldnt take "no" for an answer.

After circling the lot for a vehicle we found exactly what we were waiting for. Once i test drove a couple of vehicles i immediately fell in love with this car. However- i could only test drive it in the lot becuase of a busted headlight and the car was filthy. I mentined that it was exactly what i was looking for and we starting running numbers because how bad can a busted headlight be? right?…….

So upon running numbers i told them the car wasnt going to be a huge use as i had another vehicle i was using and so they would NOT take no for an answer and would NOT let us leave. I went through about 5 different sales people and everyone gave me a huge story to why i need the freaking car. I thought to myself well usually car loans are not the healthiest of credit but id prefer to rebuild my credit with something i could use instead of credit cards so i finally agreed.

Everyones attitude suddently changed and they thought "we got 'em" so they immidately shoved me into a corner office with a clerk who knew how to rip people off. Sign here, sign there and boom. Done. When i walked outside the car was nice and clean now and supposedly the light was fixed becuase now it was on. Trusted them grabbed the keys and left and 10 minuets into my ride, the light goes out.

Through that experience i did not notice that the vehicle has a transmission issue and sold me the car for almost double the price and i got no dislosures. absolutely none. i went back to fix the headlight and they would not fix it becuase it was now a "electric issue" which needed a work order specifially on the bill of sale which took them 8 weeks to try and find and a week to fix.

dead end voiceboxes, worst customer service overall a horrid experience. 6 months later i still cannot plate the car becuase someone in the title department cant tie thier shoes. I need help out of this !!!!!!

orbitz ORBITZ won’t cancel collision damage fee even if yoou cancel auto rental

we  rented  a  car  12/25/18  at   AVIS    through  orbitz  website,  and  took  collision  damage  at  $11  a  day  total  $88   thru   orbitz  for the   avis  8  day  rental. . We  had  a  verifiable   medical  emergency   and  had  to   cancel  the  car   rental  .

 AVIS   had   no  problem canceling  as  we   had  medical   proof   of   double  pneumonia  and  did   not  charge   us a   dime.   ORBITZ  refused   to refund  the   CDW   of     $88.00   —  even  though the    underlying  car   rental  at  AVIS   was   duly  cancelled. this   is a total   rip   off   by  ORBITZ. RX:  1/  I  will  never  use  ORBITZ  again.  

2/   next  time   i  will book  DIRECT   with the  car rental  agency  who   will   not  rip  us   off   for  CDW  when   a medical  emergency   requires   us  to  cancel  our  trip. Why  should  ORBITZ   collect  a  CDW   for a  nonexistent  car  rental ?  we  are   senior  citizens. we  cannot  afford  to deal   with  ORBITZ. 

ADP ALINE CARD They gave me the run around about getting my $325.86 from spirit airlines who confirmed was refunded on 01/29/2020.

I need my funds back immediately . That was all the money i had. They said  i had to call spirit visa and get a release number before i can get my funds back.I need to purchase a ticket immediately . They are telling me no refund untill spirit airlines contact them.

My confirmation code at spirit was RYR2KF. My fiance booked it and it came in his name so we cancelled . Spirit gave me a reference #230837507 . They refuse to accept that number as a  refernce for a refund. 

Gorilla Case Store.com Gorillacasestore.com VIA Amazon (be careful and check company sourcing). Offered on Amazon Samsung Note 9 glass tempered screen protector for life and i received it broken. Site has NO return options. Matthews NC

Company advertised lifetime replacement which I've had before.. received 1st cover and it was broken when received 

Website has NO return options. It's a scam.

Super thin glass I'm sure it's not tempered and they dont honor what they advertised.

dfwin sent me a pair of ray bans insted of a cordless buffer tucson tucson ,arizona

orderd a cordless buffer sent me a pair of ray bans 

Ebay Ebay seller fees customer service Los Angeles California

I am writing about the outrageous fees and lack of customer service that ebay touts themselves for. They are a total ripoff and to try to get justice from their customer service is a joke. I sold a very expensive purse and the fees were out of this world ridiculous and the buyer was fraudulent and after 12 years of 100%feedback nd over 550 reviews they sided with a liar with less than 50 reviews. To explain the pain and over 90 days of hell as well as over $1000 of my money they basically told me to go screw myself.

To tell the whole story would take hours of typing but let me tell you do not sell anything on eBay you will get screwed use any other option other than ebay. Beware