pr.Business Elliott Abboud This “prestigious company” took my money and nothing else. Boca Raton Florida


Cold call from “Sam.”  Told me who he was and represented.  I needed SEO for my site and was looking. Told me it would cost $299 and monthly charge of $30.  I said “ok.” 

Following week met with on-boarding person who then informed me it would be over $2000.  Great!  I reluctantly agreed for $1999.WE played the game of interest for another week and then nothing. 

I called multiple times and multiple emails.  Left me no choice but to file with Att Gen for Florida, AmEx, FTC, and BBB.  Currently under investigation.  This place is a scam.  

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THESE PEOPLE.  All the reviews are fake and the owner or manager is a complete narcissist.  Thier rebuttals to their former clients are entirely rude, crude and unnecessary.  I don’t know how these people remain in business.  Why is their no justice in the world??