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Amanda Bruno Amanda Moutria Bruno Con Artist That Will Be Going To Jail Murphysboro IL

Merchants beware of this thief. She will file immediate disputes trying to play stupid over purchases she knowingly made. It will start out she will by things using her parents address which is the credit card’s billable address. The second she completes the transaction she will wait exactly 1 week thinking you had already shipped the item and then contact her hick bank and file a dispute claiming she never authorized the transaction and you stole her credit card information.

All the information, name, address, phone, email everything even the fake IP address she tried to use pointed back to this crook. We will not tolerate idiots like this one that thinks they can steal from online merchants, purposely lie to a bank, and think they will get away with it as the run and hide under a rock like this hick did.

She will also try to use the address of (((REDACTED))) Pinckville IL (((REDACTED))) of where she really lives.

Ga auto imports Sold me a car that broke down the next day Buford Ga

I purchased an XF Jacquar from Jack at Ga Auto Imports on the afternoon of April 29, 2021. At 5:00 AM the very next morning while on my way out of town my car stopped in the middle of the street!!  I cranked it back up and it stopped twice more!! This could have been a serious or even deadly accident but thank God it wasn’t, just a lot of angry people on their way to work blowing at me to get out of the street!!!! Since I was on my way out of town and Ga Auto was not yet opened, I had to get my car to a mechanic. He said that it was going to take him 2 weeks to fix my car therefore, I had to get a rental car!!!

I called Jack and he suggested that I bring the car to them. Now how was I going to do this if the car was not running and furthermore, I was over 100 miles away?!! The mechanic did a diagnostic test on the car and 9 lights lit up!!!!! It ended up that he had to replace nine coils. The total came to $847 including labor.  I called Jack and gave him the update and the invoice from the mechanic and he said that if you would have brought it to us we could have fixed it for $150!!!!! The parts cost more than that!! So my question was, were they just going to patch my car up?   

I continued to call Jack but the only thing  I got was frustration!!!! A few days later my friend called him to see if there was something that could be done to resolve this issue where everyone involved could walk away satisfied.  She said that Jack promised to talk to the owner Sean and get back with her. NO call back so she called the next day and suggested that since I still owed $400 for the tag and title would they take that away from the cost of the repairs plus $200 for the SERIOUS  inconvenience and car rental for 3 days and call it a day. Once more he said he would talk to Sean and get back with her but to this day no calls.

Are they doing just enough to these cars to get them off of the lot and then it’s your problem?  If anyone is considering purchasing a car from here I would not do it.  I put a review on their business page  and somehow it just dissappeared… I wonder how. 

Vanderis Hardware vanderis.com Made online purchase, received message credit card not approved, no email communication, was charged on credit card Miami FL

Placed order on merchant’s website, Vanderis.com, on May 9th, 2021 and received the following message, “Your order has been received via the Internet and order is ready to be processed. However, your credit card declined Vanderis Hardware’s attempt to authorize the order amount. As a result, your order is on hold.” However the purchase showed as authorized through my banks credit card site.

I emailed the merchant the following day on May 10th in the afternoon, advising the authorization did go through but I didn’t receive ANY form of communication of order confirmation from the merchant via email at all. I also tried to call the merchant before 8:30pm (the closing time on their website) on the number posted on their website, and received a fast busy signal, indicating it was NOT a valid number. Still, the merchant did not respond back.

The next day on May 11th the charge posted to my account, meaning the merchant then had been paid. Still no response from the merchant.

I messaged the merchant today, May 12th in the afternoon, requesting the merchant to respond and still nothing. I tried once again to call the listed phone on the merchant’s website, and still a fast-busy signal.

The posted charge lists a phone number, but when I looked it up on line, it goes to a person living in Virginia. The merchant is a Hardware store supposedly out of Miami, but has NO internet social media presence either, so they’re not a big conglomerate with headquarters elsewhere. In fact, I couldn’t find ANY info online about the supposed merchant’s site (wish I wouldn’t have been so hasty and done this research before, but this is the best designed bogus website I’ve ever seen).

The address listed on the merchant’s website is not a commercial address, but it’s a residential address in Miami at a townhome community address, which is all verifiable via internet searches.

I have put the item in dispute with my credit card which has not yet been resolved, but hopefully anyone else that comes across this bogus website will do the research and see this review and then do further research themselves to verify what I’ve said is true, before trying to buy from this bogus website.

Upwork.com by Kushtrim Beha $2050.00 Stolen 

Kushtrim Beha charged me for work that was never done, and instead of working on the project for which I paid (under the terms and conditions agreed upon in the contract he signed), he worked on other people’s projects. That constitutes THEFT, and it’s not reasonable for me to wait for a project that Kushtrim Beha charged me for but didn’t deliver.

To be clear, he charged me for work that was never received.

On the 8th of April, Kushtrim Beha stated, “Let’s get started the project. In the case I won’t satisfy your requirements, I will give you full money back.”, thus there is no excuse for receiving a full refund in good faith from Upwork.com but they have not refunded me, so I called my financial institution.

Because he had been billing me without presenting any work for 3 weeks, the contract was paused. Then on the 26th of April, Kushtrim Beha had the audacity to ask me to resume the contract so he could continue charging me for work he never intended to do, as he states, “Hello, can you please resume the contract this week?”.

I have asked to see the work and progress, but he only makes excuses for zero evidence he has of performing any work. Everything about his behavior is one of a con artist. When his profile was still visible, his “Job Success” was less than 39%.

I wrote 3 emails to Upwork.com advising that Kushtrim Beha failed to keep his part of the agreement and hasn’t been forthright about this process, and encouraged them (upwork.com and Kushtrim) to do the right thing in good faith, and return all the money [$2050.00] in a civil fashion.

Kushtrim Beha hasn’t performed any work during the time afforded him and didn’t deliver after the week extension. Even after addressing this in a civil fashion, in attempts to rectify the situation, he failed to act in good faith on the contractual agreement. Yes, he signed a contract and I can prove everything, so beware of Kushtrim. He’s a scam artist and a thief.

Brian P. Troiano, Troiano International Inc. Brian Trovaso stole my membership money, my prospects and sales. Tampa Bay Florida

In 2017 I was ripped off for over $20,000 by Brian P. Troiano and his company Troiano International Inc. Brian used the fake name Brian Trovaso. He stole my membership money, prospects and sales. I took Brian to court in 2019 and won a default Judgment against him.

I gave him a chance to pay me back and he started to at first but now has failed to do so. Do not do business with Brian P. Troiano, Brian Trovaso or Troiano International Inc.

Watch out! These people use fake names and P.O. Boxes to hide their tracks.

Sugarhouse Online Casino BetRivers They tried to keep $3750

Below is the EXACT email I sent to DGE in NJ (Department of Gaming Enforcement)

Only after DGE (who are fabulous) contacted them, did I receive my money.

STAY AWAY FROM SUGARHOUSE CASINO – www.playsugarhouse.com


In order:

I deposited $3000 into SH through their Play+ card. I used a PayPal
Debit Card. Deposit went through without issue
I played and won $750 and requested a withdrawal of $3750.00 at 3:13pm
to my PayPal acc.
Same PP account I have used for 5-6 years
The WD said “within 2 days”
I know SH takes long so I waited

I contacted SH through their “chat” and was told it would be escalated

I contacted SH through their online form asking for my money and that
it was now FOUR DAYS
I received no reply, then received SIX emails at once all requesting
different credit/debit cards (front/back images).
I did not use these to deposit this deposit. As far as SH goes I used
their Play+ card and I have used that dozens of times without issue
Three of the cards I have and sent images of.
The other three are old cards that I no longer have and are no longer active.
I emailed SH ASAP to explain and as of over 2 days later I have
received ZERO reply
I looked up the contact number they have on website and that number is
no longer in service – that has to be a VIIOLATION

I play at 9 different casinos and they are the dirt worst.
I will cancel my account asap (after my money is paid)
I am owed a total of $3770.03 (I had $20.03 in the account and asked
that to be WD in a separate WD)

I am enclosing some attachments and I can forward my emails requesting
help before I contact you and/or sue if you need

There is ZERO REASON they need to see SIX cards info
Three I haven’t used in 2021 and maybe much longer
They are playing games with a loyal patron who NEVER had an issue

BTW … I have withdrawn $22,237.00 to that same PayPal account in
2021 alone without issue

This is not fair


In closing …


Arie gershon Arik gershon Ari gershon Jon davis Arie gershon and Jon Davis ripped me off

Arie gershon and Jon Davis who I filed a previous rip off report on have coroberated in an attempt to hostile take over my company divine foundation construction after getting me to spend all this money time and energy only to “pull the rug out from underneath me” They have not only cost me tremendous financial devestation but also harmed my reputation.

This is extremly unethical by stealing my connections, tricking me financially, circumventing, and excluding me from my own company, beware of doing business with either of these 2 as they are unethical and black listed, arie gershon also owes me money which he never paid and now the damage is tremendous, I tried to help him however he wouldn’t listen and chose to be unethical and rip me off along with Jon Davis. Arie said to me he doesn’t care he has 3 attorneys on pay roll with him and his partner Jacob and is not concern about any lawsuit, clearly he is ok with being unethical along with Jon.

Adrian fulle VP of Marketing at First Onsite Property Restoration First on-site property restoration Adrian fulle VP of Marketing at First Onsite Property Restoration ripped me off

This is a rip off report on Adrian fulle, for being an unethical liar and now he is working As VP of Marketing at First Onsite Property Restoration. This is bad because restoration is involved in dealing with insurance which requires good morals.

I personally have been ripped off and witnessed Adrian’s lack of ethics and moral which makes him a threat and liability as far as being in a position now where he is dealing with insurance pay outs which requires ethical and moral character which I have first hand l witnessed him not being.

Ewheelsdealers Ewheels sells defective products Phoenix Arizona

Ewheels sold us a defective mobility scooter with missing shock bolts. It had several other loose bolts including brake nuts that were loose. Have pictures Then the forward and reverse also not working. Contacted ewheels they replaced the missing bolts but that’s it. We have been trying to call ewheels almost daily for a month. Nobody answers their phones. Nobody will return your calls or emails. After a month they finally responded with email saying that their warranty/ return is for 15 days, I responded with pictures of their warranty on their website it reads 30/90 days…..Their response we are updating or website.

I have filed numerous complaints with Federal and State agencies. I guess Ewheeldealers would rather deal with the Government versus their customers.  Ewheeldealers does not have repair manuals or wiring schematics for their Ew-46. Even the technician did not know how to fix the forward and reverse issue…. Buyers beware. I would never buy from ewheels read all reviews. At the BBB and places like Amazon or even YouTube videos. 

American Standard Safety Tubs Cheat Sales reps out of earned commissions Grand Prairie TX

Work for this company in Sales, and expect to be “nickeled and dimed” about earned commissions.  They will falsely accuse Sales people of unauthorized sales discounts, cheat them out partial and total commissions.  This company GROSSLY overcharges customers for walk in tubs, uses high pressure sales tactics, and prays on seniors and people with limited income.  Why pay them $ 15,000 to $20,000 for a walk in tub when you can purchase a better qualify for thousands less.  The American Standard name is tarnished by the idiot red neck managment team.