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InterCoast College Fairfield,CA Alcohol & Drug Counselor program Fairfield California

2017 – Teacher quit then they put us in a class that was not part of  ADC program

Charged for program when we werent learning what we signed up for.

2017-2018 – Had 3 different instructors 2 not familiar with program or new material 

2019- Teacher stated program isnt accurate or up to date 

2019- Teaching as they go with no set material 

2019- School loans for not getting educated and still charged




Michelle @Natural Wonder They didn’t give me what they promised . And lied to me. My report is being sent to my bank. This place is a fraud. They make claims and do not deliver nor return your money, and lots of it, None of what theydid to my face have made a single bit of difference. Chandler AZ

– cell #- 480-937-8798 and Rachel @Natural Wonder Michelle Rachel They charged me for items they didn't give me. Not only that but when I got home and followed the instructions and took the product off my face, there was no change at all on the wrinkles that she had"worked" on. This is a scam. And a very expensive one.

I took it back not even opening it, and they refused. Said I needed to call main office, Rachel. at the store said that company policy wont let them do an return , which they don't tell you, BUT, they could do an exchange. They can't return because you might have left it in the sun, opened it, etc… But they can exchange it when you might have done the same thing???I see FRAUD.

Triplett Properties Filed False Collection Information Ames Iowa

The facts of this matter are:

·       I left Tripplett Properties in Dec 31st, 2018

·       I requested a final bill be sent to myself in February of 2019

o   Iowa law requires a final bill be sent within 30 days of the request per Chapter 562A.12 (Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Law) Section 3. a. which states that a rental deposit mut be returned in full within 30 days of receiving written notice of where to send the deposit. Any withholding of such deposit will be notated in an itemized list provided to the tenant.

·       Tripplett Properties sent me the final bill with the itemized withholdings and a partial refund in March of 2019.

·       Hunter Warfield created a collections account for myself in August of 2019 and began to harass myself with mailings and consistent phone calls

o   I requested them to cease both actions to which they did not

o   I submitted a BBB complaint against the company which lead to them stop mailing and calling my phone

·       In August 2019, I submitted a complaint to the Attorney General of Iowa to begin investigating Hunter Warfield. Hunter Warfield was unable to explain to the State Attorney General why they were trying to collect on a satisfied account and why they were ignoring the previously noted State laws        

·       In November 2019, Hunter Warfield placed a collections account on my Equifax report

o   I was quickly able to dispute the account and Equifax reported that Hunter Warfield was unable to prove that the account was even my account to begin with

·       In January 2020, Hunter Warfield again placed a collections account on my report, this time with TransUnion

o   I was able to begin the dispute process when I noticed it on the report February 12th, 2020

Tripplett Properties have never asked for any payment since the final bill. Hunter Warfield has never sent an explanation as to why the bill is owed (i.e., an itemized list). Therefor, this account has been both fraudulently (not an account I owe) and illegally created (against State laws) and placed on my report.

Select Home Warranty Avoiding fulfilling contract

I have been a customer for 3 years and now I need to use the warranty. I will be dropping them as soon as this is over. I've never had these issues with other warranty companies before. I have just filed a complaint with the BBB and hope that something comes out of it.

I have 3 claims that I filed at the end of December 2019 that are not being fulfilled; it is now February 17, 2020. The claims involve 2 plumbing issues and 1 HVAC issue. The contractor that Select Home Warranty sent to me in December was a regular handyman not licensed for plumbing or HVAC. He did not fix anything and insulted me on top of that.

Each week I have called Select Home Warranty for a status check on my claims. During one of the "reschedules", they tried to resend the handyman for the plumbing and then an appliance contractor for the HVAC system. I had to call them back again to straighten that out and, of course, they found out that the appliance contractor doesn't work on HVAC systems.

I am consistently told that it will take up to 48 hours for them to find a technician. I have multiple emails stating "…we are still working on dispatching your claim and should have a Technician lined up shortly…". I have multiple emails stating "…your claim #… is presently open in our system … In the event we do not receive a response within [7 / 2] days from the date of this email. We will consider this claim closed…"

From what I'm guessing, based on my emails and phone calls, is that each time I call, they start the whole vetting process over.

Buddy’s Towing L.C. after leaving my vehicle for a routine oil change and grease job the vehicle was not serviced and was found two weeks later at another garage with a additional 1500 miles and parts stolen from it. Daytona Beach Florida

  I called Good Sam Towing to have my rear brakes released because the RV had set to long. This company came out and released the brakes.  They talked me into having the oil changed and a grease job.  I drove the motorhome to their garage. 

Two weeks later I found the motorhome at a company called Maudlin International Parts and Service Daytona Beach LLC. The vehicle had extensive damage and over 1500 additional miles. The owner of Buddy's Towing a Helen D. Taylor would not even talk to me. 

It has cost me in excess of $8000 to fix the unit.   

Matrixautopart.com Matrix auto parts These are people from India scamming people out of money on auto parts Dallas Texas

Matrixautoparts.com  is not a legit US Business.  Somehow they have been able to get both my phone number and my associates phone number, and they call from different phone numbers claiming that we contacted them to buy an engine.  I did not recognize the name and I immediately went on google and  discovered that they have a F rating on the better business bureau and that they claim to be in Texas.

Warning:  They are not in Texas, every legit business should be checked with the secretary of state business entities in that state.  While some business does use overseas customer service when they are out of the office, they would not have a website with no phone number listed on that website.

The only place I looked for an engine was on ebay, and facebook.  I did not give out my name or phone number to anyone, and I would never give it to someone in india.  Americans have to be very careful online and should never just pay over the telephone without first checking out the business and also the rip off report. 

This is the first report here, but I am sure after reading the scams they pulled on people just a month ago, that there are more victims.  I am passing along the information to ICANN computer internet crimes and also to the attorney general's office in Texas.

PostalExam473e.com, USAPostalExam.com, MyPostalExam.com Selling old material that is irrelevant for test

I paid $39 to get help to pass exam to get hired at post office. The material says it will help with Postal Battery Exam 473 but when I applied for a job I was asked to take a different test. Turns out post office doesn't use 473 anymore for these types of jobs. So they are misrepresenting what their material is and that they can help you prepare. Total Scam!!!!

Psychotherapist Patience Hill-Berardi Patience Leah; Mrs Hill-Berardi; Mrs Berardi; Ms. Berardi; Patience; Psychotherapist Patience Leah; Belleville Ontario She was a horrific therapist, entire time spent discussing herself, mocking me, smirking at me when I discussed my pain Belleville Ontario

I went in for 2 sessions to see Patience Hill-Berardi who practices in Belleville Ontario.  The first session was to get to know me and my background of course.  I found her extremely odd but brushed it off as being hyper sensitive perhaps.  The more I discussed my pain and cried, the more she had this huge smirk and smile on her face.  Every time I looked close at her, she "caught" herself and seemed to regroup back to a bizarre blank stare as if she wasn't even listening.

I decided to give her a second try, feeling it was something I was being over sensitive to.  But no, there she was again, each time I brought up some issue, she brought up her own issues, spoke about herself and her problems and when I got back to mine and was crying, she was smiling and I mean a huge smile.  She was enjoying my pain.  I felt sick to my stomach.  This woman was enjoying my pain, my skin was crawling and I tried to talk to her about it.  She denied it and was mocking me about my own pain, accusing me of overexaggering my life and being overdramatic.  She said she could tell people like me off the start and she was there to shock me into being real.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I am a victim of child sexual abuse.  My abuser is documented AND behind bars but here she was telling me I was overexaggerating? She mocked me, smirked and smiled, she enjoyed pushing buttons and when I was upset at her, she twisted it and said I was the one creating more problems.  After saying these things to me, she'd quietly sit back and smile and say nothing for a few minutes.

I left 20 minutes before the session was supposed to be done. I was numb to my core.  The 2 sessions with her were so damaging to me I cannot trust anyone now.  I don't want to see a therapist or talk to my own doctor about this.  

I think people need to be warned about this woman!  She's young and very unstable.  

I once heard a lady on the news who taught the police about psychopaths.  Her name is Pat Brown, she's a Criminal Profiler.  She said she's done a lot of guest speaking at many colleges around the nation in the psychological field.  She found the most dangerous people were the ones taking psychology degree's.  Most go into it not to become psychologists, but to understand themselves and what happened to them and their lives.  I have to wonder if Mrs.  Patience Hill-Berardi is one of these women.  We read about people like this but I feel I've experienced it.

It was like dealing with a crazy mother in law but 10000% worse and much more dangerous and harmful.  If you know what I mean, ladies???  (but she's very young, so she has years to practice).

LILI LILI Advertising scam. Ordered a DeWalt drill combo in December 2019. Never received, sent a pair a Rayban sun glasses on February 17 th in which I didn’t order. Tuianshichengxiangqu Fujian

I ordered a DeWalt drill combo set in December 2019. Never received anything but a pair of sunglasses in February in which I never ordered.



They did not ship any product, buy from them at your own risk.