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Excl Logistics Anil Bhambi Excl Logistics llc./Anil Bhambi Kent Washington

I worked with Excl for 8 months, in which time I was paid on time ONCE (I was SUPPOSED to be paid weekly). I have been lied to by pretty much everyone there, including all the upper management & owner. They treat you like you’re an incompetent idiot. They’ll tell you that you’re pay was put in your account days prior, yet the bank will have no record of said transaction. They want you to run illegal, offer you money to do so, then they won’t pay you for weeks or only offer you a partial payment and say they need to investigate how you came up with that total.

The owner is a pathological liar, yet claims he doesn’t lie. He’s broken his word, promises, guarantees and contracts to me so many times, I’ve lost count! He’ll claim he’s paid you for day’s or weeks, yet he has not. He’ll claim a check had been mailed or money has cleared their account, which is a lie. They’ll bounce multiple checks for the same pay period (my personal record was 4), then not offer to pay the NSF fees or late fees.

The trucks are junk, all of the ones I’ve driven were illegal and would fail the simplest of inspections. They were audited by the Washington State Patrol and didn’t fair very well. They have drivers wrecking on an almost daily basis, to the point they have to be self-insured.

The Spokane division, located off of Trent ave, is a unique setup. They park trailers IN the road, which is clearly city property, blocking access to the other end of the road. 

Excl fails 99.9% of their deliveries, sometimes by hours, but 95%+ by days or weeks. Which creates an amazing exchange between the local drivers, who have had nothing to do with the load being tardy, and the client. It’s a VERY embarrassing situation that, literally, happens everyday!

If you LOVE waiting for hours and days for lumper fees and fuel codes, this is the place for you! I’ve personally had to wait TWO DAYS to get fuel, after the first 3 EFS codes failed. Why you ask? Because the fuel cards were shut-off! You’ll make make lots of friends, sitting and waiting for hours on lumper fees…you’ll be there longer than most of the shift workers. The SOP is fail one or two EFS and/or comchecks, followed closely by one or two declined credit cards…all the while you watch other trucks come and go.

Employee morale is AMAZING at Excl and love for management grows daily! Their sister company, PNW, was shutdown by the state of Washington because they were audited, penalized and did NOTHING they were told to, including paying their fine. I haven’t been paid in 3+ weeks, the owner says I’m EXTORTING him ‘every two weeks’.

Paul Schroeder We got ripped off.

He’s working on PSP called Merchant Processing group. when we gave the funds for the payment the cards suddenly stopped working and transactions are not going throught.

Paul Taurkavage [email protected] CEO of Dorsihealth contracted us to help them get work done. After completing task he decided to fire us claiming the job we did wasn’t good enough. Philadephia

My company was requested by Dorsihealth.com to complete a job for them. Greenlabzmedia we do PR for our clients and in good faith we decided to write the article and submit for him to approve. However after work was completed he claimed what we did wasn’t good enough.

Thus we told him we would rewrite and work again to achieve what he wants. Still he gave some bogus claim that he doesn’t want to pay even after rewriting. We told him to pay for the writing if he wouldn’t pay for the complete work and he insulted us, rubbished us and told us to go to hell. Certainly Paul CEO of dorsihealth must have been doing this sort of thing for a while. Why tell someone to work for you and you don’t want to pay them. He is a fraud! DorsiHealth is a company you should avoid. Their products must be fraudulent also. 

Keenwalking undersized poor quality shoes that can not be reasonably returned

My wife ordered and recieved a pair of shoes that were her nornal size.  When they arrived they were way too small (see picture) and verry poor quality.  We for a return authorization.  We were offered an exchange for someting else on the web site but given our experience we declined and asked for a refund.  This is their response: 

“If you want to get your full refund, please send the item back to the following address:

Receiver: Liangchao Xie

Address: Room 201, Unit 3, Building 66, Taojieling Community, Futian Subdistrict

City: Yiwu, Jinhua

State: Zhejiang

Country: China 

Zipcode :322000 

Phone: 0086-13575957097

Please pay the shipping fee for sending them back and make sure that it is still new, unused. We will only issue the full refund once received at our warehouse. Besides that, you should inform the shipping company that the item’s price is lower than $5 to avoid an extra fee. 

However, we can offer you a better solution for this issue. We will refund 10% of the product value and you can keep it, no need to return them to China since the shipping cost should be expensive. Also, due to the current health situation, the return will be quite risky. We can refund shortly, no need to wait for the delivery as well.

*NOTE: The address in the USA is a delivery company warehouse, they do not handle exchange or return. We only can work on your issue if you send the item to the address that we provided.”

This amounts to saying no returns and the 10% offer is insulting.

Beltone of Spartanburg, SC Beltone advised that Z Power 312 rechargeable batteries no longer available (LIE) in order to sell me new hearing aids. Avoid Beltone ! Spartanburg South Carolina

I was called in for my annual check up, not told that my rechargeable hearing aid batteries could no longer be replaced until I got there. I was asked to bring my wife with me for the 120 mile round trip which I found strange…and when I got there got the bad news about the batteries and received a sales pitch on the latest and greatest hearing aid Beltone offers, no discount; however. I was told the battery company suddenly went out of business, but oh well, hearing aids only last 4-5 years anyway.

My hearing aids were supposed to be ‘top of the line’ $6500 hearing aids that could be upgraded for years as technology advanced. They lied, the rechargeable Z Power 312 batteries are still available. The company reorganized which many do and the manufacturer is and always has been “Riot Energy” < https://www.zpowerbattery.com/> The lifespan of these batteries is a few months. You can buy direct from the website. Re-sellers buy from Riot Energy and put them on Amazon and Ebay. Batteries won’t last long if they have been warehoused for long periods by re-sellers. One needs to buy fresh ones from Riot Energy.

The Beltone Rep lied to me when she said that the rechargeable batteries were no longer available. I suspect that I was lied to from the beginning on the quality of the hearing aids and ability of an upgrade all to jack up the price. Riot Energy advised me that the Z Power batteries would last around a year and that I could order annually as needed. Beltone is not to be trusted, it’s all about sales not service.

Sammy & Jacklyn Sappington Jackie . Samboy Jacklyn find dogs then abuse them / if they are out she will pick them up wont let them go back to their homes Ramsey Indiana

watch out for this crazy person her and her husband take dogs they see on the roads take them home say they love them then seen abusing them.

Pure gem.co Candice Smith Items to be returned are to be shipped to Australia and not New York where they were shipped from originally making it not worth it to return and shoe size is smaller than normal Winnellie Northern Territory

Shoe size was too small for the size described. Return is to Australia but item shipped from New York. Cost of shipping to Australia makes it not worth returning leaving customer with a unuseable product.

Nina Chabria ninachabria issue with nina chabria New York NY

nina chabria was advertising on Craigslist. A sincere and ordinary post. When sending emails, nina chabria uses scripts. She was discovered here as nina chabria, and all reports and communications are verbatim. You can read previous posts; there’s no point in me repeating what others have said. I realized what was going on when I replied with an email that should have gotten an original response.

nina chabria returned to her scripts. I tried it again, but it didn’t work, so I went back to her scripts. Though it’s amusing that she claims to reside here and mentions an actual street name as well as the name of the neighborhood in where the street is located. Years ago, I used to reside in the region.

Last known address:
New York NY (((REDACTED)))

I’m not sure if nina chabria is genuinely residing here. She’s now sending images of a blonde female in her late twenties, which are identical to those shown on craigslist. I acquired her by drafting an off-the-wall email to her ostensible “mother” and sending it to her with a few more words. She went straight to the script, requesting $525 in order to stay in South Africa and settle the cash settlement for her travels to here. I then sent nina chabria an email essentially letting her know that I was aware of her activities, and I even included photos from here alongside the ones she had sent me.

francoisft.com Fake Website Lacey 5501 Boardwalk St SE

I created an online account and I purchased products through the website and paid through the PayPal guest option on 8/6/2021 totaling 98.99. I was emailed a receipt of the purchase which had the invoice number, payment, and shipping information .

When I went to check the shipping of my product, it still showed processing on 8/18. I went to the site to call the customer number and its out of order. I sent emails but they are being returned undeliverable. The site looks legit, but after you pay there is no way to get ahold of anyone and no way to get your ordered items.

Bob Martin AKA: Richlee, Tallmenshoes, Elevators Bob Martin Ripped Me Off by Not Providing a Fair Settlement for Shoes that Arrived Damaged.

Bob Martin represents Richlee Shoe Company, Tallmanshoes, Elevators. They sell men’s shoes. I’ve been a loyal customer for 30 years. My last transaction was a disaster. The shoes arrived damaged. I waited a full day before complaining. In the meantime, my wife throws the boxes away, and because she knew I was upset with the damaged shoes she drops my shoes off at a shoe repair shop. She wanted to quickly solve the problem.

I finally wrote to Bob Martin to explain about the quality of the shoes. I thought he should know that he is shipping out damaged shoes.  He was somewhat arrogant and almost insulting. I clearly explained the situation with the shoes – however, he “acted” like he didn’t understand. I wrote to him so a 3rd grader could understand. Playing “dumb” comes in handy when you intend to rip someone off, I guess.

I told him my wife threw away the boxes and the shoes were at the shoe repair shop. I fully and clearly explained the damage to the shoes. He thanked me for being a 30-year customer – however, he said that my shoes must be returned to so he could inspect the shoes, then he would refund my money IF they were damaged. In other words, Bob Martin insulted me by saying he had to SEE the shoes even though I had been a customer for 30 years. My long-term loyalty to his company did not matter.

Bob acted like he NEVER read about the boxes being thrown away and “acted” like he never read about my shoes being dropped at the shoe repair shop.

I found a website where Mr. Martin sells damaged shoes at discount prices. This proves that Mr. Martin knows that many shoes are damaged. I asked Mr. Martin if he could provide a price for damaged shoes and refund the difference. He said “NO” he would not do that. He repeated his same mantra -that I had to return the shoes for his inspection.

A few hours later, I researched complaints about Bob Martin – and found several people on forums who confessed they returned shoes to Mr. Martin but they were NEVER refunded these for the shoes. Mr. Martin kept their money.

In his last email to me, he cleverly constructed an email to make himself look like an honest and gracious man and again, he repeated his policy where I must return the shoes. I believe Mr. Martin plans to resell my shoes as damaged shoes and keep my money. He probably sells the same damaged shoes over and over again. I feel this is another income stream for Mr. Martin. In my opinion, Bob Martin is not to be trusted – he is fundamentally a dishonest man.

Keep in mind, even though he was told my shoes were at the shoe repair shop, he never even offered to pay for the damages. The cost of fixing my shoes was $17. 

Naturally, it’s up to you if you want to do business with Bob Martin. I felt riped-off and I will never do business with him again. I ended my email exchange by calling him an A-hole and I was done with communicating with him. It became meaningless.