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Perez Grimes or Superior 1 services Perez Grimes , is defrauding people, out of their money he is a local licensed real estate agent comes up with ideas to get people to give him money misleading them into thinking that they’re investing into real estate properties Nashville TN – Tennessee

Perez Grimes or Superior 1 services Perez Grimes , is defrauding people, out of their money he is a local licensed real estate agent comes up with ideas to get people to give him money misleading them into thinking that they're investing into real estate properties who tells you that he'll double your money set you up trust that will pay out on a monthly basis who requires a $50,000 deposit then he'll tell you that whatever you have you can work with it once you give him the money's you come up with plenty of excuses on why the project or investment was not successful and you're out of your money could have stopped two lies and unfair treatment and don't allow this to happen to you he took money and has begin to deflect on the situation did you not give this man any money do your due diligence on any investments with mr. Perez Grimes.

Used his teammate, to defraud me out of my money be careful he may even reference as a loyal and honest person. He is not he's misleading and selfish person. Lead you on take your money and then act as if you've done something to him. They took my money in August 2019 they stated that I would receive it back January 7th 2020 never gave me my money back then they started making excuses about the project. There is never a project it's all a scam and they're frauding people out of their money to pay for personal needs put a stop to them immediately no one deserves to lose any money or be misled any longer 



Identifying Corona virus  Covid-19 rip-off scams –  there aren’t really any “100% safe” zones  – Phishing, malware ransomware warnings – Price Gouging – HELPFUL RESOURCES – Dangerous Masks

How to identify
COVID 19 rip-off scams…


As the world battles the Coronavirus pandemic, scammers find new ways to trick or otherwise take advantage of people, both online and in person.  Were here to bring you some information in hopes it will help you from becoming a victim.

With all the information being reported on the COVID-19 virus, it’s difficult to differentiate between actual facts versus “fake news” being presented as facts.  The information below will help you spot some of the common scams going on right now.

First, it’s important to know where the scammers are striking so you can be more proactive about protecting yourself.  The following are different mediums that are being used:

  1. Internet (through websites and/or social media applications)
  2. Phones (calling or texting)
  3. In-person (showing up at your door)

What is clear, based upon the above list is that there aren’t really any “100% safe” zones … and this is true regardless of whether or not there is a global pandemic going on.  Nevertheless, there are certain types of scams that are currently more prevalent and we will take a look at a few of those below.


Phishing and malware are always issues that you should be watching out for, however Ars Technica recently reported that “[e]mails and websites are promising vital information about keeping safe from the coronavirus” when in fact such emails and websites “are scams that push malware, ransomware, and disinformation; attempt to steal passwords and personal information; and conduct espionage operations by hackers working for nation-states.”  The Ars Technica article provided some very useful information about the problematic Android app, email phishing scams and known malicious websites.

Hoarders are just hoarding all the TP, wipes and sanitizer for their personal use.  Price gouging is another HUGE problem being reported right now.  An example of price gouging is where someone buys products at fair market price, say $4.00 for a small bottle of hand sanitizer, waits for the product to become scarce, and then turns around and tries to re-sell it privately to desperate people at a heavily marked up price.  That same $4.00 bottle of hand sanitizer is now $25.00 or higher, for ONE bottle! Sadly, it’s not just private citizens playing the price gouging game.  Businesses too are inflating prices of scarce products in effort to make a buck.

Fortunately, many states have laws against such actions and state Attorneys General offices have been asking consumers to file complaints with their offices so that they may attempt to stop it.  In fact, KHOU 11 reported that “4000 price-gouging complaints have been filed in Texas during COVID-19 emergency.”  That’s a TON of complains since their Governor declared the emergency on March 13th. 


If you are using an Andriod phone, be sure to read the Ars Technical article that relates to a problematic app that promises access to a cool map that will give you real time virus tracking when in fact it is actually laced with ransomware.

Beyond the apps on your phone, the scammers will be calling. Fox Carolina reported that Oconee County, South Carolina deputies have been warning people about a possible new scam where “scammers are pretending to represent a coronavirus hotline” asking citizens for personal information.  It goes without saying that you should never give out personal information over the phone.  If you don’t actually know who is calling … best be is to assume they are a scammer.  You can always ask for their information, organization name and phone number and then do more investigation after you get off the phone to see if that person or organization is legitimate or not.

KFDA/News Channel 10 reported that the Amarillo Police Department had been receiving calls about scammers and advised people that “you should never give money to someone before getting a product” and to avoid taking a “strangers” word.


Believe it or not, officials are NOT going to be showing up at your door offering to do Covid-19 tests.  Florida based news publication The Start reported that “[s]everal South Florida law enforcement agencies are issuing alerts about people dressed in white lab coats and masks impersonating Center for Disease Control and Prevention workers” apparently offering free COVID-19 tests  The advice provided by law enforcement in such a situation was to not let the people in and to “[c]lose the door and call 911.”  We always warn children about “stranger danger” but that is sage advice for adults too.

Below are a few links to formal governmental agencies who are providing information to the public about Covid-19 and scammers.  Consumers are encouraged to obtain their facts from appropriate authoritative sources:

If you have a scam to report, AFTER you report it to the legal authorities, consider posting your personal experience on Ripoff Report.  It’s always free to share your story.  Together we can help warn others about scams and provide guidance to others on what they can watch out for!

WARNING! Do not buy masks from unknown unreliable websites!
Do not respond to emails soliciting you to buy masks!

Only order face masks from known reliable sources. If buying from Amazon, make sure it is sold and distributed by Amazon. It is suggested you should buy masks from any known drug store or from your local grocery store pharmacy. They should have them in stock soon.

Watch this video! Responding to unsolicited emails about buying masks could get you makes made by the people in the video below.

Also – giving your credit or debit card information to these people will likely cause your card to be compromised.


Netspend Won’t answer phone or respond to emails so I can resolve issue with account that is locked relating to a prepaid debit card that I loaded $500 on to several days ago.1 Austin Texas

I purchased a prepaid netspend card and loaded $500 on it while traveling in Montana recently. When I tried to activate/register the card online I received a message stating my identity could not be verified with the information I provided and that I needed to call and speak with a customer service representative in order to resolve the issue.

When I call the number and enter the card info it says it's going to patch me through to a live operator but then it just starts all over and wants me to re-enter everything and when I do it just does the same thing again. I've tried doing the phone verification link and have sent emails all to no avail. Now when I try to sign in to my account through the netspend app it says it's locked as well.

This has been going on for 5 days now and needs to be resolved as I need the money to pay Bill's and am currently laid off do to the Coronavirus outbreak. Please tell me how to resolve this as soon as possible please!

brovape.com Brovape.com… is a scam DO NOT BUY FRO THEM THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY.. and never get anything you ordered and paid for..Clinton Township US-MI

brovape.com Brovape.com… is a scam DO NOT BUY FRO THEM THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY.. and never get anything you ordered and paid for.. they have lost all credit card acceptance and no PayPal… they require you to send money for payment via western union …

they do not respond to any emails sent .. BUYER BEWARE … DO NOT BE SCAMMED BY THIS COMPANY will not accept credit cards or paypal only wire western union and never send items… Rip you off brovape.com,, THEY WILL NOT SEND ANY ITEMS TO YOU.. AFTER YOU SEND THE MONEY ..BEWARE THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF

USHCGINJECTIONS US HCG SHOTS Intentional retaliation Florida

I've bought products on and off for a few years. I typically order one day overnight every time because I travel for work and I'm in different locations continuously. About a year ago the office lady didn't send it overnight as per I paid for it. I did file a complaint and continue to argue about getting the refund.

At no point did she notify the owner to get back in contact with me ever since then orders have been late sent to the wrong address bad communication no response to emails just pure bad business intentional retaliation because I filed a complaint now they say they don't want to give me product because I'm upset versus just communicating and working it out

Travis Isaacs Concrete Creations A No Show Show Low Arizona

Please, please, please Do Not Hire This Man! We have been dealing with Travis Isaacs owner of Travis Isaacs Concrete Creations since September 13th 2019.  He came out, gave us an estimate on our project, him and I shook hands.  I ask for something in writing, he said the hand shake was good.  He did send it later in an email.  We made appointments with him several times, he was a “No Show” and he always had reasons/excuses every single time!

Finally in April 2020 (7 months later) he said no matter what, he would be here but the bid he gave us has changed and he sent an email.  The bid was higher, material was less quality. We toll him that we would like him to honor the first bid that he gave us, after all the delays were not our fault the delays were his.  It ended up because we did not agree with the changes of higher price and materials being of less quality, he told us “I am going to pass on your job”? 

Really, after we put our faith, trust and time (7 months) into this man he just “passed”? He is a child, he does not know how to schedule jobs or be professional !!!  Save yourself time and a lot of aggravation, “pass” on even contacting him Do NotT Deal With Him!  We have all correspondence with him…..     


Fineline Custom Builders Curtis Kraft Thief and liar Montrose Colorado

Promised to build an $800 swing set. Took the money. After 8 months left a broken pile of wood on the lawn. He had many excuses but ehat it boiled down to is he needed money for law issues (got fined for skipping court twice for violating a protection order. He then put on a fake cast and used crutches to make us think he beem injured, then was later seen walking around just fine. Do not be taken advantage of.

Briana saussy Scammed me out of thousands. Demanded clipping of my nails and hair as well as pubic hair. Preyed on me and my vulnerabilities. Caused unknowing destruction to my life. She should be jailed and put out of business. Texas

She spent months demanding more and more money for spells that could not and would not help someone who is suffering from psychological illness. She demanded clippings of my fingernails, pubic hair, head hair. My life spiraled our of control when briana saussy entered it. She was completely ineffective and no "spell" she did had any positive outcome or any outcome at all. She claimed she could regrow hair lost from an illness. Bring back a lover. Heal a broke. Relationship with a mother using honey.

 I mean she is a fraud and a joke and would be better off authoring fairy tales. What a dangerous woman. What a pathetic woman. I think she takes her own insecurity's and projects them onto vulnerable people. I sometimes wonder if she is using the clippings of my hair and nails to continue to curse me. My life has never been in such despair. Shame on her. Please save your money and put your own intention into your life.

Do not hire her to work miracles that only god can. She does not have a secret connection to god or anymore of one than you do. She is not special as much as she wants to believe she is. Heed this as a warning.

Glenmuir of Naperville The Connor Group Unwillingness to show compassion regarding move out date with corona virus Naperville illinoid

I have to agree with the previous  persons  complaint with regards to their concerns  and compassion with their tenants. They will always start their  meetings with so how much do you feel comfortable paying ? Then comes all the added charges. I can tell you that when I moved in there were several repairs  that  to get done . I made it a point to take pictures  prior to sending over my request  for service. The bathroom shower  head was not chauked, the patio light was hanging.

The door lock was  hard to open . The oven tempeture  never works . and They never repainted the unit – instead they patched it up where it needed it. During my first month here I sent a request over to the management personelle michelle and asked if I could possibly upgrade to a three bedroom unit. She stated  sure however there is a 500.00 charge to repaint your unit  prior to us being able to move you then a additional charge to run my daughters  credit app. What ????  I just moved in the unit and  why would I have to pay 500.00 for you to repain when you never repainted my unit to begin with? 

Money hoggers just looking to make out like a bandit. How ridiculious is that? The tenants above complained about water leaks  that leaked in my unit. My bedroom walls are now showing signs  of the leak as there is water leak cracks,  Furnace and air conditioning were also repaired during the 12 month lease. The maintance  guys  are not  back ground checked like they should be because  our last guy was picked up by the police.

When they come into do reapirs when your not home they fail to lock your doors. Mine were left unlocked on 2- occassions. Corono-virus  lack of compassion. Heres one for you . I gave my notice to not renew  in jan – bigining of Feb  . Stay at home orders  came out in march . I walked into the office and discussed my concerns with Michelle who refused to offer a month to month or shot term lease until this was all over and she flat out refused. Im sorry she says we only do 12 month leases  your option is to renew or let me know what your intentions are so I can have your 10 day evivtion notice ready when the courts open up.

I am a single mother of a 15 year old son who stressed my concerns to her. I told her I keep reaching out because this is the right thing to do. I asked her to reach out to her corporate office to see if they could show a ounce of compassion based on the current Pandemic and stilltoday  she stands firm on her answer. I evne emailed The Connor  groups corporate office and got no response.  they will get you in the door with a low start rate then at the end of the year increase it by 100.00 – 200.00 a month . as the renewal season hit  I noticed the increase from my neighbors  were all different  . They wanted to increase my rent $100.00  and two of my other neighbors  were increased by $200.00 I guess I lucked out being a single mom. If I had a boyfriend or husband's added income Im sure my rent would have increased by $200.00 as well. 

Heres  how far their lack of compassion goes and money comes first. Let me also mention that because they got a big corporate account for may move ins that they were in need of at least 8-10 2 bedroom units  for just a 6 month move in but wont offer  short term options during the corona virus even though I am a paid tenant-

Nothing here is consistent and yes they are only thinking about the number game here. Today I sent Michelle another email – again reaching out to see what options she will have for me prior to the end of my lease.   

Im sure her reaponse will be that they have no options at all other than resigning a new yearly lease – Do you think for one minute Im going to sign.

Still unsure what will happen at the present moment .

Metz Roofing and Painting New roof leaks, roofer gives runaround! Urbana Ohio

Bought a new roof at going rate.

I won't mention that the nails used were so long that they all punctured through my soffit on the garage.  I never even complained about that.

Maybe a year after the roof on had a heavy rain and the chimney leaked.  After much hassle and my starting a small claims case, he came out and reflashed chimney.

Year or two later in heavy rain the entire dormer wall step flashing leaked water all down the wall in my garage.  Roofer didn't respond to repeated calls.  I added a piece of flashing at the peak thinking it might help.  It did-so I thought.

So here I am maybe six years in- had a torrential rain few weeks ago and both the dormer and the chimney leaked.  Water running down my wall onto my fuse boxes!!!!

Contacted roofer through better business bureau and he is blowing me off acting like it lasted all this time.  Better Business Bureau is acting like I paid this guy $7000 for a roof that was supposed to leak everytime it rains really hard.

Our cities offer little recourse to people like us.  They know I got robbed.  I don't know why my gov't wants to make it impossible to get recourse.  I mean, I'd have to take a week off work, hire experts that don't want to testify against their fellow tradesmen, document all kinds of stuff, file papers with the court and go to hearings even to get a chance to recover losses from something that anyone would know isn't right.

I really blame this kind of stuff on the gov't.  They know it costs you more to get recourse than what it is worth.  They try to make it look like they are pro justice, but they are not.  The businesses are getting professional consulting- and they are well aware that you have no resonable recourse at your disposal.

You get ripped off because your gov't facilitates it.  The Better Business Bureau is nothing but an advertising agency for local businesses.  They are beholden to crooks.

Metz Roofing scammed me out of my money and leaves me nothing but to invest thousands more after I already paid for a roof.

Our gov't leaves consumers with no cost effective recourse.

Crooks prevail in The Roman Empire