Autism Initiatives Lying Prison B******* Sara Joanna Callum Edinburgh Scotland


This company has caused me untold problems. The people there had supported me for years because I apparently have a mild form of autism (which these zealots could not even diagnose me with properly). For 3 years, I was also living in their supported accommodation at 59 Blackfriars Street in Edinburgh. The agency employed all these a******* and so-called “seniors” who lied to me over two women, who went on to ruin my life.

After these two women were removed from my care because they didn’t want to work with my any longer, I was promised shifts which the bosses had ZERO INTENTION of ever granting. Yet when I got angry and lashed out, they used my emotions to pin it all on how I behaved when they purposefully baited me.

Years beforehand, a man called Patrick Connolly who worked as an outreacher worker deliberately sent me many abusive emails from Gumtree using a pseudonym called “Bruce Ritchie” which was rather disturbing. He was winding me up over my desire to find my ex-girlfriend.

Eventually, I ended up remanded in jail when I got very upset over how they treated me. After months of the court deferring matters and putting me through tons of hassle, the assistant boss had me signing away my tenancy after conjuring up a story about rent arrears. They simply swept everything under the rug and got rid of me. I’ve been remanded in jail many times since, and have had to endure a lot of stress, multiple arrests and personal heartache due to this carry on. The corrupt legal system is 100% on their side. Then I got an advocacy worker to send a letter. They denied everything, of course. This is an absolutely b*******, and wicked agency, that should be avoided at all costs.