Paul Schroeder Paul Schroeder We got ripped off by Paul Schroeder


We got ripped off by Paul Schroeder for more thatn $1m. Kindly think about this as a PSA to stay away from them.

There was an intermediary that is why not full KYC was given. We used a PSP Merchant Processing Group, we were given funds initially not a lot then they asked for more traffic but since we knew settlements were good we were excited to work with them. Until just suddenly Visa stopped working. They had us stopped for a week, then MC went down. After a week or two, they just completely vanished. As a result, he took everything.

In the event that you worked with Paul Schcroeder and scammed you in the abundance of $10k, kindly reach me through PM. We are intending to sue. We are utilizing a standout amongst other law offices for cases like this, the more shippers we have the more probable we are to see our cashback or will send this guy in jail.