Beltone of Spartanburg, SC Beltone advised that Z Power 312 rechargeable batteries no longer available (LIE) in order to sell me new hearing aids. Avoid Beltone ! Spartanburg South Carolina


I was called in for my annual check up, not told that my rechargeable hearing aid batteries could no longer be replaced until I got there. I was asked to bring my wife with me for the 120 mile round trip which I found strange…and when I got there got the bad news about the batteries and received a sales pitch on the latest and greatest hearing aid Beltone offers, no discount; however. I was told the battery company suddenly went out of business, but oh well, hearing aids only last 4-5 years anyway.

My hearing aids were supposed to be ‘top of the line’ $6500 hearing aids that could be upgraded for years as technology advanced. They lied, the rechargeable Z Power 312 batteries are still available. The company reorganized which many do and the manufacturer is and always has been “Riot Energy” <> The lifespan of these batteries is a few months. You can buy direct from the website. Re-sellers buy from Riot Energy and put them on Amazon and Ebay. Batteries won’t last long if they have been warehoused for long periods by re-sellers. One needs to buy fresh ones from Riot Energy.

The Beltone Rep lied to me when she said that the rechargeable batteries were no longer available. I suspect that I was lied to from the beginning on the quality of the hearing aids and ability of an upgrade all to jack up the price. Riot Energy advised me that the Z Power batteries would last around a year and that I could order annually as needed. Beltone is not to be trusted, it’s all about sales not service.