Paul Taurkavage [email protected] CEO of Dorsihealth contracted us to help them get work done. After completing task he decided to fire us claiming the job we did wasn’t good enough. Philadephia


My company was requested by to complete a job for them. Greenlabzmedia we do PR for our clients and in good faith we decided to write the article and submit for him to approve. However after work was completed he claimed what we did wasn’t good enough.

Thus we told him we would rewrite and work again to achieve what he wants. Still he gave some bogus claim that he doesn’t want to pay even after rewriting. We told him to pay for the writing if he wouldn’t pay for the complete work and he insulted us, rubbished us and told us to go to hell. Certainly Paul CEO of dorsihealth must have been doing this sort of thing for a while. Why tell someone to work for you and you don’t want to pay them. He is a fraud! DorsiHealth is a company you should avoid. Their products must be fraudulent also.