Nina Chabria ninachabria issue with nina chabria New York NY


nina chabria was advertising on Craigslist. A sincere and ordinary post. When sending emails, nina chabria uses scripts. She was discovered here as nina chabria, and all reports and communications are verbatim. You can read previous posts; there’s no point in me repeating what others have said. I realized what was going on when I replied with an email that should have gotten an original response.

nina chabria returned to her scripts. I tried it again, but it didn’t work, so I went back to her scripts. Though it’s amusing that she claims to reside here and mentions an actual street name as well as the name of the neighborhood in where the street is located. Years ago, I used to reside in the region.

Last known address:
New York NY (((REDACTED)))

I’m not sure if nina chabria is genuinely residing here. She’s now sending images of a blonde female in her late twenties, which are identical to those shown on craigslist. I acquired her by drafting an off-the-wall email to her ostensible “mother” and sending it to her with a few more words. She went straight to the script, requesting $525 in order to stay in South Africa and settle the cash settlement for her travels to here. I then sent nina chabria an email essentially letting her know that I was aware of her activities, and I even included photos from here alongside the ones she had sent me.