Bob Martin AKA: Richlee, Tallmenshoes, Elevators Bob Martin Ripped Me Off by Not Providing a Fair Settlement for Shoes that Arrived Damaged.


Bob Martin represents Richlee Shoe Company, Tallmanshoes, Elevators. They sell men’s shoes. I’ve been a loyal customer for 30 years. My last transaction was a disaster. The shoes arrived damaged. I waited a full day before complaining. In the meantime, my wife throws the boxes away, and because she knew I was upset with the damaged shoes she drops my shoes off at a shoe repair shop. She wanted to quickly solve the problem.

I finally wrote to Bob Martin to explain about the quality of the shoes. I thought he should know that he is shipping out damaged shoes.  He was somewhat arrogant and almost insulting. I clearly explained the situation with the shoes – however, he “acted” like he didn’t understand. I wrote to him so a 3rd grader could understand. Playing “dumb” comes in handy when you intend to rip someone off, I guess.

I told him my wife threw away the boxes and the shoes were at the shoe repair shop. I fully and clearly explained the damage to the shoes. He thanked me for being a 30-year customer – however, he said that my shoes must be returned to so he could inspect the shoes, then he would refund my money IF they were damaged. In other words, Bob Martin insulted me by saying he had to SEE the shoes even though I had been a customer for 30 years. My long-term loyalty to his company did not matter.

Bob acted like he NEVER read about the boxes being thrown away and “acted” like he never read about my shoes being dropped at the shoe repair shop.

I found a website where Mr. Martin sells damaged shoes at discount prices. This proves that Mr. Martin knows that many shoes are damaged. I asked Mr. Martin if he could provide a price for damaged shoes and refund the difference. He said “NO” he would not do that. He repeated his same mantra -that I had to return the shoes for his inspection.

A few hours later, I researched complaints about Bob Martin – and found several people on forums who confessed they returned shoes to Mr. Martin but they were NEVER refunded these for the shoes. Mr. Martin kept their money.

In his last email to me, he cleverly constructed an email to make himself look like an honest and gracious man and again, he repeated his policy where I must return the shoes. I believe Mr. Martin plans to resell my shoes as damaged shoes and keep my money. He probably sells the same damaged shoes over and over again. I feel this is another income stream for Mr. Martin. In my opinion, Bob Martin is not to be trusted – he is fundamentally a dishonest man.

Keep in mind, even though he was told my shoes were at the shoe repair shop, he never even offered to pay for the damages. The cost of fixing my shoes was $17. 

Naturally, it’s up to you if you want to do business with Bob Martin. I felt riped-off and I will never do business with him again. I ended my email exchange by calling him an A-hole and I was done with communicating with him. It became meaningless.