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I worked with Excl for 8 months, in which time I was paid on time ONCE (I was SUPPOSED to be paid weekly). I have been lied to by pretty much everyone there, including all the upper management & owner. They treat you like you’re an incompetent idiot. They’ll tell you that you’re pay was put in your account days prior, yet the bank will have no record of said transaction. They want you to run illegal, offer you money to do so, then they won’t pay you for weeks or only offer you a partial payment and say they need to investigate how you came up with that total.

The owner is a pathological liar, yet claims he doesn’t lie. He’s broken his word, promises, guarantees and contracts to me so many times, I’ve lost count! He’ll claim he’s paid you for day’s or weeks, yet he has not. He’ll claim a check had been mailed or money has cleared their account, which is a lie. They’ll bounce multiple checks for the same pay period (my personal record was 4), then not offer to pay the NSF fees or late fees.

The trucks are junk, all of the ones I’ve driven were illegal and would fail the simplest of inspections. They were audited by the Washington State Patrol and didn’t fair very well. They have drivers wrecking on an almost daily basis, to the point they have to be self-insured.

The Spokane division, located off of Trent ave, is a unique setup. They park trailers IN the road, which is clearly city property, blocking access to the other end of the road. 

Excl fails 99.9% of their deliveries, sometimes by hours, but 95%+ by days or weeks. Which creates an amazing exchange between the local drivers, who have had nothing to do with the load being tardy, and the client. It’s a VERY embarrassing situation that, literally, happens everyday!

If you LOVE waiting for hours and days for lumper fees and fuel codes, this is the place for you! I’ve personally had to wait TWO DAYS to get fuel, after the first 3 EFS codes failed. Why you ask? Because the fuel cards were shut-off! You’ll make make lots of friends, sitting and waiting for hours on lumper fees…you’ll be there longer than most of the shift workers. The SOP is fail one or two EFS and/or comchecks, followed closely by one or two declined credit cards…all the while you watch other trucks come and go.

Employee morale is AMAZING at Excl and love for management grows daily! Their sister company, PNW, was shutdown by the state of Washington because they were audited, penalized and did NOTHING they were told to, including paying their fine. I haven’t been paid in 3+ weeks, the owner says I’m EXTORTING him ‘every two weeks’.