Precision Auto Glass & Window Tint Broke my rear window Hayward California


Completely destroyed my defroster lines the second time around.
The first time I went to get my car tinted, there were air bubbles on every window. They were nice enough to upgrade me to a better film. However, in the process of removing the back windshield tint, my defroster lines were removed.

I didn’t know it was broken, I thought it was done incorrectly again. So I went to a more reputable tint shop for a removal and to have the tint redone. They told me my window needs to be replaced. The Mercedes dealership agreed that it is damaged and needs a replacement. Please spend a little more money at a place that is more professional and experienced. (Will update depending on how promptly and how well they fix my window)

Unfortunately, they said they would call me back this afternoon and they never called me back. They threatened to not fix my window if I don’t delete my honest review. I told the owner I would be happy to delete my review in front of him after my window is fixed. He said I don’t trust him to keep his promise. I trusted him enough to bring my car to him and he damaged my property. I didn’t ask for a refund or for another tint. I just want my window fixed, but he is being extremely difficult.

This is not an honest business that cares about customer service. Go to a different shop that has the basic decency to provide you with good service. Now I have to spend over $500 to fix my window elsewhere on top of the $200 I paid this shop and even more for a better shop to tint my new window.