Side By Side Sports Escondito Powersports They owe me a $1500 refund. Escondito California


On Sunday April 4th I placed an order on their website for five tires for my side-by-side.  Their order notification email said “ships in 2-3 business days.”  This wasn’t soon enough for me.  The next morning, I emailed them at [email protected] and called and left a message asking to cancel the order, and placed an order with another vendor who ships the same day.

At the END of the day (Monday) I get an email from them saying, “Sorry, can’t cancel, they’ve already shipped.”  This was a lie (more on this in a bit).  I wrote and explained to them that their invoice needs to properly state that stuff ships faster than 2-3 days.  “Well, it shipped on the second day,” they said (referring to Monday).  Also BS.  Weekends NEVER count when it comes to shipping.  It took them another 24 hours to provide the tracking numbers and those numbers clearly showed their statement of “they already shipped” to be a lie, as they didn’t ship until TUESDAY.

They further stated that if I returned them, I would have to eat the shipping and the distributor would charge me a 10% restocking fee and there was nothing they could do about that.

The tires arrived and I put them on Craigslist.  After a couple of weeks of no sale, I contacted the distributor called WheelPros and told them what I went through with Side By Side Sports.  The guy I spoke to (in email) sounded shocked and promised to get to the bottom of it and get me taken care of.  Every day I would ping him and every day he’d promise he’d get to the bottom of it.  This went on for a week and finally he went silent.  WheelPros then stopped answering their emails as well.

I then contacted Fedex and had them come and pick up the tires and return them to the distributor.

About two weeks later I had my wife contact WheelPros and they confirmed they received the tires and credited back the seller (Side By Side Sports).  She then started calling Side By Side Sports every day and leaving a message… they never returned her calls.

Finally, I emailed them and asked about my refund.  No response.  Several more emails.  No response.  Clearly, these guys are determined to keep my $1500.  They won’t answer their phone, they won’t return phone messages and they won’t return emails.  I’m in the process of contacting the California department in charge of fraud and will go after them legally if needed.