Diamonds USA CJ Environmental, Inc. DIamonds USA stole my diamond I try to sell them and never return it when I refused their small cash offer for my diamond Foxboro Massachusetts


On August 1, 2021   I received an email back from  Diamonds USA located at  6 Perry Drive Foxboro, MA 02035 about my recent request for a mail in kit to ship a pink diamond SI1 grade for to sell to  Diamonds USA & website I used was

My CUSTOMER ID: 7534266  Once I received mail in kit I wrap diamond in tissue paper & placed it in a small black velvet pouch and place into my small plastic bag and place into their plastic bag & black plastic envelope the company sent me. On August 10, 2021  Diamonds USA sent me an email back about they received my 0.35 carat pink diamond & offer to pay me just $5 dollars. I didn’t received a reason for small amount & was asked to accept their offer or not. I emailed company back stating I didn’t accept offer and to mail back my diamond. On August 18, 2021 today I gotten black plastic envelope with my small plastic bag & black velvet pouch felt them but, I didn’t feel my diamond was sent nothing. Was promise $5000 if, lost

I want my diamond sent back to me as promised unless someone stole it or $5000 paid me if, it lost. Customers promise items insured up  to $5000.