SH Custom Cabinets Steven Heaverlo Stole downpayment of $4500 and then asked for more money before even providing a product 5 months later Cottage Grove Oregon


Met Steven from SH Custom Cabinets at first the designs he discussed sounded good along with samples of doors shown, but after providing a downpayment of $4500 I soon realized this guy was a crook.  I had to ask for description of plans to be emailed which took several months from when I first paid him to lock in our quote which was February 2021, so I did not receive it for atleast 2 months then 5 months later he decides to give me the receipt after asking for it multiple times through calls and text. 

When I would call them after providing the money I heard nothing but excuses about the designs not being emailed and along with why materials had not been purchased.  These issues just loomed on for several months as he upset my contractor, and those working on our house overall he was very confrontational and threatening which later found out this guy has a criminal past that explains everything. 

When it came time for him to produce the cabinets and my contractor calling his ethics into question he stated prices had gone up for materials so he needed another $1700.  Then told us a sob story about his partner and him having a falling out over a woman so the shop was being moved out to Creswell.  At this point I am going to follow through with pursuing this crook by taking legal action as Steven also stated he was a contractor which I found out was a lie as well, basically this individual tried to creat a hostile situation to get out of his agreement flaunted with the idea he would hurt both my father and I if we pursued this legally. 

My father is 72 years old with terminal illness, which if I was not a professional it would have gotten really ugly nobody threatens my family…which is why I am going to pursue this situation legally and through the State.