BOSSBABE INC. bossbabe scammers


I enrolled for an online program offered by this company. Their modules and outline of program was a complete 360 from what they offered once the program started. The company advertised the program at $397. Once paid, my reciepts also stated $397 until i checked my bank statement one day. The charge was almost $700 and there would be 2 more payments charged for $700 over a pre recorded program of instructors answering irrelevant questions. I purchased books too that did not come and spend an extra $100 on that. 

I asked to withdraw and get a refund but they said it was past 14 days. I emailed them on the 16th day and they could not honor it. They do not respond to any emails yet advertise how their customer service is amazing. They advertised so much on their website and social media regarding support but there is ZERO. I told them I cannot afford $700 payments when the price I thought was $397 and they refuse to refund my money still. For a brand that strives and promotes “support” for businesses, they clearly have no clue how to do so.