Ascension Seton Shoal Creek Dangerous Healthcare Facility That Ignores Suicidal Patients Austin Texas


I was a patient in Shoal Creek’s partial hospitalization program, wherein I participated in several hours of mental health treatment in the day but was allowed to return home at night.

On the night before my final day in the program I attempted suicide by means of overdosing on sleeping medication. Luckily I survived, and managed to drag myself to the hospital to explain what happened. Despite having just attempted suicide, still having a dangerous amount of sleeping medication in my system at that time, and expressing my desire to try to commit suicide again, they reasoned that I would be safe for 24 hours and discharged me early because I showed up late. Sure enough within a few hours I attempted to commit suicide again, but was luckily brought to a different healthcare facility where the staff showed a basic level of competency and compassion in addressing my safety concerns.

I’ve communicated with administrators since then who have affirmed this level of “care”, and do not seem to believe that their facility did anything wrong by tossing a person who just attempted suicide and communicated their desire to try again out onto the street.