Norton America Van Lines, LLC Cheney Bro Worldwide Moving Apex Moving All of our belongings currently being held hostage Ft. Lauderdale Florida


This company currently has all our of furniture and belongings being held hostage. They picked up our furniture on 7/16/2021 with the first available delivery date on 7/19/2021. By federal law, delivery must be within 21 business days of first available delivery date.  It has now been 25 business days (32 days total) and the company has refused to provide any update on the location or estimated delivery date. They often do not pick up the phone, but when they do, it is a customer service representative (Lorraine) who does not provide any information – she says that one of the other employees (Sergio or Gary) will call back with information, but they never call back.

I have filed complaints with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), filed complaints with the state attorneys general in Florida and North Carolina, and have sent several delivery demand letters and emails, including one forthcoming from an attorney. None of these steps has helped to find out any more information about my belongings. Next week (at 30 business days), I will file police reports for stolen property in both Florida and North Carolina since the company has shown no good faith steps toward delivering my belongings.

All of my furniture, clothes, and belongings that were picked up may be gone forever. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY – they are dishonest, deceitful and should not be allowed to operate.