InfoTracer Advertises Free License Plate Owner’s Information – But Charges a Minimum of $2.95 for NO INFORMATION Whatsoever


As mentioned in the Brief Description above, this website falsely advertises “free” license-plate owner’s information and other information “products” concerning individuals.

However, after inputting the subject matter (such as a license plate, that you’d like information about) you are informed that the information will cost a minimum of $2.95 or other “membership” options costing $20.00 or more.

After choosing the low-cost option ($2.95) and supplying the payment, you are told that you were automatically enrolled in a “monthly membership” that you can opt out of by logging into

When you attempt to login, nothing happens – and you do not receive the information that you paid for.

This, of course, is how they rip off consumers.