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David spurgeon excavating David spurgeon David spurgeon is a lying piece of sh*t Sevierville Tennesse

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS CROOK David wrote me a bad check for my motorhome for the amount of $3000 and then a day later after he tried taking possession of the Rv I found out that the check was no good and now he will not return my calls or respond back.

david spurgeon excavating david spurgeon david is a crooked liar

david spurgeon bought a trailer from me but sent me a fake check, he was acting like a christian man and was full of brotherly love but he is a phony, fake and horrible man. if he wants to buy your properties with a check don’t accept his lies, he has done this to multiple people in the past aswell. He is a demonic man with cruel intentions and has hurt my family tremendously. Be careful

Riverside Inn & suites The TV remote did not work, the Refridgerator made noise, but the worst was them knocking on my door in the morning to give me towels CA Riverside

When I booked this Cheap room, so I guess that saying is right.  You get what you pay for.  Well, when I booked this cheap room which was the last on according to Hotels.com I grabbed it, the room.  Boy, what a big mistake I made when I got there.  To start the remote did not work for the TV.  The Refridgerator made all kinds of noises all night.

I was so lost because as I have said I had the last room according to Hotels.com.  But the clincher was when they the maid or the owner came and knocked on my door so early in the morning to give me towels that I never asked for.  This person would not quit knocking either.  You would think if a person does not answer the door, it means to go away. 

I was asleep and refused to answer the door for some dumb idiot knocking on my door to give me towels.  When I checked out that day, The owner said Didn't you request towels over the phone?  I said No.  No apology nothing.  These people are so ignorant and Do not know customer service at all… DO not go there ever…


Donna Reneau The 911 operator, Donna Reneau, scolding drowning woman fort smith arkansas

If you lookup The 911 operator, Donna Reneau, you will see how on her last shift she insulted a woman that called 911. She was tasked to save their life or at least tell the woman how to escape and safely breathe and or capture the air she can get. Instead she insulted her in the woman's last moments of being alive going as far as telling her to shut up and act like she shouldnt be driving. 

Donna Reneau is not passionate or caring of her job and the dozens of more lives she could of saved if this is how Donna Reneau will be. Is this how Donna Reneau will be at work how much could her coworkers or customers handle it? This is a real report on a former 911 dispacher employee, not false claims as proof is easily seen when you google "Donna Reneau".

Police released disturbing audio of an Arkansas woman who called for help in the final moments of her life, drowning in her car, only to be met with mockery and disdain by the dispatcher.

Debbie Stevens, 47, was on her regular paper route in Fort Smith Saturday, Aug. 24 when a flash flood swept up her car. Panicking, she dialed 911.

"Please help me, I don't want to die!", Stevens begs on the call that lasted 22 minutes. "I can't swim! I'm scared! I'm going to drown!"

Debbie Stevens, 47, pictured left was on her regular newspaper route when a flash flood swept up her car. 911 dispatcher, Donna Reneau, who was working her last shift after putting in her two weeks notice, is under fire for her "uncaring" response.

The dispatcher, Donna Reneau, who was working her final shift after giving her notice two weeks earlier according to the Fort Smith Police Department, replied flippantly telling her authorities will get there when they get there and that she's not going to die, at one point telling her to "shut up."

As the water slowly filled Stevens' SUV, she responded: "I'm scared. I've never had anything happen to me like this before."


Stevens pleaded for help and prayer but received a lecture: "Well this will teach you, next time don't drive in the water," Reneau responds. "I don't see how you didn't see it, you had to go right over it, so."

Authorities responded to the scene 12 minutes after she dialed 911, but because of the floodwaters, it took more than an hour to reach Stevens' vehicle — and by the time police and firefighters were able to secure the car, Stevens had drowned.

The scene captured from a police body cam after Debbie Stevens, 47, drowned in her car following a "disturbing" 911 call.(Fort Smith Police Department)

Fort Smith Interim Police Chief described Donna Reneau's response as "calloused and uncaring at times" in a statement, but he added to KHBS that she did nothing "criminally wrong" nor "violated policy."

In this Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019, photo, acting Fort Smith, Ark., Police Chief Danny Baker answers questions during a news conference at the police department in Fort Smith.  (Jamie Mitchell/The Southwest Times Record via AP)

"I completely understand the disgust and the concern that we all have," Baker said. "We all hope that we would get a little better response."

Hampton Inn & Suites Scioto Downs 5950 South High Street Lockbourne OH 43207 Attached to the Eldarado Scioto Downs Casino Hampton Inn & Suites Scioto Downs Bloody Sheets Lockbourne Ohio

On August 30, 2019 I secured a room (430) at Hampton Inn & Suites at Hilton Scioto Downs. First, the front desk personnel “Tim” demonstrated extreme laziness and lack of enthusiasm for his role in hospitality and management as on August 29, 2019 I placed a call to the hotel at approximately 9p-10p to reserve a room for the upcoming Friday and was told “we are booked”.

 Wonder how much money has been kids by Tim refusing to research available rooms and book? He needs demoted or fired. I had a suspicious feeling “Tim” was telling a lie. Sure enough, I went online and TAH DAH – booked a room.  Tim may not be the best suited candidate for a managerial role with this hotel, just saying. Further,   I get out of the shower and prepare for bed, lay there and start seeing small crumbs here and there in the bed so I pulled back the sheets to find blood stains on the flat and fitted sheet. Crystal was on shift by his time, she was called and summoned to the room to visualize with her own eyes and bring the fresh sheets I requested.

Although apologetic offered to genuine solution. These sheets were dirty and had obviously not been changed. How disgusting! The employees at this establishment need retrained or preferably fired. Blood on the sheet? Revolting! I would suggest, if at all possible, never stay at this hotel.  This place is filthy.

I witnessed a young lady with her child in the hall during work hours and the child was pushing the blue, square laundry bucket. Is the child responsible for changing the sheets, because it sure appears that way. Mom conversating with other housekeeping staff and the child leaving bloody sheets on Consumer beds? Strange actions at this hotel, totally NOT recommended.

eBay Glitches Caused An “Unpaid Item Case”

I made an offer on an item.  The seller made a counter offer the next day.  About the day after that, I paid.  Apparently eBay or PayPal glitches caused a problem and the transaction didn't register, but I didn't know it.  eBay sign in and transaction glitches are uniquely hurtful to an online marketplace. 

Cui bono? 

About a day later apparently the seller? who is unusual, started an "unpaid item" case against me, a first in over 20 years.  I replied to the email but did not notice it that it wasn't monitored.  Due to a possible glitch I could not send a message on the site.  Somehow, it asked me to re-sign in to send a message but wouldn't accept the sign in.  Hmmm.

They put an unpaid item report on me.  Luckily, it wasn't that hard to find the appeals process.  I appealed and they removed it the next day.  That part was good.  I wish I could check that it is really gone, cause.

As a buyer, eBay has it's good points but there are too many (self-inflicted?) glitches and other issues.  Too bad.  Although the problems change over time, they have been going on for decades.  We deserve better.

Fake spiritualist!!! On Instagram @thekurdishoracle be aware!!!! He is a are child and a drug head!!! The name are on Instagram He takes money from other children for rituals. 

He doesn't have a business license to even do spiritual work. One of his friends who claim to work together he don't even post his face. Here is the Instagram name. Please don't send your money to him. Once again A fake a phony. Link: https://instagram.com/thekurdishoracle?igshid=1w4pasvqasdmf Fake fake fake!!!!

Took money from children and lying about spiritual work! He claimed to be authentic but is not!

Don’t send money to:


Pinellas Auto Brokers Mike, John, Reapo Cheapo Sold us a lemon Saint Petersburg Florida

We bought a 2004 Volvo from this dealership, they claimed it had no issues and had been in no accidents and it was a completely fine car. We spent 10,000 dollars after buying it from the dealership for various problems that occurred in a few days after buying it.

Essentially, they sold us a lemon – and according to some reviews we didn't see before, they do this all the time. They wouldn't even attempt to assist us after buying the car from them – even if it was a few days after buying it.

Jefferson capital I paid it off 2 times. They refuse to remove it from my credit report, told me if i continue to call it will get worst. Dallas ga.

I signed a contract with verizon in 2004. Paid it off in 2005. THe employee for verizon did not put it in the system as being paid in full. It was sold to Jefferson capital. I disputed the dept because it is 2019 and the contract was signed in 2004. I paid it off for a second time because i am trying to get a home loan.

They added it back to my credit report as still under dispute. It is paid in full. I called them back and they told me it is closed and if i continue to call it will get much worst for me and never come off. I ask to speak to a manager they refused. I called back and they stuck it on my credit report as not being paid and still under dispute. 

Reliable Heating and Airconditioning, Kennesaw, Georgia Service call to repair AC unit Kennesaw Georgia

We HAD been using this company several times in the past, including installing a complete HVAC unit, but NEVER AGAIN.  Had one of our 4 AC units quit working.  The guy came out and within 10 minutes found that the capacitor was shot.  

He put one in and charged $314 plus $90 for the service call.  I don't mind paying for the service call but when I look up the part on the internet, it was $18-25!!!!!!!!!!  $314 to take 10 minutes to put in a $20 part???? OUTRAGEOUS.

 I left two messages for a call back…..NOTHING.  i wrote a letter to the owner….NOTHING.  This company stinks!!!!!!!!!!!