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Dart Transit Eagan Mn false advertising to recruit new drivers eagan mn

the Dart Web site offers guarntee weekly pay of 1250 dollars this does not happen they did not pay it you must be available to work my truck was broke down 3 different times I did not receive break down pay or they didn't pay me the guarntee salary they promise on there web site.

I never received a 1250 check all the time I was there and forget home time they promise to get you home on the day you request if done so seven days prior I requested day off three weeks in advance. they made sure I didn't get home on time.

this company is full of promises they don't keep just heart break be smart don't sign on with Dart Transit buy your own truck then this kind of company can't control you that is all Dart is about CONTROL don't let them take your dignity away from you.

Rollychic.com Shipped item that was NOT the item they pictured on the website. Chengdu

This company posted pictures of boots that appear to be real leather with solid heels and good quality.     The item they shipped was a flimsy plastic fake leather with thin rubber soles.  The item they shipped looks like something you would buy in  dollar store.

The item they shipped cant be worth more than $5-$7 but the item in the picture looks like a quality boot.  This is definitely NOT the item in the picture.  

Vacasa Rent an cabin on 31 Dec received email/call that my reseravation was cancel bc owner didn’t honor my contract. Was sent a link to get another cabin which was not the equivalent of what I had. Columbia SC

Rent an cabin on 31 Dec received email/call that my reseravation was cancel bc owner didn’t honor my contract. Was sent a link to get another cabin which was not the equivalent of what I had. Requested refund and then called back bc I was told property was no longer theirs but I was able to rent same cabin with different dates.

Then another rep told me I still had reservations under my contract they should not be able to do this. And no has yet to explain my it was not honored. Requested refund don’t rent anything from this company

Faines Auto Sales R&L Holdings 1, INC. Discriminated against service dog and mentally harrased blind kidney failure man Riverton IL

Reco Faines is a bully and a liar. He just bought the apartment at 1013 N. 5th Riverton, IL sight unseen when he came to inspect the apartment he was very rude. And he was very demanding telling me to take my service animal outside because his wife was supposedly scared of animals he also illegally tried to evict me and my wife because he wanted to up the rent not honor our old lease from other landlord.

We recently moved there 6 months ago. The apartment is badly run down he's not planning to repair but yet he wants to try to charge a high rent as 650 a month. The apartment is not worth 650.00 dollars do not rent from R&L Holdings 1, INC. Or buy an automobile from Reco Faines or Faines Auto they are lemons and will break down.

Ratemyagent.com Ratemyagent.au They do not provide the service they advertise Carlsbad Ca

Very bad experience, I hired this company for 1 reason, take reviews from Zillow and port them into google. This is a service they advertize, this is a service I confirmed worked before buying, and this is the service support still to this day claims they have. 

I paid a lot of money and time to contact past clients to accept an email from ratemyagent.com agreeing to allow the reviews to be ported over. out of 22 review requested only 2 showed up on google. All complaints that the service was not working was met with "yes it does" without providing proof. 

Upon further investigation I could not find a review of this company anywhere. No positive or Negative. For a company to have no reviews in 2020 that's a bad sign. The closest thing I could find was a facebook page which had multiple complaints and very few kind works but Facebook gives them a 4 out of 5 stars.  There is no option to give a 1 star review. 

They said they would refund my money but this expereince needs to be shared and hopefully take down shady companies like this one. Don't lie to me and say you can do something you can't. 



I went to the store to buy hair extentions and when I went home To put them on, I opened the package and they were all tanggled, I went back to the store  to try to exchange them and they wouldnt listen, I spoke to  the manager no luck either.

I paid $326.00 and they  just laughed at me, I've gone several times and they just wont do anything about it. It not fair and I'm out of $326.00.

This place is a rip off  !!!!!!

Quail Creek Apartments Trinity Family Housing Managers Renting Uninhabitable Units Kansas City Kansas

The managers at Quail Creek apartments, have full knowledge that the apartments in the back buildings, 7166 Armstrong, are uninhabitable. The lower level units are subjected to constant flooding of black, raw sewage that comes from the manhole.

These people have children, this could be looked at child endangerment. The sewage covers most of the apartment floors and the hallways. They leave you to rot in the mess all day then they have a van come out. All the techs do is suck up the sewage and air dry the carpets. They are supposed to according to the Federal Health department, evacuate the building, and remove the pads and carpets.

There is mold growing in these units because of the constant flooding. It is making people ill. Attorneys say due to poor Kansas landlord tenant laws, the laws don't protect the tenants. This is why these managers can get away with exposing your families and children to black sewage.

It is also the duty of Quail Creek management to call the city to come out and clean the manholes on a consistent basis so this type of thing doesn't happen. No one is compensted for their items being ruined by the sewage, they don't get a discount on the rent when it happens either. 


Riles Pump Inc Adam, Moses, CHARGED ME FOR PARTS THEY NEVER INSTALLED! sebring florida

April 2019 Moses from Riles Pump comes out and gets my pump working and then leaves. Next day no water so his boss Adam comes out. Said i had a bad switch on my water pump and that they had replaced it and would be billing my landlord for repair. 

8 months later no water. I check the new switch and it isn't new..it's my old switch. Why are you charging my landlord for parts you never installed? Why do you repeatedly lie to me saying it's new? See the attached picture of this so called new pump!

Liars and cheats!

Ali Kazemi Kappa Innovations Ltd Al Kaz, Alkaz, Al Kazemi, Alireza Kazemi He did the easy parts of framing our project of houses and right before November rains left the job site. North Vancouver British Columbia

He left the project when it was build about %40 and made a %92.5 claim in small claim court in North Vancouver Court. He lost the case and ordered to pay the maximum amount in BC Small Claim Court Standard.

For the payment schedule he said the company is been resoved. The Judge ordered him to provide more document on Tax and Bank account or possible CRA Audit Reports.

He got very angry and outside the court he phisically attached us and the asult case is reported to RCMP in North Vancouver. 

Moscow Family Medicine Unethical Patient Treatment Idaho Moscow

It's healing to see all the bad reviews. I'm not crazy after all. In 2012 for the first time in my life, I was formally rejected from Moscow Family Medicine because Dr. Sarah M. Lawrence of Gritman Medical Center didn't like me. That was basically the explanation in the rejection letter.

I have had a few issues with doctors in the past but those were the ones with all the complaints against them. Anyways, due to her rejection letter, she had me blackballed from Moscow Family Medicine. They won't take me as a patient ever again. I recently moved to Moscow and my son needs a primary care provider.

He will be using Gritman Medical Center for some medical issues. I was so unhappy to learn Dr. Sarah M. Lawrence works in the Emergency Room at Gritman Medical Center. I called Gritman Medical Center and told them about my experience and how it affected my ability to trust other doctors. (I did locate a much better doctor in 2012 but she's now retiring.)

The administration at Gritman assured that Dr. Sarah M. Lawrence was only very part-time. I called Moscow Family Medicine because it would be nice to have my son's primary care provider next to Gritman due to his other services. I recalled this experience in 2012 and asked Moscow Family Medicine if they had a record on me.

I was informed they wouldn't take me as a patient. Would you take your child to a clinic where you cannot be seen? The receptionists and office staff at Moscow Family Medicine are different than normal clinics. I contacted the administration to see if they would allow me as a patient. I want my son to be close to Gritman, and Dr. Sarah M. Lawrence isn't working there anymore.

I did get a voicemail from Moscow Family Medicine but can tell by the tone of the woman's voice, I ain't gonna ever be accepted at their clinic. The administration at Gritman said Dr. Sarah M. Lawrence couldn't reject providing emergency care to my child and myself. I hope we're never in need of emergency care when she's working.

I would need to have administration staff present in the room, I don't trust this woman. I'm so glad to see all the horrible reviews of Moscow Family Medicine. You would think a medical clinic connected to a hospital with a decent reputation would be top-notch. I advise anyone reading this to avoid this clinic and take into consideration all the bad reviews. I guess sometimes rejection is protection?

Do research on all the providers in the Moscow area. Try to establish care with a different clinic before taking the chance you won't be accepted by this inefficient Moscow Family Medicine. I did contact Dr. Sara M. Lawrence's supervisor in 2012. I felt her rejection was more discriminatory than legitimate. He was super nice and agreed by the end of the phone conversation that there might be something wrong with the provider.

It's my opinion Dr. Sara M. Lawrence's temperament doesn't work well in a health care setting. I don't care that she doesn't like me. I do care that any doctor who is judgmental can limit a person's ability to receive health care in rural areas. There are better providers out there.