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STOCK OPTION COACH Randall Hudgens I paid 5.000 dlls. to get hands on training clasess for day trading. and all he did send me some garbage videos and this guy never answer 1 single cal or email Santa Barbara CA

I think Randall is a scamer and people needs to know, Randall Hudgens I paid 5.000 dlls. to get hands on training clasess for day trading. and all he did send me some garbage videos and this guy never answer 1 single cal or email

Advibe – Brad Holmes Jason Applebaum AdVibe – Brad Holmes – Avoid at all costs

Brad Holmes – Advibe is a scammer, he's apparently now working for Advibe network and still playing his same tricks. Luring affiliates into running traffic with him and whichever company he's working for and then ghosting them when it comes to payday. I honestly and truly recommend avoiding this Canadian jew at all costs!! 

SEOSITECHECKUP.COM JAVIER COLAYCO Javier Colayco seositecheckup They fraudulently charged my credit card and refuse to issue a refund New York New York

On August 30, 2019 I noticed a charge for $39.95 on my account.  It was from SEO Site Checkup.com  I tried to call them, there is no phone number of their website.  I emailed them three or four times and no response.  I finally called my bank to dispute the fraudulent charge and it will take 10 days for them to research. 

I am unemployed and even though $39.95 does not sound like a lot of money, it was essential to putting gas in my car so I can continue my job search.  Meanwhile this FRAUD has debited my account for no reason and thinks he can get away with it.  I WILL GIVE YOU HELL AND MAKE YOU REGRET IT … It does not matter if it's $39 or $39 million … IT IS STILL WRONG TO TAKE SOMETHING FROM OTHERS WITHOUT THEIR AUTHORIZATION

Anthony Fox claims to be a contractor but can’t build a square frame!He is a cheat and will take your money and rum. Stay away from him.Paid him nearly $2,000 and got nothing! Nanticoke PA

Always makes excuses as to why job isn't completed. No carpentry skills whatsoever! A cheat and a big time rip-off! Drives a navy blue Jeep,PA plate # KXW-****.

Invextor Andrei Andrei Dmitriy, Invextor Andrei, IG = invextor_andrei, +32 (460) 21-3100 Stole money

Runs a common Instagram scam via the handle invextor_andrei. Deal is you send him crypto, he trades for you, returns all gains less his 15% cut. Problem is once he’s held your deposit a few days all the sudden you need an “upgrade” fee so your money can be unlocked again. Go figure. Basic bait and keep. I’m assuming that the more you send the more they make. Never sent my first “upgrade” fee. 

Bianca Garcia Icielani Scam artist

Bianca Garcia aka Icielani Is a talented Canadian music artist that goes around purchasing promotions and attempting to commit fraud by reporting it a scam. She is not interested in getting any services done.

Bianca Garcia aka Icielani Will drain you for free services. She did that to us and will never be truly satisfied just to get a refund. Talented scam artist alert! 

socialfollow.co Socialfollow Markus mard Sends fake followers, makes you follow real followers

Why is socialfollow.co sending fake followers and I have to follow real followers? How is that fair? That's how https://socialfollow.co works and the traffic apparently comes from Tehran. No real followers, they don't interact like real followers would.

socialfollow.co is free but the fake followers are not genuine. This can ruin your Instagram account all days fake followers can get your account deleted. This is harmful. Markus mard, one of the main developers of https://socialfollow.co won't listen, he ignores the issue despite bringing it up to him. 

Victoria Alonso MARVEL STUDIOS Fraud / Kick Backs / Burbank California

Victoria Alosno is commiting fraud by accepting "kick backs" from the vendors she approves to work on Marvel FIlms. This is what I have wittnessed in Post Production (I do not know what takes place in other departments VIctoria oversees).

I have worked on 4 of the most recent Marvel Films and I have wittness Victoria instructing the Stereo Team (Conversion) to aquire bids from a minimum of 6 vendors, though only to award the majority of the contracts (bids) from (Stereo D). She has said to award minmum work to their competitiors. Even if the bids are lower, and the quality of the work is eqivalent or better.

SONY complained about the vendors she choose on Spider Man. SONY was not allowed to aquire any bids themselves. We have been told this was a major problem, which left to an end to the relationship.

Victoria's team of stereographers, continually instruct us not to question POOR Quality of work we receive from the choice of vendors.  WE WILL LOOSE OUR JOB, IF WE SUGGEST A VENDOR THAT WE FEEL DOES SUPPERIOR QUALITY. Even if we just suggest having VENDOR do a TEST.  I have personally been told by the lead Sterographers we will be "let go" if we question any of VICTORIA's APPROVED VENDORS. (Evan Jacobs) 


Pathlight Property Management AKA OPVHHJV LLC Illegal business practices; refuse to accept payments in order to force default for fraudulent eviction action Plano Texas

There is a fine line between unethical and illegal.

Pathlight Property Management (AKA OPVHHJV LLC) IS Home Partners of America…

Home Partners IS Hyperion Homes…

Hyperion Homes was founded in 2012 by Lewis Ranieri who was identified in a Time Magazine "tell all" about the causes of the 2008 housing crash as "the college dropout and Salomon trader [who] coined the term securitization to name a tidy bit of financial alchemy in which home loans were packaged together by Wall Street firms and sold to institutional investors." Ranieri's financial distortion and manipulation through mortgage backed securities contributed significantly to the housing crisis of 2008 that devastated the US economy.

Have you ever seen the movie “The Big Short”? Lewis Ranieri’s legacy is featured in the opening scene.

Search "Lewis Ranieri The Big Short video clip" on YouTube. 

Ranieri was interviewed in a 2017 Business insider article billed as “The Wall Street legend who helped blow up the world explains why his 'Frankenstein' creation went so wrong” in which was stated:

Even though he and other creators tried to stop the meltdown from occurring, Ranieri doesn't deflect blame for the tragedy that befell millions of homeowners and countless others that suffered through the financial crisis.

"It's absolutely true that many of us tried to stop it. But the fact is, it didn't stop," Ranieri said. "We, the creators, should never forget."

Apparently, Ranieri and other owner/operators of Pathlight Property Management (wholly owned by Home Partners of America) have already forgotten.

These same players are involved in a “next round” housing bubble in Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia Texas and other states across the nation. They are filling their pockets with obscene amounts of money–over $700,000,000 according to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) records–while scamming renters and potential home buyers with the full intention of forcing them out of their homes.

David spurgeon excavating David spurgeon David spurgeon is a lying piece of sh*t Sevierville Tennesse

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS CROOK David wrote me a bad check for my motorhome for the amount of $3000 and then a day later after he tried taking possession of the Rv I found out that the check was no good and now he will not return my calls or respond back.