Mobile Home Title Services They charged $10,500 to transfer 18 mobile home titles on closing of our property. Five months later, they have done nothing. Orangepark Florida


Mobile Home Title services is a company that is suppose to transfer mobile home titles from a seller to a buyer. We bought a park of 18 homes in May 2019. Before we hired them, they told us their service charged $150.00 each plus the transfer tax for each home. So we hired them. At the closing their was a debit on our closing statement for 10, 500.00 to this company.

Upon this, we called them and asked for a refund. They refused saying they had already done work on our titles. This was a lie. It is now Sept. 9, we just got off phone with them and they still have not done our titles. This is a very bad company. Buyer Beware. Do not use this company. They are a fraud. I will be filing suit on Monday to get my money back.