El Barrio Workforce development. Racist scam cheats people on welfare and cheats the taxpayer Cleveland OH


They hire almost all white people while the clients are 95% African American. The workers there spend most of their time texting or chatting with other and ignore the clients. They offer almost no help in find jobs etc. It cost the taxpayers about $20 per hour for every hour a client is forced to be there and neither the clients or taxpayers get much out of it but the employees make a lot of money for doing almost nothing.

The so called 'job coaches' most have no work experience and yet they are suppose to help the clients find jobs. For most of the employees this is their first job. One 'job coach's' previous experience was a bartender. Why the county does not shut down this scam I do not know!

These employees make $20/hour plus benefits and have little experience and slack off most of the day.


Also the CEO makes about $300,000 per year off the welfare people and other corporate officers make around $200,000 each!