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Brad Micklin Micklin Law Group Ruined my life Montclair New Jersey

First I had to pay for a consultation, that should have been the first red flag.  I hired the Micklin law group for my divorce, which was a very simple one with no home, finances or children involved, just a simple case of alimony; took one year.  They did not make an argument for me, their motto is "men have rights too" well I had no rights, it was all about her.  

They are poor is communicating with you forcing you to call and adding to the billing and charges.  Towards the end, I fired the Micklin group and finalize my divorce on my own.

it was simple once I got rid of the lawyers.  You can use one lawyer if you and yours are civil and agreeable, and not even a lawyer, just a mediator.  The divorce system in NJ is set up to make you poor and the lawyers rich.

 I have made many mistakes in my life, this was just another expensive lesson learned.

Health Registration Center Healthshield, The HEalth Registration Center, and Multi Plan PPO are a network of rip-off artists who cover each others lies. What William at Health Registration Center promises you, Multi-Plan/Healthshield won’t cover, and ACI wont even respond to. Jacksonville Florida

In July of 2019 William, the "expert" at Health Registration Center in Florida sold me a plan to carry my wife and me from termination of a very expensive policy we canceled to the next enrollment period.  He came back with a very reasonable plan. I told him that coverage was more important than saving a few dollars, especially considering what we were used to paying.  He crafted a nice plan for us that included wellness, emergency room coverage, a lower deductible than we needed, even dental and vision.  It would have been wonderful had an unexpected trip to the ER in November not happened.  

They covered nothing!  It didn't matter which of the unholy trinity we called.  All they could do was brag about the discount they got for us – "$13,000 off a $30,000 bill!" and then transfer me to another member of their web-of-thieves who ran me through the same paces.  As of today, I am still fighting with them.  To top it off I received a bill for the physical I had under the policy…but what discounts.

By the way, William said he would call on December 1, 2019, to find us a permanent policy.  Of course, he never called.

Litfire Publishing Litfire shows no sales of my book “From Canoe to Computer” yet I know of sales. Is Litfire Publishing a crook outfit?

Litfire shows no sales of my book "From Canoe to Computer" yet I know of sales.  Is Litfire Publishing a crook outfit?

Teddys Auto Sales Adam Hooten False Advertising for Online Classic Car Sales Waukon Iowa

Run away don’t walk!  I Sold them a 1965  VW Beetle for a “private collection” that was unsafe and needed new floors… they a year an a half later Created a story of how they came about the car and even lied about them patching the floors and said I did it in ads on EBay and Facebook…

to make it sound better than it is. All parts of story they created to add value and none were true.. none.  Look at the negative reviews they have across the board specifically with classics and be cautious. Believe when it’s too good to be true. 

State of IA and Attorney General contacted with all evidence. 

Thrifty Propane Never Delivered Propane or call back Maryland

This company is SUCH a ripoff..  I ordered gas and was told that I would receive it up to 10 days from the date I ordered it.  I called back exactly 10 days later then was told that they were within the time frame being that it was 10 business days from the date I ordered.  

Then I asked when I would receive it because by then I was down to less than 5% of gas.  Note that if you call any other gas company they give you a 5-7 day time frame but they NEVER deliver that far ahead.  So then my focus was when will I receive it and I was told on 3 different occasions that someone would call me back but they never did.  

Sometimes when I called I would get someone and then other times I would get a voicemail.  I had to leave a message but no one called back.  Finally i got a young lady who just told me it would be "this week!'  I informed her that this is unacceptable and i will look for another company.  Now I will have to pay an emergency charge for another company to come out!  

I will never use these guys again.. Cheap apparently means we will get there when we get there.    

Minae In LLC eTax Intuit Minae In LLC. Took my money VIA paypal, but did NOT deliver Turbo Tax Software Download LOWELL OH

Minae In LLC.   DBA  eTax Intuit  , advertised and sold me a download of 2017 Turbo Tax, but did NOT deliver valid download link in 24 hours.  No return of multiple emails.   The Telephone # 740-694-8626 is ALWAYS busy.   Per Google the Street Address is a Trailer in Rural, Ohio.    

This is 100% RIPOFF organization 

Per OHIO Secretary of State's office at:  https://businesssearch.ohiosos.gov/      No Minae or eTAX   Intuit is listed. 

Do NOT take a Chance on this website. 

Cashapp Square, Inc They are holding my funds hostage claiming they can’t identify me. San Fransisco California

My husband sent me $3400 thru cashapp. I immediately cashed it out to my bank. It was suppossed to take 3days. The next day I noticed that my email address eas unlinked from my account and cashapp closed my account.

Not only did they close it, they deleted my transactions so I could not see my deposits. So I said I'll wait until Monday for the money to post into my account. It did not. I went to the cashapp website immediately. There is a number, but its a recording stating that they dont have phone customer service. So I emailed them and emaile them and emailed them again.

It took me 47 emails before I received a response. They asked me to provide them all of my account info. I did that. They didn't respond. So I took screenshots of the transactions from my husband's account and posted it to twitter. Lo and behold someone replied. But it was not a happy ending at 5:58pst they stated that they could not find the money and that was it.

They close at 6pm pst. Woke up next morning started emailing again. They started deleting my comments off of Twitter. Again someone emailed me again, sympathized about my situation and said she would help. After giving her all my personal since the day I was born she this: Unfortunately, some of the information provided still does not match what we have in our system.

For security reasons, we are unable to grant you access to this account until everything is confirmed. I'm very sorry about this, thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Christina Brumer Probe me for private information AVENTURA FLORIDA

I did business with Christina Brumer a while back and she is very untrustworthy. She invited me out for dinner to discuss business and she kept ordering me more drinks. She was asking inappropriate questions pertaining to a private matter and it was none of her business. Bottom line is, we don’t want her in NYC! I hope she stays in Aventura, Florida.

She invited a friend to join us later in the evening and she was rambling on about her affair with a man Jose, who lives in Brazil. Jose is married and much holder than her. What was so appalling was that she was stalking Jose’s wife on Instagram as well as his daughter. She kept knocking Jose’s wife saying the most horrible things about her appearance. And bashing the daughter, saying how spoiled she was.

Quite frankly, I found Jose’s wife to be attractive. She also shared that Jose gives her $10,000 USD per month to pay for her lifestyle expenses. She was bragging… Very distasteful. She is a dangerous person in my opinion. There are things that she said that I would not write here. Let’s just say she talked about blackmail. Enough said…


Max Casamalhuapa and Anchor Talent Management Face2Face Talent Management Con Artist, Scammer and Thief! CA Sherman Oaks

Anchor Talent, Face2Face Entertainment, Face2Face Productions, Face2Face Model and Talent …. or whatever Face' Max Casamalhuapa is calling himself these days.  He has spent a good part of a decade scamming budding artists and models into thinking he can help launch their career.  From using models to try to date them, to conning money out of people for fraud investments on low budget movies, he had dabbled in it all.  

He managed me for a few months, a few years ago. I trusted him and did get one booking. He had access to my scocial security number, birthdate and address.  After we parted ways and I left the business, I recently found out he took a payday loan out in my name for $600.00.  Unbelievable!  I recently decided to purchase a condo, and this is how the payday loan company found me. They told me what year it happened, the address that was given; which was the address I lived at while he managed me.  I am in the process of contesting this fraudulent loan and in all honesty charges should be filed against him! I never would have known about this if I wouldn't have applied for a mortgage loan myself!

If he approaches you about turning you into a famous model or actor, run… fast!  You can also find other reviews about him conning people on Rip Off Report if you type in 'Face2Face'.  And yeah, it's true, the address for Anchor Talent, is the same OLD PO Box he has been using for a business address for 10+ years. 10 + years as a talent manager, and you still can't afford an office space in Los Angeles  … even though you are using people's social secuirty numbers for payday loan. I could go on and on about this scammer, but I will just let this sit and hope other ladies do their research on him beforer getting sucked into a bunch of nothing.

Lastly, this guy will pretend to be the best dad in the world to his two children… only to find out he has 2 more on another side of the country that he barely speaks to. I onlyt found out about this as he has trying to date me for months.  Since we were connected on Facebook, his other baby momma wrote me on Facebooj and I dropped him as a manager ASAP.  Everything she ever wrote about him was all truth about hi refusing to help pay and take care of the other 2 kids.  Ladies…. beware of those hollywood predators. It cost me a few months of my time and $600.00!!

Oniliaun.com On 1/20/20 I purchased 2 pairs of AirPod pros and paid with a credit card and received an email with an invoice confirming the purchase when I received the package it was a pair of rayban sunglasses Richmond Virginia

On 1/20/20 I purchased 2 pairs of AirPod pros off of the oniliaun website. Got a confirmation email with invoice number and tracking number when I finally received the package it is a cheap pair of rayban sunglasses worth 40 dollars. Yet my credit card was charged 128 dollars