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Upper Canada Soap I bought one of their Face Mask Products which was a Disaster! In Addition: Terry Ferguson, Head Of Customer Service Offered ME Very Abusive, Disgusting and Filthy Customer NO Good Service! Period! Mississauga Ontario

Terry Ferguson From Upper Canada Soap Lacks Customer Service Skills!   Do Not Buy From Upper Canada Soap!   Back on Monday, September 2, 2019 @2:45 P.M., I contacted the Upper Canada Soap company by email because I Had Bought At Least Two (2) Packages of their Anti-Aging Face Sheet Mask and they were a Complete Waste Of Money!   When I Opened Up Each Package, They Were Really Messy In Trying To Get It Opened Up Properly In Order To Put It On My Face.

Furthermore, once the Mask was On My Face, it did Not Even Cover Up My Face Completely!   For Example:  My Upper Lip was Definitely Not Covered Up Fully; Not Even Half Way!   For Example:  My Neck Area Was Not Even Covered Up At All!   Do You Call This A Proper Face Mask?   I personally Do Not Think So!   In My Email: I provided the following information that I was able to find on the package for their reference and further review:   Anti-Aging Face Sheet Mask Retinol 25g / 0.88 oz Net Wt. Upc Code:  0  64323 18538  7 38 027A1 (I Could Not Read The First Couple Of Letters/Numbers)   EXP 20210501   Furthermore, I Never got a response back from anybody and so I decided to contact the company back on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 and spoke with Mr. Terry Ferguson who is their Head Of Customer, No Service!  

During the conversation he seemed very irritated and had Absolutely No Interest in Taking Care Of A Customer's Legitimate Complaint!   All he cared about was the d**n Store Receipt and he made a False Claim that everybody who buys their products normally keeps their store receipts.   Yeah Right!   Isn't The Real Problem Much More Important Than The Receipt Or Where I Purchased It From?  Obviously!  

I provided everything from the packaging and he did Not Care!   He tried to make ME Look Like I Had Stolen The Product which is Far From The Truth!   All that I wanted was some kind of Product Replacement and Not A Refund At All!   However, This Jerk Off, Idiot was Not Going To Do Anything For ME and Mr. Terry Ferguson Lacks Extreme Customer Service Skills and should Not Be Working For Upper Canada Soap!  

No Wonder Why I Read So Many Bad Reviews On This Selfish, Greedy and NonTrustworthy Company!   Stay Away From This Company Because They Are Trained Not To Help Any Of Their Customers, Period!   Thank you.  

Sincerely yours,          

Howard Paul Shore Angry And Upset Upper Canada Soap Customer    /HPS

Henderson Earthworks Tony Henderson, Henderson Excavating Inc, Tony Douglas Kirk Henderson We paid Henderson Earthworks a $12,000 payment for a sewer tap project and over 5 months later has never started the work and is now unresponsive. Phoenix Arizona

In March 2019 Tony Henderson was paid a $12,000 deposit to complete a sewer tap project. 

-After almost 4 months of waiting, and continued follow up from us for status updates, Tony Henderson reported the delays were from the Scottsdale/City Plan Review Department.

-On 07/22/2019: We took it upon ourselves to contact Richard Sacks, Sr. Water Resources Engineer from Scottsdale, whom I have been in contact with previously about this project, referred me to John Dickson (Scottsdale, Plan Review).  In speaking with John, he reported that some plans had been submitted by Henderson Earthworks several weeks/months prior but Scottsdale had requested some minor revisions that until this date had not been rectified.

– Over the next few weeks Henderson Earthworks  continued with excuses about being too busy to address the changes and inability to manage the engineer.  In his correspondence he was extremely rude and condescending even though our communication was friendly.  We have been patient and understanding even after months of not receiving status or timely follow-ups.  Any status we received had to be solicited by us-he never volunteered an update even though he had collected such a large payment for the job.

– +5 months since the date of the signed agreement and we have not received any progress or work from Henderson Earthworks towards completing the project. Everytime we inquire, Tony is rude and, in our opinion borderline threatening in tone.  Several times Tony says, "I'm busy". Yet if we would have been told it would take over 5 months for him to initiate the work, we would NOT have paid him.

– 8/30/19: We sent an email to cancel the contract and requested return of the deposit paid since no work has been done on our property and no clear plan has been laid out to us and a week later still have no response.  We followed up on 9/2/19 with a text advising to review the email and still no response.  

-At this point we assume he has stolen the money we've paid him and has no intention of completing the work.  We have no other recourse but to file a complaint with AZROC as he is in violation of AZROC laws as a licensed contractor.  After some research we discovered he has been disciplined for violating AZROC laws in the past which resulted in suspension of his license in 2018.

-We would caution consumers when considering Henderson Earthwork Excavation services.  He has limited reviews online, and no website.  He has complaints online about poor treatment of consumers, and even non payment to his workers.  In our opinion he seems to have some unscrupulous business practices including taking money from homeowners and not completing the work he was contracted to do.

Daisy Productions Toronto Kelly Taylor Kelly Delemere Uses Indiegogo to get money for debt payments Toronto Ontario

Kelly Taylor (aka Kelly Delemere) is a 38 year old actress who pretends she is in her late 20s. She runs Daisy Productions in Toronto, ON, Canada. Right now she is running an Indiegogo campaign for her new play – but unfortunately the campaign is to cover the costs of thousands of dollars she owes to debt collectors across Ontario, Canada.

These debts include old credit card debts, rental debts for old properties, and more!

Buyer beware – the money from her "theatre shows" actually goes toward paying off these debts.

Edgardo Saldana Ed Saldana Spirito Real Estate Spirito Capital Group NSD Financial Nathaniel Saldana Griselle Giselle Saldana Wire fraud, Real Estate Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Credit Fraud, Marriage Fraud, Scam Artist Clifton NJ

Edgardo Saldana is a great liar! When I met Ed, he said he had 5 real estate properties which he claimed he owned and were turn key properties, that were rented out and cash flowing. He used complex real estate language, and claimed that he was a real estate investor. He also claimed that he was a loan officer, and could get a loan for anyone down to a 520 FICO score using FHA financing.

He said he could help people get out of foreclosure, force the bank to do a loan modification, and completely stop the foreclosure process, and repair thier credit afterwards. He said he had access to off market properties from the bank, and had relationships with some of the top banks (Bank of America, Countrywide, Wells Fargo, etc.) On top of all that, he also claimed he was a devout christian, a believer of Christ, and that he hosts a bible study group every thursday in his house/office on 559 Clifton Ave, Clifton, NJ 07011.

I had a small fortune I had amounted and was looking for a way to invest it in Real Estate. The reason I met with Ed was because at the time, I had very little credit history, and could not get a loan or mortgage I needed on my own to buy a investment property. Ed said that I didn't need credit and he knew banks that could get it done. He was eager to work with me and we arranged a meeting to see what he could offer.

When I arrived to his home office, he showed me 5 properties that were turn key investments. He described to me these interesting and creative ways to be able to be able to finance these properties without getting a mortgage. He showed me how much I can buy them for, the market value of the properties, and how much rental income each one generated. He said he was a loan officer and could arrange financing through the FHA program for me because I had the income required.

Edgardo also stated he could "BOOST" my credit score by using "SEASONED TRADELINES" and that he could boost my FICO score to 720 at which point I would be eligible for another $250,000 in unsecured financing from angel investors, which I could use to renovate the properties, or use it to acquire more properties.

This all sounded amazing to me. At that time, we were in the midst of the real estate crisis where banks were getting bailed out by the government. Before I met Edgardo, I went to a few banks and mortgage brokers, and none of them were able to get me approved for an investment property because I had no established credit history. 

A week later we met again and we went look at properties together. He showed me a property in Clifton, in Passaic, and 2 in Newark. Some but not all of the properties had tenants in them, and although the houses were outdated, they were in livable condition. After seeing the properties, I settled on a 2 family home in on Broad Street Clifton. It was in a good nieghborhood, and needed the least amount of work. The price was very attractive, and so was the potential rental income. We met again a few days later, and we started the process.

He sat me down with his "Intern", a young gentleman by the name of Terrance. Terrance wrote my information down on a piece of paper, called the main office with my personal information (name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number) and within minutes he had my credit report in front of him. I provided him with my past 2 years tax returns, 2 months bank statements, and my pay stubs for the last month, and a summary of my retirement and investment accounts. He assured me that he will "SHOP THE LOAN AROUND" to get the best deal, and get me prequalified within 30 days. At the same time, he would work on boosting my credit score and begin to add tradelines so I can apply for the 250,000 in unsecured credit and use a portion of that to renovate the property. At that point my work was done in 30 days I could come back and sign the Real Estate Contract.

Heres where things started getting interesting. The next month I called to check up to see if I was prequalifed and if my credit score went up. Terrance said I was "A FEW POINTS SHY" of getting qualifed and to hang in there because the new tradelines didn't report yet. Terrance promised to call me back once they "reported".

Terrance finally called me and said he found me a bank willing to do the deal, but I would have to come up with a little more Cash out of pocket for the deposit in order for the loan to pass underwriting. I met with Ed the next day eager to sign the contract and get the ball rolling. Instead of a real estate contract, he presented me with a "LAND TRUST CONTRACT" and a "EQUITY TRUST CONTRACT" where I would deposit my money into a "TRADITIONAL EQUITY TRUST ACCOUNT" to show the bank I was "SERIOUS" so I can get "PREAPPROVED" and once the transfer would take place I could sign the real estate contract and close in 7 to 10 days. He promised I would have full control of my money, and I would be able to reverse the transaction just as easily if the loan didn't go through. I did as he said, and the transfer took place a few days later in the amount $20,000 USD. 

What he failed to mention to me is that "NONE" of this was necessary. I discovered later on that after I signed the paperwork, they forged some documents with my signature, and instead of the money being transfered to a "EQUITY TRUST ACCOUNT" with me being the account owner, that they were in control of the money, and I was listed as a beneficiary. On my side, everything looked legitamate. These crooks pretty much wired the money into thier LLC, and used it to buy themselves a used BMW X3, a nice watch, and to pay thier bills. 

After 5 months of going back and forth, I had no investment property, I had lost 20,000 dollars, and Ed and Terrance both came up with more elaborate excuses and stopped answering thier phones. I would knock on the door at random moments to confront these cowards. Once a little girl would came and said he wasn't home, another a spanish lady that didn't speak english, and then after that his dog charley. His car was always in the driveway when I came. I went to the police, but they couldn't help me and said it was a civil matter I had to take up in court. Now with no money, I had to be my own personal detective.

Here is what I found out, his home office at 559 Clifton Avenue in Clifton didn't belong to him, based on tax records, it belonged to KEILA PORTOCARRERO and has been in foreclosure for a good year. While doing routine surveilance, I had caught Edgardo throwing rocks at his house in an attempt to break the windows, in what seemed to be insurance fraud.

Another interesting discovery was that none of the houses belonged to him, he wan't a licensed real estate agent, he wasn't a licensed credit repair agent, he wasn't a licensed mortage loan officer or mortgage broker. The car he bought didn't belong to him, instead he had been driving around in the car on dealer plates (which is illegal), and wasn't even a licensed car dealer. He was driving around for months in a car that didn't belong to him, on a dealer plate, that should be used only for transporting the car and for test drives only. Dealer plates are not to be used for personal recreation or for personal business.

Ed has no relationships with angel investors, no relationships with banks, and that he had swindled others the same way he swindled me. He created a ponzi scheme where the money he took from me, he used to pay off some of his other investors, pay his bills, and buy nice things for himself. He was unlicensed conducting activity "that only a licensed agent could do". What he did was he used resources from licensed real estate agents, like the logins to the MLS to access real estate listings, to pull credit reports, and to make himself seem legitimate. Everything was just a show to make himself look credible. 

One last thing, during the 5 months when I was getting to know Edgardo, he would invite me over to his bible groups every thursday evening. I would frequently attend to gain understand of my own faith. Edgardo is such a monstrous scam artist, that he would use an innocent church to gain credibilidy for himself. He would frequently solicit members of the church to be his partners in real estate, and scam innocent parishioners. Last I checked, that church had broken all ties with him. (THANK GOODNESS) And that there are a few parishioners that are also looking for him that would like to sue him.

He also committed marriage fraud. He met a Dominican woman by the name of Griselle or Giselle. Griselle has a young daughter and was living in the United States illegally. In order for her to be a obtain legal residency, she would have to marry a citizen. Edgardo and Griselle arranged a small marraige ceremony back in 2014 or 2015. Edgardo would marry Griselle in exchange for cash payments from Griselle in order to support him and his laziness.

I found out about all this because Edgardo proposed to me, that he could arrange a simillar marriage for me. He explained to me that a minimum of two years I would have to keep up appearances on social media with a "FAKE" wife, set up joint accounts, and all the small details in between to make it seem legitimate. He said he knew of girls that are willing to pay me $70,000 up front and then $4,000 dollars every month for 2 to 3 years until I divorced them. Then I could do it again soon therafter and keep the money coming in. 

The "best part" as Edgardo had stated about the Marriage fraud scheme he was proposing is that:

(1) We didn't have to live together AND

(2) I was free to date other women if I pleased. 

If anyone ever finds this animal and Master scam artist, call the sheriff, state Police, or the FBI and inform him of his wherabouts. Another good resource is the NJ Real Estate and banking commission or the SEC as he conducts unlicensed and unregistered business activity under false pretenses. Last I heard, Griselle Saldana is an "INDEPENDENT" tax preparer. Edgardo Saldana opened a new company called Spirito Capital or Spirito Real Estate. His last known place of residence is either Clifton, Passaic, Elizabeth, or possibly Newark NJ.

There is a possibility he is involving his son Nathaniel Saldana, who is a "licensed real estate agent" to attract new people to his Ponzi scheme.

Do not believe this man, and call the authorities right away. DO NOT CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH HIM. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WITH HIM. 

Miami Pools Manufacturing Pty Ltd Tom Salter Miami Pools Stole my money, refused to deliver a paid for pool Saint Marys St Marys NSW

Tom Salter of Miami Pools took nearly $10,000 in cash. He then refused to deliver the paid for pool shell and has denied ever recieving the money. The man is a thief. Do not do business with either Tom Salter or Miami Pools. They cannot be trusted. 

The pools they do produce are very poor quality, very old in their designs. Their main pool manufacturer has left to make better designs with more water voulme. Buyer beware.

Box it and more Quality Construction Co, COPY MASTERS COPYING DUPLICATING SERVICE, Auto Saver, friend finder Scammed me Grants Pass Oregon

Jack Daniels Laird is a lying evil con artist. I gave his company $30, 000 worth of makeup, so he can ship to one of my biggest retailers and now my package is nowhere to be found. I spent a few days on a wild goose chase, only to find out that my product was never dropped off at usps. When I confronted him about it, he denied any wrongdoing and said to keep calling the post office.

Eventually, he told me to go f myself and to stop asking him about where are my products. Shipping label was created, but he never shipped my products. I am depressed because now I have no money left and will have to take out a loan to avoid going out of business. Please take my warning and do not allow yourself to become victimized by this sociopath.

I also found out that he is a con artist, has a lengthy criminal record and several lawsuits against him, so he has to change his legal name often… Shocker. I have uploaded a few of his convictions and lawsuits online but I cannot do all because it will take me years; considering he is a career criminal.

Windsor Mutual Joy John Gallagher Cheryl Ackley John Hurbiak Valeo Insurance Solutions WINDORS MUTUAL JOY Scammers!! Denied home owners claim ephrata pa

Windsor Mutual Joy is a scam! They over charge you for insurance. Deny your home owners claim  for a category 2 tornadoe. They conspired against me to do anything, lie on claim reports. They will do anything to deny your claim. They sent Tedd Riley to inspect my house after storm. It took him 3 hour to record all damages from storm. WMJ didnt like his honest report so they sent John Hurbaik from Valeo insurance solutions.

Valeo works for WMJ, they do what they tell them to do to deny your claim. I requested another company to inspect my home, but they denied, refused. That's when I knew it was a "SCAM" We can't pick any other company to inspect my damages?  John Gallagher said nothing happened to my home. STAY AWAY!! PICK ANY REAL INSURANCE ONLINE!! You will have a better chance in getting coverage during these natural disaters. I filed on 25MAY19 they denied my claim on 04SEPT19 as expected from Windsor Mutaul Joy.


Disabled Veteran (retired) 11B

Orchard Brands Sales Agency LLC Blair Customer Care 100 Murray Drive Warren, PA 16368 Bad Refund Policy Warren PA

Purchased mens shorts for a total price of 72.96, returned within 3 days for poor fit, only received a refund of 29.99, less than 30% of the original purchase price

Indian Hair Shop Scam scam scam do not buy Stockbridge Georgia

I am so incredibly disappointed in my recent purchase from this company.
I’ve purchased hair from this shop a few years ago and I questioned the length but never actually escalated this. However, this time around I feel scammed.

I ordered 2 18” bundles. What I received was thin wefts, with barely any straggles, one  that barely  reaches around 16” with one strand of hair and another around 14”.

I not only wasted over $150, but I wasted an entire weekend purchasing new hair from a local store for a wedding. One bundle was about 3 inches shorter than the other, they should’ve all been 18”! I am so disappointed!

This is so beyond frustrating because I could’ve easily went with my normal supplier and had no problem installing over this past weekend. I am not sure how this company can advertise 18” and send a customer something 4” too short!! I’ve been a hairdresser for many years and I can’t begin to tell you how falsely advertised this is . I understand hair is going to be thin and shorter in some areas but this is unacceptable. Absolutely appalling.

Look at the two different sizes! How is this 18”? This is one “weft” this hair is literally straggles and see through.

Bo Schimers Bodo Schimers, Bo Schimers & Associates Horrible Lawyer with Zero Ethics Taylor, Livonia Michigan

This lawyer (and I use “lawyer” very loosely) is completely incompetent and has zero ethics. I find it funny that he never answered the original complaint regarding his “alleged filing” of bankruptcy.  In researching Mr. Schimers, I did find a case filed against him for Legal/ Professional Malpractice in Wayne County Circuit Court.

I have also found numerous negative complaints and reviews filed against him.  I certainly wish I had done my research before hiring this so called attorney. It seems he has a pattern of not returning calls or representing his clients in a professional manner. I strongly suggest avoiding this guy.