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2019 benefit information for Michigan citizens only 2019 benefit information for Michigan citizens only You may qualify for a state regulated program to pay for your final expenses regardless of your medical condition, even you have been turned down before. Greensboro, NC

2019 benefit information for Michigan citizens only 2019 benefit information for Michigan citizens only You may qualify for a state regulated program to pay for your final expenses regardless of your medical condition, even you have been turned down before. It is important you know how to qualify for this benefit available to you. This benefit with pay for 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000.

This payment is tax free for Michigan residents. You are entitled to recive no cost information as a resident of michigan. IMPORTANT – Return this postage paid card within 5 days and recieve a FREE WALMART GIFT CARD. Your name and address. some kind of code numbers to right of address. F01 F01J Not affilated with or endorsed by any goverment agency. additional information they as for is full name and address correction, phone number, age, Spouse's age and Spouse's full name.

Front is addressed to: National Reply Center PO Box 46715 Greensboro, NC 27499-3876 Me: upon googling 2019 benefit information for Michigan citizens only a few websites came up to show this has been going on for years in different states. 

Youthful Beauty Youthful Beauty and Clearly Perfect was sending me more packages after canceling las vegas nevada

Had a hard time getting ahold of customer service. when i finally did they said i could not get a refund and then kept on sending me more and more product sometimes two times a month. it has now put me in a finincial hardship making this my first month I am unable to make any car or house payment.

toxsl technologies pvt. ltd. scammers on freelancing websites

Stay away from Toxsl they are scammers

1-First of all they will refuse to accept your project offer to their manager profile (Shiv Charan Panjeta)
and they will give you other freelancer profile to hire for your job that's if your project is big so they can neglect you after get your money also they will push you to harry and sign the contract before midnight or they will rise the cost up and remove the discount.

2-They will ask you for 25% upfront as a project setup fees non-refundable regardless this is against upwork rules.and they will refuse to start the project without this amount.

4-They will ask you to sign an unfair contract that ignores all your rights and give them the rights to not complete you project at any point (when the easy part is over) and delay the delivery for unfinite time if they wants also all others rights to take your money and you suppose to not doing anything about it.
also they will refuse to change anything in the contract agreement that can guarantee your rights

3-The customer service before you hire them will be very good in communication also good English and in you preferred time zone.And they will convince you that they understand all detailes about your project.
after you hire them, you will assigned a project manager that is horrible in communication also English and they decide and order you to communicate with them only during they work time (indian time zone ) only ,otherwise you can't procced in your project.

4-After that you will discover that they didn't understand anything about your project and you have to explain everything from start again.

5-They never do the required modification you ask about. you have to ask for it 5 or 6 times to get done if you are lucky enough.

6-Then they will ask you each day to release the next payment regardless the they didn't deliver the work and the milestone still in progress

7-They will delay your project x10 times lets says your deadline is one month you need to expect delivery after 10 months if you are lucky enough.

8-They are liars and scammers in my situation they convince me that they have done a simillar project as mine before and they understand my website and they will assign the same project manager
of the previous done project for me.And refused to modify the contract to make a deadline for delivery and put a penalty clause for any delay. Then i discovered than they don't know anything about
the project they mention that they done. nor my project and their communication is horrible. my deadline was 1 month and after 1 month they only send me 0.5 % of work that need modification too.

9-After all they will keep lying and lying and refuse to refund you and blaming you on things like miscommunication and so on.

10-Last thing they will delete your review or any feedback on the project if it is not in their favor or 5 stars.

Airbnb Wouldn’t refund our booking when we had to cancel.

When my husband and I went to check into an Airbnb on August 23, 2019 in Warren, Rhode Island, we discovered it was full of mold and it made both of us very sick. We even met with the host who denied any mold in her basement unit. We couldn't find any place to stay and ended up staying in our car. The host said she would refund us six days of our month's booking so we could find someplace else and we would only get any additional refund if she was able to find other guests to fill our booking.

I notified Airbnb of the awful mold situation at that Airbnb and they wanted documentation. I told them we didn't have time to take pictures because we had to turn around and get out as soon as possible. A friend of ours was with us and she smelled the awful mold, too, when we got ready to check in. We also booked another Airbnb for a month later (October 25, 2019 through November 24, 2019) and as soon as we got sick on August 23, 2019, I called and spoke with the host to cancel and also did a written cancellation explaining that we had become ill and would have to cancel our booking.

Airbnb states for that particular Airbnb, that should we cancel up to 14 days before check-in, we would receive a full refund but up to 7 days before, only 50% refund which I felt was very reasonable when I booked this second Airbnb. When calling Airbnb to get a full refund on this second Airbnb, I was pointed to their "long term booking" policy which, to my horror, any booking 28 days or longer states that the first 30 days is non refundable.

I had never heard of such a thing and not only that, Airbnb wanted me to provide a doctor's statement to them stating that my husband and I had become ill. We will never use Airbnb because they are nothing more than a rip off.

Greg pincus Gray Jeep Auto scam Stroudsburg Pennsylvania

Greg is a scam artist. He is often smelling like pot and or alcohol. He will promise you the world and then put you in a car that is in need of repair. He s not to be trusted. He goes from dealership to dealership.

Once they know what he's about they let him go. He runs scams and doesn't pay his mortgage or bills and files for bankruptcy. Stay away from him if you don't want to be scammed.

Peter J. Natoli Made Harassing Phone Calls Scottsdale Arizona

An anonimous caller made a number of harassing phone calls to me at about 5:45pm on Wed, Sept 4, 2019 from a "Private Number."  He was screaming that he had called the police who would be contacting me…I demanded to know who this was on the phone and he refused to answer – continuing in a loud screaming voice that I was going to be arrested, police will contact, etc.  I hung up. 

The caller phoned back immediately and I instantly recognized the voice of Peter J. Natoli when he said my name and military rank – an individual I had filed a Craigslist fraud complaint against in Jan 2018.  This man is troubled.  He called and attacked me in the same manner in Jan 2018 so it was easy for me to recognize his voice and demeanor.  He truly needs medical assistance or is off his meds.  Just FYI  

First American Home Warranty Forces me to pay $75 service fee when no service was provided; never sent a contractor out on another claim Santa Rosa California

Company sends out the sketchiest two "plumbers" you could imagine. I had reported a plumbing stoppage but they looked in the toilet tank and that was it. I didn't stop them because I wanted them gone.  I immediately complained and was told they would waive the $75.  I didn't hear anything for at least a month, then I got hounded to pay the $75.00.  

August 1st I filed a claim as I had no hot water.  Two days later, still no contractor and no follow ups from them even though I was assured it was considered an emergency and someone would be out within 24 hours.  That was a month ago.

Beware of this company.  Do your research.  They will scam you, talk rude to you (if you can understand them), and hire the bottom of the barrel vendors!

GoDaddy Credit Card Fraud Scottsdals Arizona

This is your typical scammy online website.  The auto-renew seems to turn itself back on.  The support doesn't respond to emails.  You're lucky to get through to a person over the phone.

Typical coprorate customer service trying to do everything they can to avoid their customers and avoid taking any responsibility.

I sent them multiple emails and checked my account multiple times.  Eventually I just reported them to the BBB what else can you do.

Beverly Diamonds Lied about return policy. Had me sign a receipt that turned out to be a return agreement. Product I purchased was in stock, but they claimed it was “custom made”. California

Return policy claims that in stock rings can be returned within 30 days. My ring was in stock, but they claim it was custom made and can't be returned
I was shopping for an engagement ring that could be immediately shipped to my home address. The ring I found was in stock in the correct size. Immediately after paying for my order, the ring was shipped.

I contacted Beverly Diamonds two days ago on the phone in order to return my purchase. At first, Beverly Diamonds told me it would be possible to return, but they would have to call me back with a shipping quote. Later that day, they emailed me claiming I am not eligible for a refund. Upon purchase of the ring, they had me sign a receipt which claims my ring was custom made to a size 6. However, my ring was not custom made. The ring was in stock, which is why it shipped out immediately after purchase. They never mentioned this to me before I bought the ring, or before I signed a receipt.

Their website's return policy claims "All diamond eternity rings, bands and customized rings are non-refundable".

My ring was not custom made. If it was, my order would not have shipped out on the same it was purchased. It seems as though that Beverly Diamonds does not stand behind their own return policies, which is apparent from all complaints on Better Business Bureau's website regarding "refunds". There have been many complaints regarding customer service, returns and exchanges.

Freedom mortgage Mic corporation, ocwen lending Lost payments held checks before cashing them reported to credit bureaus we were late . Indianapolis Indiana

Trying to refinance house and get away from Freedom mortgage. We were up to date with payments and doing a repayment plan of an extra 500.00 a month for 6 months that was court ordered. We get paid around the first of the month due to Social Security and VA compensation. We normally get our big check around the 30 th of the month so we mail out a cashier's check the day we get paid.

In November of 2018 we mailed out four checks two on the 1st of november for November s payment and two on the 30th for December's payment. We received our January check on the 28 th of December and mailed out the two checks for January's payment. Well low and behold the check was cashed by freedom mortgage but never applied to our account until February.

In the meantime we changed our homeowners insurance and freedom mortgage wanted their money back for escrow. I contacted the old insurance company and they mailed it back to us. We immediately went to the bank got a cashier's check for $1923.46 and mailed it out. They put the check in a unapplied acct. And left it.

We had no idea we were listed as a month behind until we started to refi our home and it shows on my husbands credit bureau, they refuse to change the bureaus even after telling us in april it was their mistake now they are saying we were late and won't do anything about it. I have all receipts from may of 2018 to the present and they are all according to my records up to date.