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Richard Cosentino Fiberglass gelcoat repair scam Mesa Arizona

Richard Cosentino in Mesa AZ, advertises on craigslist as a skilled fiberglass repair provider. but as I discovered after I paid him, it's only a grifter style scam. his so called fiberglass repair was nothing close to being acceptable. was pure garbage. 

Richard only partially removed the damaged, delaminated fiberglass. and used bondo and some fiberglass and rattle can paint, instead of fiberglass and gelcoat as promised. his horrible rapair in the middle of the keel would likely have failed and could very well have caused the boat to sink. 

I had to have it redone and lost over $3k as a result of Richard's little scam. 
please contact me through this site if you've had similar experience. Justice for us victims would be great! 

Beware Smarmy Con Artist Paul Walton Sidney Walton No Regrets Tour Good to see you Paul Paul Walton San Diego Sidney Walton Sydney Walton Amy Cowden Scammed me out of money San Diego CA

Paul Walton is one of the creepiest smarmiest guys you’ll ever meet. He is fake and phony in every way. He has been crashing parties and events for 30 plus years. His life has been an utter failure , and he brags about not working at all. Everyone in his circle has heard rumors of him conning older women and real estate theft and mortgage fraud, but otherwise he was a seemingly harmless crasher.

His latest fraud is propping his dad up in a wheelchair and putting the same stinky hat on him that says world war 2 veteran. Paul is one of those shameless cons that’ll say and try anything until it sticks. He perfected this pitch (lie) about his dad regretting not meeting civil war vets in new york when he was young, so he wants to give everyone a chance. His dad was not some war hero or fighter.

From various people, he is said to have been a line cook and had a broken angle, never combat duty. He has laughed to numerous people his dad is an atm now. He solicits donations endlessly, and has said military vets are the one thing that pulls on America’s heartstrings no matter the economy He is using the funds to travel and live. That’s it.

If you want to fund his trashy girlfriend Amy Cowden’s travels, then by all means. He is the creepiest guy you’ll ever meet. It is scary how far he is taking his latest scam. He is combining his only two talents , crashing and getting free things, and milking it for everything his worth. He and his dad smell horrible, and the whole display is nauseating. There are true heroes who are diminished by their presence. Paul even weasled them in to celebration in Normandy , with world leaders. Beware of this lying fraud

GEPetrol – ELPIDOROS CHARALAMBOUS (may be identity theft) David Hale Head License Department GEPETROL and LNG [email protected] ANDREW MOORE 208 JEPPE STREET JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA 086 604 9601 [email protected] solicited $12,500 for licence to sell crude oil – refused to provide due diligence material

Text of initial solicitation:
Equatorial Oil has temporarily stopped issuing a fresh seller mandate certificate to new intending license operators for this present sales operational season. This is due to excessive and outrageous applications received during this 2017/2018 sales operational season.

Nevertheless as a staff and insider in this petrioleum agency, I have a well packaged procedure by which you can officially own a seller mandate certificate in your names or your company's name as the case may be if you strictly follow my instructions. You can use your personal names or your company's name on the crude oil sales license. I have been able to locate a dormant license number EG/2008ALBAVSK84/IGIFRP belonging to IGI GROUP OIL AND GAS LLC.

This License has not been operative for more than 10 months due to the unavailability of the company's CEO and therefore has been declared dormant by Equatorial Oil The capacity of this license is one Million Barrels of ZAFIRO BLEND per month. This license attracts a host commission of $3.00 per barrel sold, If we are able to sell the complete one million barrel allocated to you at the end of the month, You will be expecting a total amount of Three Million United States Dollars ($3MUSD) at the end of every sales operation.

I was able to trace and get hold of the attorney in charge of this dormant license and he has agreed to reassign this license to a new beneficiary as soon as am able to have a good business understanding with the new partner. The oil lifting license will be re-assigned to your names/company names as you wish which will take couple of days. As soon as this is done, consider the game over and we will start up operation immediately.

Right at the moment, I have a buyer stand-by ready to buy whatever quantity of crude they will allocate to us. The proceeds of this lucrative venture will be shared in 60% and 40%, 60% will go to you and your company while 40%comes to me and the attorney. This may be sounding very strange to you or too good to be true because you are not so familiar with the crude oil business. Believe me, this is the most legal and lucrative business someone can ever set up.

With good understanding, we will become big time oil merchants in the next few months. Nobody recommended you; I got your information from a resident directory. Nature and Capital Operation You do not need capital to start up the sales operation after the license has been re- assigned to your names/company name. You are only a sales representative to the National Oil Company; you are just an intermediary between the producer/seller and the buyer.

The producer/seller is the National Oil Company "Equatorial Oil" while the buyer is the entity buying the crude oil either by FOB(Free On Board) or CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight). After the sales operation the petroleum agency will pay you a host commission of $3 per barrel sold. The capacity of the license you are trying to re-assign now is one million barrels per month; this will give you a commission of $3MUSD every month at the end of each sales operation.

Obligation of Partners: Your role is to apply for the reassignment of the lifting/marketing license with the Equatorial Oil. As the owner of the license, the commission from the crude oil sales will be paid into your nominated account after the sales. I cannot own a license because I’m working for the oil company. I need a partner with the financial muscles and connections to bid and re- assign a license from the Equatorial Oil.

I will accept the responsibility of locating the buyers of the crude oil and negotiate with them to buy our allocated crude oil. As a staff of the Oil Company, i have good contact of buyers who will be able to scramble for any quantity of crude oil allocated to us monthly. I will use my network to arrange the sales transaction to make sure that our commission is calculated and paid to us immediately the buyer pays for the crude oil.

This will not be hard for me since I’m an insider in the oil company. As someone working with the agency, I cannot front myself to bid for a license or officially involve myself in a license operation; this is the more reason why I contacted you in the first place because it is against the oil industry's norms and ethics. I appreciate your kind response towards this lucrative venture. Just a brief description of myself, I’m a Platform Manager working under the National Oil Company of Equatorial Guinea.

The National Oil Company is a major producer of crude oil and exports to the world market. The oil company is owned by the government of Equatorial Guinea. The Europe & Pretoria office of this Oil Company is responsible for issuing “oil lifting licenses” to intending license operators and oversees the general marketing of the crude oil produced by the company. As a Platform Manager, I also assist license owners in the marketing of the crude oil allocated to them by the Oil Company.

But I’m not allowed to personally own a license or officially have interest in sales operations proceeds. On your positive response, I will be forwarding you with the direct contact details of the License office for you to direct your oil lifting license re-assignment application. I will also draft a working MOU agreement which will stipulate our roles in this project and how the resulting commissions will be shared between us.

I have outlined the costs in this business below: 

1. The Letter of Introduction – This will be drawn up by the lawyer who is in charge of the license for possible submission to Equatorial Oil introducing you or your company as the potential beneficiary to the dormant license. The document must go through the court for legal authentication which attracts an oath fee of £4,000 GBP before it can be accepted by Equatorial Oil for vetting. 

2. Registering you or your company and getting a membership certificate from the Contractors and Operators board of Equatorial Oil. This is mandatory to enable you operate with the license when it is reassigned to you. This membership registration costs £6,500 GBP and has a 5 years life span before renewal.

3. The refundable license reassignment application levy. This now costs £9,850 GBP effective from December 31st 2017 
I will handle 1 and 2. The payment for the license levy (3) will be handled by you.
The license has life span of 5years at the end of this 5years; we can reapply to still use it. I want you to know that we have buyers already on ground to take up our entire allocation for the 5years period. 

As mentioned earlier, what we are here for is the host commission of $3 per barrels of the 1 Million we have every month meaning that we will be making $3Million every month for these 5 years. These commissions will come to you first after which you will send my part to me. Our only financial investment is just the above as I have mentioned though I have put in some money to get to this stage. 
Kindly send me your details which include your full names, address and telephone number. We will start off with the paper work when all is agreed including the costs.










MR. …………………………………………………………………………. OF…………………………………………………………………..(COMPANY NAME)…………………………………………………….. “PARTY A”

The provisions of this contract constitute the terms and conditions for the lifting and re-sale of Equatorial Guinea Crude Oil (EGCO) for a period of five years only (5 Years).

This agreement is entered into on the later of the dates respectively inserted below by each of the parties when affixing their signatures hereto:

The both parties with full legal, corporate authority and responsibility, under penalty of perjury, certifies, represents and warrants that it is ready willing and able to sell the product referred to herein. Both parties make an irrevocable firm commitment to sell and deliver in each transaction, a maximum quantity of One Million barrels per month; with specifications as described in this Agreement. Both parties also certifies, represents and warrants that it can fulfill the requirements of this Agreement and provide the product herein mentioned in a timely manner.


WHEREAS, the obligations of “PARTY B” as the facilitating partner is to arrange for all the lifting and sales transactions, for the sale of the One Million barrels monthly allocation of “PARTY A” and to guide “Party A” to a successful sales transaction.

WHEREAS, the obligations of “PARTY A” is to bid for the license, being the nominated license beneficiary, host the commission and assure the availability of 40% of the total commissions to “PART B” as an equity partner.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants, promises,


This Agreement shall come into effect on the date that the Agreement is signed by both parties in the Contract and shall be valid for a total period of 5 years only.

This contract is for a total quantity of 60 Million barrels (60 MBLS) of Equatorial Guinea Crude Oil, to be lifting and sold to buyers using vessels of 1 Million barrels [1 MBLS] capacity Vessel as Seller and Buyer may agree. Subject to the terms and provisions hereof, this Agreement shall continue in force until the delivery of the total quantity of 60 Million Barrels for a period of 5 years is complete or cancelled through mutual agreement.


Standard Export specifications of Equatorial Guinea Crude Oil [EGCO]


2.1​The Parties to this Agreement each agree that this Agreement shall be kept in the strictest confidence between them.

2.2​The Parties hereby agree not to circumvent one another or disclose the identities of the Parties to third parties and to abide by the standards of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) regarding Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure.

The Parties agrees not to knowingly furnish, directly or indirectly Information concerning this transaction to a third party.


3.1 Both parties participating in this transaction have agreed to share profit on equity basis monthly, 60% to party “A” and 40% to party “B”

3.2 This Fee Protection Agreement is specifically important as proceeds of sales would be paid to the petroleum agency through the lifting company as decided upon (Further details of cash disbursement to both parties will be known later when Lifting commences.)

3.3 Both parties have agreed That Party “A” will fund any form of expenses that might arise in the initial phase of this transaction (LICENSE RE-ASSIGNMENT FEE). Further operation cost would be deducted from transaction proceeds.

3.4 Party “B” will be responsible for and facilitates all crude oil allocation, sales and make sure that the resulting commissions are paid directly to the bank account coordinates provided by party “A”

3.5 The receiving bank account for all commissions MUST be provided by party “A” till the end of the sales transaction.



Full name: …………………………………

Sign: ………………………………………

Date: ………………………………………


Full name: …………………………………

Sign: ………………………………………

Date: ………………………………………

BILAL TOPRAK SINOWIDE (CHINA) HOLDINGS LTD Good standing and credibilty is the motto and always maintained! FOUR SEASONS PLACE, 60TH FL, HONG KONG SAR

We at Shell petroleum say sorry to hear about your experience(s) with Sinowide (China) Holdings Ltd. However, we can testify that since our years of successful business relationship with Sinowide (China) Holdings Ltd, they are usually known for their exceptional customer service and we are shocked that they didn’t live up to those expectations due to email compromise as informed by the CEO, Mr. Bilal Toprak as quoted below;

"On behalf of my company, I sincerely apologize to those of our client(s) that were affected by the inconveniences caused by my skype and email compromise. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to make things right and work toward earning back your business as always potraying our normal standard of good standing and credibility”

Paypal PayPal overcharged me Omaha Nebraska

I was overcharged and I can prove it with bank records and PP records as well. 

Noltekmax.com They took $93.25 our of my bank account. Northridge California

I was checking my Bank balance online and noticed that a withdrawl of $ 93.25 was taken out on Aug. 29 without my knowledge.    I can't figure out how this company got my Bank account information. I went on line and search, noltekmax.com.  I still can't find a valid reason for this withdrawl..   I know that I did not buy anything on line from this company.   The last time I used my credit card was at Walgreens on Silver Springs Blvd in Ocala, Florida.


On August 20, 2019 I cancelled any further billing for my account;  I also received a Screen Confirmation of this cancellation.  On August 29, 2019 I was charged, via PayPal, for next months services after I had cancelled.  Upon contacting the company (they make you do it via an online support ticket basis), "speaking" with a "James B" and providing a copy of the cancellation screenshot, they denied my request to reimburse me for the incorrect charges.  They claimed that according to "their" records, I had not cancelled my subscription even though they were provided with a copy of the cancellation confirmation.  

I would not trust this company!  This is yet the latest and last issue that has occured.  They will periodically shut the site down for "maintenance" in the middle of the day.  Frustrating – you bet.

Use another vendor, there are plenty of them out there.  


DMTN-TV Formerly Shack TV. They kept my money then banned my IP address

This is an IPTV site. That is, they offer an alternative to cable TV. It claims to be legal but for $39 for 3 months you can get channels from all over the world through Android or Fire TV device. They have a Youtube channel and website and seem very legit.

I subscribed and was initially impressed. I enjoy watching UK channels. But I was constantly having problems. After submitting support ticket after support ticket they would always close my tickets without any reply or resolution. So I went on Scam Advisor and reviewed them.

The next thing I knew ALL of the channels were blocked and when I went to the website to try and submit yet another support ticket I received a message that my IP address had been banned for spam. I emailed them and got the following reply:

"You have been prevented from using our service because you have reported our content. We have always worked to make the customer always the best quality possible, so we do not welcome you and there are many customers who respect us and appreciate our efforts. It's better not to respond to this message. You will never be answered. With all due respect."

That's what they replied to me! I have the screen shot! Apparently they are not English majors because their sentences were not even entirely cogent.

My subscription is paid up until October 24 but they have blocked me, banned my IP address and will not respond any further to my emails. So based on their reply I now suspect that their service is in fact illegal! I never "reported" them until now, I simply REVIEWED them previously! They owe me a refund for cutting me off, and since they are apparently not legal they need to be shut down!



Stryker Covert Carry Never completed my return, no refund given. Tampa Florida

I ordered a pair of consealed carry pants in February 2019.

I did not receive my order until July 2019!

I reached out to the company explaining I needed to return my order for a larger size and wanted the shorts versus the pants.

After weeks of calling the 888 number (never answered by a person, left multiple messages, never returned calls), I received an email with a return shipping label.

One month later, dozens of emails, phone calls, and USPS letters later – I still have not received my exchage or refund!