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Wallet Services Ltd The Ripoff app stole my ethereum

I downloaded and started using this app on 14/02/2019. Some deposits and withdrawals was made and everything was fine until 12/11/2019. On this date when I tried to make a withdrawal the app blocked my action , several other attempts were made during this time and all were fruitless until abd email from the support centre demanded my entire personal documents (including electricity bill, a photo of me in front of a computer with wallet open on the screen etc). This left me in shock.

This organisation is a pure example of ripoff. if they require such documents, why they have left the anonymous option on the app? Furthermore I registered with my personal phone number and that being said I don't assume further verification would be required. Furthermore; on 5/02/2019 when I tried to login to my app again I realized that my 1.4 ethereum has been turned to "0". Note: I have all the proof about the above mentioned report and would provide them if needed

Recruiter.com Resume Distribution Fraudulent website, won’t return money Houston Texas

I signed up for the $39.95 resume distribution. I did not get a single recruiter call or email. I think their website is completely fake. Customer service won't even respond besides the initial email and they won't refund my money.


Telecom Lottery International Jerry Davis text me at about 3:33AM Alabama

I was sleeping and my phone made the incoming text sound waking me.

I had a message from 256-825-2269 saying I had won the Telecom Lottery International drawing was held December th 2019 in United State of America. I am to contact their fiduciary agent Mr peter at [email protected] to make my claim.

Looking up the number it belongs to a Jerry Davis from Bimingham Alabama. No reputable company would be texting at that hour of the morning. 

Lotus Farms Investments John Johnson This man is a liar, do not work with him or his company. They tried to ripp me off and cheat me out of my property Austin Texas

This man is a liar, do not work with him or his company.  They tried to ripp me off and cheat me out of my property…I fired them after they tried to conn me out of my property,  i have recieved many emails and calls from others who had simular experiences of this scamm artist. 

I was told John Johnson / Lotus Farms is being investigated for investment fraud and theft…

paintingstar.com Absolute rubbish! Waste of money! Xiamen Fujian

The ordered painting arrived 12 weeks late and to say it was badly painted is a gross understatement, my 5 year old son could have done better! I asked for my money back but paintingstar.com refused as they said it was a ‘museum-quality’!!!

As 12 weeks had passed by my bank couldn’t refund my credit card. Don’t buy from paintingstar.com as you will end up regretting it.

Lakeside Apartments & Condo Building BIG SCAM Lisle IL

You have to be kidding me. We both know this company should be put in jail for fraud and deceptive practices. There is not one good thing about Lakeside Apartments & Condo Buildings in Lisle, Illinois, or what ever they are calling themselves this week. Let's talk about what you do get.

Leasing Office-a bunch of phonys that I have even seen.

Workers- not one of them is cerifided in anything. Just a bunch of Tom, d**k and Harrys to fix things anyway they see fit. (the worst)

Painters again don't speak English, so expect your painting to look like a 5th grader did it!

Front door – doesn't close right

Door to go out to the porch – doesn't fit it was caulked to fit! YES

Trimming on floor looks like my hot wheels track from when I was a kid its all uneven and doesn't match.

Floors uneven – rolled a ball on the kitchen floor it when to the left. Nice work!

Carpet- doesn't fit. Pieces cut to fit like a puzzle. It looks terrible.

Kitchen cabinets have to be the most disgusting and dirty ones I have ever seen. I would not put my dishes in them.

Central air is about 20 years old. On a hot night, your sweating your butt off.

Stove – is all nicked up and dents in it.

Refridgerator – the doors don't close properly, and no ice trays.

Dishwasher it is all rusted inside and smells like a skuns died in it.

Closet doors don't match or close properly.

Window screens, they don't fit. Bugs can come in anytime. (So you cant open your window on a nice day).

Bathtubs are all rusted and the most disgusting I have ever seen. You can step in the tub and feel the water under it!

Bathroom sinks hardware doesn't work right or just slapped together to work. You get cold water all the time.

Toilets are not bolted down, so when you get up it hits the wall like a truck hitting it.

Showerheads are old with rusty heads with water that doesn't come out of it.

Bugs, ants, roaches and mice everywhere.

Fire alarms they don't work, so why have them?

Doorbell doesn't work.

Dog crap is all over you can't even walk.

For the new management company, Hayman is just as bad as the last bunch of thefts. If you and your family would like to be upset all the time,and have problems that never get done, than yes this is the place to live. We both know this company ruins lives, and is everyone on google who tells stories about this place wrong?

I even see Yelp hides bad reviews from this company. They are all over rip off report, and in the last month I have seen about 5 people move out. It's like ghost town. Next I am waiting for the government to take this place over. It would be for the better. Nobody in this company has any respect for anyone.

Do yourself a favor and your family don't move to this hell hole. You can see the black cloud over the apartments when you drive by. For the pool party planned and patio contest! You got to be kidding me right? The focus should be on properly fixing issues in apartments and not just the standard quick fix that has always been.

Lakeside Apartments
(331) 472-7958
4800 Lake Trail Dr Lisle, IL 60532

Pep Boys Quoted $973.00 for a radiator replacement on an old car Tyler TX

Rip Off!!   Gave me a quote for a radiator replacement on a 20 year old car of $973.00.  Checked around for pricing on a new radiator and none of them were over $150.00 – NEW!    

Went somewhere else and had it installed for $369.00.  Will never be recommending these Crooks to anyone.

Naomi Kong Naomi Long is a fraud and fake! She doesn’t know anything about health and nutrition! Fake health advocate Saint Paul Minnesota

Naomi King fakes her knowledge about fitness! She claims she is a health and fitness personal trainer, but she’s NOT! Half her photos are photoshopped and the information she gives about protein and nutrition are horribly not true. She either copies and pastes what she sees on some random website or she makes up facts about nutrition that can be harmful to people who truly need expert advice.

She pretends to give advice, but in reality she has no idea what she’s talking about. She once said plant based meat is “red meat”. Like who in the fitness industry that claims to be a personal trainer would even call it that?! She also doesn’t know the science behind protein or preworkout, but she continuously pushes and advertises it so she can get commission. I highly doubt she is getting very much money though because she’s switched ambassador programs a few times now. 

She’s a beginner trying to fake it to make it. She’s providing harmful information to people. I hope people can see straight through her! 

George_Madison09, George Mark, SCAMMERS! CRIMINALS!!! STOLE ALL OF MY BTC AND XRP!! Instagram: @George_Madison09 (George Mark), Lugard Vee, @trade_with_lugardvee, Roland Jackson, My husband saw this George_Madison09 (George Mark) on instagram and it looked like a legit company but they are NOT!! 

My husband saw this George_Madison09 (George Mark) on instagram and it looked like a legit company but they are NOT!! They say only $500 investment will get you $5000 in a week. We did $1100 and it went to $13,900 and you see it on their stupid website www.cryptoinvestonline.com but then they ask for their fees and they took us for $7,400USD. THEY ARE WORLDWIDE CRIMINALS! 

myshopify hidsfjsd Ordered Item Not Shipped & No response

I ordered an item (2019 Kitchen Rotate The Vegetable Cutter, Oder #1003) from their online advertisement through SNS (facebook, Instagram) on January 10th. 

I only received an order confirmation email, but I have not received any updates from them. I emailed them 2-3 times since then, but no responses have received. 

I clicked "View your order" from the confirmation email, but it shows, "This shop is unavailable." I may be deceived or scammed. Please help.

Thank you.