William Shy Files Fraud Credit Card Disputes To Steal Merchandise Than Blames You For It Elk Grove CA


 The person named above will file fraud disputes in an effort to steal products from anyone he purchases online. He will buy the item, wait about 7 days , thinking the product has shipped, and then file a fraud dispute with his credit card company stating he never authorized the transaction.

The day after he buys the item, he enters the merchants site, completes and signs a legal agreement (2nd time) stating he was the one that authorized the transaction, but days later says the exact opposite to his credit card company. When you send him a letter threatening legal action, he will start to play stupid, try to blame you for his actions, and make up his own rules to justify there was nothing wrong with what he did trying to steal your merchandise.

He loves to reinvest credit card policies as well thinking he shouldn't pay for the chargeback fees you got charged because he's trying to rip you off. During his fraud investigation when he knows the first fraud dispute didnt work, he'll go back into your site, then admit a 3rd time he purchased the item. Total idiotic lunny, that needs to have his internet connection cut off and his credit card's taken away!