Wayrates.com False and Misleading Advertising, Poor Quality


False and Misleading Advertising, Poor Quality and Build, Long Delivery times

Most expensive item I ordered, is the Mens Versatile Army Tactical Casual Waterproof Windproof Hard Shell Jacket, didn’t receive the Hard Shell Jacket, instead received Men’s outdoor windproof and waterproof tactical jacket. (Also ordered 2XL, size is Large at best.) [Wrong jacket and 2 sizes too small, these are NOT US sizes]

Men’s FC67912BD6DE-83125643 – Mens Gradient Zipper Suit 4 Colors, ordered 2XL, (arrived as a US Large at best.) [Far too small]

This item described on website and shown in photo as leather: SPS8XM1N1JF-62222905 – EDC tactical tool leather case outdoor survival flashlight pen storage pocket:
Came as a cheap inferior leather. [quality of leather and stitching is not as advertised]

This item shows is advertised as a ‘filled’ support: Outdoor tactical sandbag support bag [came as empty bags, no filling]

Website also posts reviews that state hard shell jacket is USA made. All of the items are made in China and are of inferior build and quality compared to the photos on the website. Purposefully misleading.

Reviews on other sites reveal that seller is accustomed to long delivery times, several weeks, and delivering inferior quality and build only to offer a partial refund at best once the customer pays for exorbitant shipping back to China which deters most customers from even seeking a refund. The positive reviews depicted on their website also appear to be fabricated and exaggerated. 55% negative rating for example at trustpilot.