Victoria Alonso MARVEL STUDIOS Fraud / Kick Backs / Burbank California


Victoria Alosno is commiting fraud by accepting "kick backs" from the vendors she approves to work on Marvel FIlms. This is what I have wittnessed in Post Production (I do not know what takes place in other departments VIctoria oversees).

I have worked on 4 of the most recent Marvel Films and I have wittness Victoria instructing the Stereo Team (Conversion) to aquire bids from a minimum of 6 vendors, though only to award the majority of the contracts (bids) from (Stereo D). She has said to award minmum work to their competitiors. Even if the bids are lower, and the quality of the work is eqivalent or better.

SONY complained about the vendors she choose on Spider Man. SONY was not allowed to aquire any bids themselves. We have been told this was a major problem, which left to an end to the relationship.

Victoria's team of stereographers, continually instruct us not to question POOR Quality of work we receive from the choice of vendors.  WE WILL LOOSE OUR JOB, IF WE SUGGEST A VENDOR THAT WE FEEL DOES SUPPERIOR QUALITY. Even if we just suggest having VENDOR do a TEST.  I have personally been told by the lead Sterographers we will be "let go" if we question any of VICTORIA's APPROVED VENDORS. (Evan Jacobs)